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Comment 09 Sep 2010

All I have to say is Maurice Clarret. And i can tell all of you are great osu fans. None of you can name the years that osu won championships. And again
Miami wins National Championships. We could care less about bcs bowl games if there not national championships

Comment 08 Sep 2010

ummm im pretty sure i just summed that up. Miami is about winning national championships and like i said they have 5 in the last thirty years and osu has 1. so what has osu done lately is the question? oh wait ill answer that for you, 1 championship in the last 30 years haha osu cant win that battle.

Comment 08 Sep 2010

Alright enough about the game, you could go on forever about the different plays, penaltys and calls throughout the game but one thing is obvious. Miami is the better program. Can anyone name the years osu won their national championships? were any of you even born for 6 of them?

Comment 08 Sep 2010

Miami would have won that 03' NC game 9 out of 10 times played. But obviously that's neither here nor there. They just came out too confident and didn't play to their full potential. On the other hand, osu played the best football they could ever imagine and barely came out with a win. I wouldn't say the better team won by any stretch because your a moron if you think Miami ultimately wasn't the better team. I would just say the better team got outplayed.

Oh and just to throw this in for good measure, "the ohio state" football program has won a total of 7 national titles! very impressive, congratualtions! Now can anyone guess how many they have won in the last 35 years?? 1, solo, uno national championship! Thats pathetic!! osu is similar to the over rated notre dame teams year after year! Now since Miami has come on the scene in college football in the early 80's, they have won 5 National Championships!! This is why they are called "THE U". This is why they have been the best fb program and still are for the last 30 years!

Cant wait to see Miami be a top of copllege football again after this weekend!!