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Comment 20 Jun 2019

Cal, what is the open bottomed stainless container holding your rack of ribs?  Instant Pot official accessory or an aftermarket accessory?

Mostly Gray, apologies to you and NorCal for derailing the thread a little. I literally looked for photos online to show an InstaPot, and haven’t done any of this myself. NorCal got the joke but I realize that maybe not everyone did. There has been a running joke about ribs in the InstaPot that I think was started when someone DJ made a comment in one of the grilling threads a Skully about “fall off the bone ribs” in like 20 minutes.

Edit: Thanks for the revision. I thought it was DJ, but then didn’t remember when or where.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Do you place the chimney directly on the coals?

Oh, heavens no! That would probably burn the feet on the InstaPot.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Dude! I don’t do microwave! That’s cheating and only takes two minutes. 

I prefer to take my time with 10 minute wings. You can’t rush perfection, NorCal. Here’s my photo of what I made last weekend. The store bought rub said smoky so I tried it and it’s better than anything you’ve ever had. I’ll tell you what...WalMart’s GreatValu Smoky BBQ Rub is the bomb!

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Best ribs you’ll ever have...fall off the bone and done In 30 minutes.

Nothing like the smoke flavor that you get from the sauce! Cannot imagine anything better.
Comment 19 Jun 2019

You need to find joy in life and stop taking shit so seriously.  In a free society there should be nothing off limits to discuss. The reason that there are things that are off limits in our society is that too many people have a moral stick shoved up their ass (and take themselves too seriously).

It’s not off limits to make a joke about cancer. It is pure arrogance to have the opportunity to make a joke but expect everyone else to either like the joke, or not respond if they don’t like it. How can you take yourself so seriously that you get to decide how or why others are offended or respond to something when you got to decide how and what you wanted to say? usual, Hove is respectful with his response. I would say that telling people that they have a moral stick shoved up their ass because they disagree with you is an asshole comment.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

I'd bet that if someone said it out loud with a group of friends 90% of the people who dont like it on here would laugh. 

Mhennin2, I contributed a downvote for your comment. I didn’t take offense to the joke, just thought it wasn’t funny and wasn’t worth attempting on here. I also am not sure if you’d make the same comment around me in real life. But I’m also trying to beat a shitty, shitty aggressive form of leukemia, and have a few other friends on 11W that are currently undergoing treatment, are married to people that are newly into remission, and a couple of years ago had a neighbor (and friend of my children) that died of leukemia at age 8. I just didn’t find it appropriate. I also watched the Purdue game last Oct. 20 in my hospital room two days after diagnosis, while I was in a complete leukemia-fueled stupor (white blood cells were so high that I had horrible fevers and was somewhat delirious). I had a strong connection to that game...and it was emotional time with my family there with me watching at the hospital, which hit a little harder due to some little kid with cancer. And after having seen a kid suffer through leukemia and die at a young age after relapsing, it’s just not funny for me.

I want to be clear that I’m not upset with you, or think that you’re a bad person for the joke. I just didn’t think it fit here. That’s my opinion and I voted what I felt was appropriate and moved on from your comment.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

As such when two comment that a post is “awful” (implying the poster is way out of bounds) and drops the F bomb that influences the way the rest of the board sees the post.

Well, it’s within their right to call a comment dumb. But you seem not to like it simply because it was by moderators. And you’re upset that the word fuck was used? GMAFB. It is hilarious that someone is accusing others of being sensitive when one is complaining about a curse word on 11W.

This is indirect modding, (what I called overmodding earlier).

Other commenters reply to comments as well and often call the comment into question. Are they also indirectly modding? If so, then I guess we were overmodding. But that’s a pretty lame complaint, as it happens many times every day on the site and nobody raises a big stink about it, or attempts to tie it into some cultural issue about stifling free speech. Sometimes people just say dumb things and you move along. Occasionally you take some downvotes. Big deal.

Further they implied the poster was outside cultural norms...

Why do you get to dictate their reaction?

Instead, the MODs circled the wagons to defend their superior moral standing.

Two of the 11 moderators responded to the post, and I downvoted the original joke and then responded to your reactions. I didn’t even respond to the original comment as I thought that it was already covered. This isn’t some MOD conspiracy. I do agree with Hove and KBonay, but maybe it’s because I’m trying to beat fucking cancer at the moment. But you imply that I’m overreacting because as I didn’t just scroll on by the original joke, that I downvoted it. I think that you’re overreaching. You started complaining about two comments and some downvotes for what people thought was a dumb comment. #LightenUpFrancis indeed.

But the subsequent comments from the MODs of the site clearly indicated this type of comment is unacceptable.

If the comment was unacceptable, then it would have been deleted. Stating that a comment is dumb is not some MOD signal for people to come gang up on someone. In fact, MODs typically catch downvotes anytime we speak up. Go though this thread and see whether people are blindly following the lead of the moderators that have commented.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Because it’s not a terrible thing to type and Hove dropped the F bomb, both of which were overreactions

The problem here is that you are dictating how others should feel about a something. You have clearly stated that Hove and KBonay overreacted by replying in the way that they did to a comment which they thought wasn’t cool. That’s an arrogant stance.

 I thought it was an appropriate reaction, and obviously other people did as well.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

If you demand that some be 'done' about your outrage-censorship, cyber mobbing, sarcasm free safe spaces, whatever-yes, that would make you a triggered snowflake.

