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Comment 06 Feb 2019

I like this get by the Buckeyes.

I miss the old way of one national signing day though. I know the players like it because it gives them a chance to shut down recruitment earlier if they know where they're going to play but only having one BOOM and only so many options to recruit during this last month is kinda blah to me. The earlier recruiting day also hampers coaches with some still planning for bowl games and seeing who will declare early. I guess it helps in a sense of knowing who you have prior to early departures too but if more guys leave than expected it could hurt not knowing what positions need help and with a lot of guys signing early it could limit who is still left.  I know this wont be a popular opinion.

Comment 29 Jan 2019

Too be fair, Urban used the term "effort" and "team player" too much. Borland and Werner were those guys. He showed loyalty to guys when better options were available. I get Borland has experience but it looked like he lost a step after the injury. Jones had speed at LB and made plays when he saw the field. He was named ST player of the week multiple times and saw no PT. I'd take the guy with speed covering Rondale Moore over Werner.

Additionally Jones was behind Harrison, our best LB last year and they should have attempted a switch to the other side to compete with Werner. I know coming in Jones was only about 210-215lbs and he needed to add some muscle to play LB but maybe the switch from Fickell to Davis stunted his growth on the field.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Problem here is, he's a perfect QB for Meyer's system. That has gone out the window, no more relying on QB runs every series. Don't get me wrong Tate can throw it around; but like Haskins? Or even how Fields has shown? What about Baldwin?

Of course he has confidence; he knows the playbook inside and out; he's been in the system, he's comfortable with the players he's around and would be playing with; something Fields can't say to this point. He was put on field for important series at the beginning of the year and he performed well.

Wish him nothing but the best, unfortunately the Buckeyes recruited over him.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

What in the hell is happening with Brian Snead? Love some clarity on the situation. Academic? Team rules? Maybe it was a rule Urban enforced and Day is looking into further but there has to be something here. This mystery has gone on too long, someone please ask the question with Weber gone now. I am fully confident in Teague and want to see him play but the Snead story needs some transparency.

Comment 28 Dec 2018

I was just going to say this. However if he's still rehabbing he may not be able to lift like he needs to for the NFL, his dad and doctor said it could take 12 weeks to recover from the surgery and we're close to that mark now.

He may have dropped weight now but once given the go ahead the combine is still a couple months away and draft a little under 4 months away. Assuming he's only dropped 15-20 pounds he should be able to get back up to that weight by training camp.

Maybe he's returning so he can talk to Coach Mick about getting a work out plan in place. But in all reality, he's there to support his brothers.

Comment 09 Aug 2018

While I believed/believe this was a cash grab the entire time. I want let this play out and see what happens from the committee and during the legal proceedings. 

The only piece of evidence I want to see is when the texts were sent/received and why someone without an agenda would keep the texts this long. It’s not hard to doctor the texts but I believe they may have to pull records to see what was sent and when. 

Comment 08 May 2018

What this also does is help with recruiting. The need at QB just became greater with only Haskins and Martell seeing valuable reps at practice. Baldwin will get his shot as well but with Haskins getting his starting job, he could opt to leave early after 1-2 years of playing well. This makes the QB recruits ears perk up as they have a quicker lane to starting since depth at this position is critical.

Comment 08 Mar 2018

He was underrated in his time here, when guys like Boom Herron, Brendon Saine, Philly Brown and Posey getting all the hype. Dane always had a knack for making plays when they matter most. Anybody remember the endzone fumble recovery for a TD against Arkansas in the forgotten Sugar Bowl? Terrelle Pryor remembers.

Comment 19 Jan 2018

Hoping JT will be taken by the Steelers. Imagine a read-option look with Bell or him passing to the receivers like AB or JuJu. Their offense runs quicker passing routes and will give JT the option to go off his first/second read, the OL sets up pretty well too to keep him cleaner in the pocket.

Ben's only got so many (2-3) years left that he'd like to play and those are his words.

Comment 16 Jan 2018

Love that these guys are coming back, but I fear this stunts the growth of the younger receivers. Having 6 "starters" distributes the stats evenly but it also is holding guys like Victor/Mack from seeing their true potential or in Victor's case reaching his ceiling. This will also hinder KJ Hill, who turned out to be the team's most sure handed receiver. Also wanted to see more of CJ Saunders as he has been reliable in limited action.

Hopefully who ever starts at QB will be given the chance to get one of these guys over 1000 yards receiving next year.

Comment 21 Dec 2017

I don't think Poe was great in college. 5 sacks in 3 years and only 101 total tackles in the 3 year span.(sorry did a little research on his stats because I remember hearing how he didn't play up to his combine numbers during his college play)

There will never be another Shazier as far as linebacker speed. Baker has the coverage skills to be much better than leaving Vince Williams on the field on 3rd down though. I'm not saying it's a done deal but I would be very happy if they got Baker somehow.

Also on Hubbard, I can't see him as a ILB in a 3-4 when they cover much more than blitz. As an OLB, yes please!