This is hilarious. Nobody was censored. No moderator deleted or edited a comment. There was no cyber mobbing. KBonay and Hove said that they thought a joke was in poor taste. I agreed with them after they were criticized for having an opinion on the matter, and we’re told that we shouldn’t think that it was in poor taste, or to simply lighten up, Francis. WTF? Maybe kids with cancer or just cancer hits a little closer to home to others than to you. So be it. Apparently, at least 10 commenters thought it was in poor taste. Not a big deal. A comment gets grayed out and you move on. Nobody demanded anything here. You can still think it’s funny while others don’t. Just don’t be a triggered snowflake when someone else says that they don’t think it’s a funny joke.

That’s been my point, here.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Pushed for him to be fired...

Where do you get that information?

I admit that I have been sick this year, but didn’t think that I missed any news that big.

I read reports that some trustees didn’t think that Drake was punitive enough with Meyer. I never read anything that stated that Drake wanted Meyer out...and I don’t even know why he would. The guy is a legendary coach, and that’s typically nothing but good for the University.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Lesser mods would edit/jail (PL) members and then suddenly none of the MODs know who did it or how it happened.  Funny how that’s come up a bunch in the last 6 months.

Yep, that shit happened. And all that shit has stopped. The site implemented new dialogue boxes for jailing which cleaned up those accidental jailings, which I admit looked bad. But it would happen just during scrolling through a page, as we have jailing and edit buttons next to each other below a comment. The dialogue box that popped up was less than clear, and if you just dismiss the box and the user was in jail. But that has not happened for months after we diagnosed the problem. It does seem suspicious as to whom was jailed, but they are also the people that comment the most and are likely to have their comment in the right place.

Listen, we were embarrassed but that shit, JFP was embarrassed by that shit and it didn’t matter who was jailed, it shouldn’t have happened and every MOD acknowledges that fact.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

The PL isn’t nearly the place it used to be, and this over-modding has become habitual.  

This isn’t’re conflating your arguments, which is part of the problem. No comment here was modified, deleted, jailed, or reported to the site. It just so happened that moderators were the ones that replied.

...I simply take exception to the insinuation that the poster was somehow a terrible human for making a relevant joke.

Nobody said the person was a terrible human being. People downvoted what they thought was a shitty comment and then a few people said that maybe this isn’t the place for the joke. That shit happens all of the time on 11W.

The snowflake or triggered comments are lame, though. They are such lazy insults and they can be used on anyone with which you disagree.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

And the “you’re too sensitive” and “triggered” arguments are so weak. You could literally say that to whomever you’re opposite in a debate, but it doesn’t actually prove anything.

There, I made a few edits to what you wrote above. I think it fits.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Wouldn’t be a big deal if the DV birds didn’t start flying...

So, why isn’t that a prime example of what to downvote if I think it’s tasteless. I’m not downvoting for the opinion (unless the opinion is that it’s funny). I think that’s absolutely what the DV is for. Why does that make everyone too sensitive?

...and two (usually reasonable) MODs didn’t comment.

Those are two reasonable MODs. Why should they avoid commenting? They thought it was a shitty joke and said so. Why is that a problem for you? 

I don’t think that this is a funny to as many people as you think. I think it was in poor taste here.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

People in general need to be less offended.  That doesn’t mean you have to like everything, but this outrage, from MODs no less, is disheartening.

It’s obvious that we don’t completely share the same sense of humor that you do. And I think it’s funny that you get triggered when some moderator on an indy website tells you that they don’t think something is as funny as you do.

I threw the comment a downvote because I thought it was tasteless. Does that make me offended? Was I ‘triggered’ in your view? Or am I allowed to downvote what I think is a shitty comment? It wasn’t edited or deleted, which we could have done.

I just don’t get your lack of understanding on why someone else might not consider this funny (regardless of whom made the joke). Instead of recognizing that maybe it’s not so funny or too off color here you just call people too sensitive, throw out ‘triggered’, and then tie this into some larger problem with society where the owner of the site doesn’t want ‘Harry Ball S.H.I.T.’ as a title scrolling through the site? Give me a fucking break.

Personally, your attitude is more disappointing than the comment for me. Call me sensitive snowflake if you want. IDGAF.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

That’s a funny joke.

I’m not offended but find it less than tasteful...and not really funny.

Does that make me triggered or a snowflake?


Comment 17 Jun 2019

Arcade Fire

That's a bingo!

I’ve wanted to see Paul McCartney and might go when he’s up in San Jose in a few weeks.

Would love to see Arcade Fire.

Comment 15 Jun 2019

So this site's commenting policy is racist? Would a black man have removed the comment?

Not sure how the commenting policy is racist. But if you would like to debate the guilt or innocence of people and their alleged or convicted/non-convicted crimes and how that has to do with race, then please discuss on boards other than 11W. That’s definitely a hot-button issue, and those conversations devolve here on 11W.

Not a big deal, though. You are not the first person to have a comment removed and you will not be the last. So, chin up!

Comment 15 Jun 2019

Oh man - what thread is that in? I searched for it but failed to find it.

Buck68 had a farewell thread up last weekend, but, as usual, it was difficult to interpret for my simpleton mind. Then he asked to have his account deleted after, but not sure if due to, the responses on his post. 

The big man deleted the thread, but I think that his account was not banned.