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Comment 28 Jun 2019

PS: please let's not have the entire part consumed by a Twitter spat, thank you in advance! 

But why not, Spooner? Doesn’t that just get us closer to thread number ‘Nice’?

I’m all for that!

Comment 28 Jun 2019

You defenders of California here, what happens in some future that includes pay for players if California's assembly decides players in California should make double or triple players everywhere else should? That's an obvious future step.

It’s difficult to sincerely respond to you when every statement you make is misinformed, full of hyperbole, and purposefully bombastic. But based upon my previous experiences, I don’t expect anything different. Your comments and questions don’t seem sincere, so why should someone sincerely respond to your comments and questions.

Comment 27 Jun 2019

...waiting to see the punishment from DRAKE, whom legally HAD NO DAMNED RIGHT for his office did not bring in the dollars, and I still seek my pound of flesh from that sorry son-of-a-bitch !

All reports said that the Board of Directors made the recommendation to penalize Meyer. Maybe they should be the target of your ire.

Not sure why he didn’t have the legal right, though. What money are you talking about?

Comment 27 Jun 2019

So his grandparents were here? Lock it up!...

OSU must have made a graphic with his dead great-grandparents. Only explanation for why we’re getting all of the love.

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Drake came here from UC Irvine (a school that doesn't have much of an athletic department). And given some of the decisions he's made since he's been here I get the sense he doesn't fully understand how much different a school like OSU is from UC Irvine. To me that's a huge problem. And his fear of public perception and willingness to scapegoat his employees because of it (see Jon Waters) is NOT a strong character trait at all. Forgive me for expecting more out of our school president.

Hey, I have no problem with expectations for a school president. I disagree with your assessment of Drake though. I don’t see him scapegoating employees, especially due to fear of bad public perception. I think if he was afraid of bad public perception then he wouldn’t have had Waters fired. He took a lot of shit for that, and I think much more than he would had he kept him around. To me, that’s standing up for what you believe in. 

I do think that it’s silly to assume that he doesn’t understand sports, or wants them to go away, just because UC Irvine doesn’t have the program that OSU does. From that perspective, no other school has as big an athletic program. How do you know that he’s not thrilled to have a robust athletic program to drive alumni interest? That makes more sense to me. He got to step in and oversee a university with an athletic program that is one of the best in the country with an established leader managing said program. I would think that he likes having strong leadership there as it’s then less he has to handle. He has other big issues to address, and the athletic department can go humming along. It appears that he’s been very hands off.

Personally, I think that Drake gets even more criticism for unfair reasons: like being a pencil-necked geek; being mealy-mouthed at the presser last fall, and for being an academic. But Gee was just as much an academic and just as much a pencil-necked geek, if that’s how one will categorize Drake (personally, I think it’s a little stupid to say, but I’ve see these arguments here on 11W). Gee spoke better, and he hung out with students more, but he also is an anomaly in the world of university presidents and also had the ability to put his foot in his mouth quite often. I liked Gee a lot. I like Drake. Just think that Drake takes a lot of shit for reasons he shouldn’t.

That’s my 10¢.

Comment 26 Jun 2019

Michael Drake I believe is trying to steer the school in that direction (I think he'd have all the sports programs at OSU shut down if he could actually realistically do it without all the backlash)

And what reason do you have for believing this? I legitimately would like to know.

I disagree with your opinion. But also don’t know why one would believe that Drake wants to shut down the football program much less sports in general. It seems like such a silly assumption to me. I have seen no evidence that Drake wants anything bad for the sports programs, but you’re not the first to imply that he has it out at least for the football team, and the previous coach of said team. But I saw no evidence in support of those claims. Can you help me out?

Comment 26 Jun 2019

I know it’s not the same as smoking laws. I guess that I see them passing a law which they believe that other states will then follow.

No other state had to create laws banning smoking, but they did. California provided an example and other states followed. That’s why I brought up the smoking ban. 

But agree that it might backfire on them, and not even sure if I think it’s a good idea. Just giving my opinion on why I think they’re doing it.

Comment 26 Jun 2019


Thanks for the thread or I would have never known. Don’t follow tennis much but still like to see how former Buckeyes are doing.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

Man, there are some butt hurt people here.  How in the world could this post get a DV. ?  That's OK.  I collect them like medals.

TNB, I agree about the DV, but it’s not even worth a comment.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

If you or they cannot handle a few, "This isn't golf blue" or "Where was that one" , "He mugged him, let's call it even" then perhaps they can't handle life in general.

Gotta agree with TNB, here. What use is it to even make that comment at a youth sport event? You aren’t gonna change the outcome, and you have the possibility to teach the kid a sense of entitlement. Sure, the official can get over phrases like you suggest above, but they show a high level of condescension for the officials, which I personally think is pretty rude. And it’s one thing to get a little heated and say something once...but my guess is that these things get repeated and officials have an issue when the situation gets escalated past this.

Mistakes will always happen, and they don’t always seem fairly distributed between two teams. But it’s not usually the case that someone is trying to screw over a specific side. So let the coaches comment to the officials, and just hold your tongue. Accept that you are going to receive some bad calls, but so is the other team. And unless you want to pay a lot more for better officials for youth sports, then why worry about some bad calls? It’s not going to impact the skills of your kid.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

Just because the law may get through, it doesn't mean that the schools will go that direction. 

Obviously, it will depend on how the law is written. As I said in a comment above, it would be possible to tie in state funding to paying athletes, much like Title IX enforcement is tied to federal funding.

Not saying whether I agree with this tactic, just saying that it might be possible for the state can force the hand of at least the state universities. And yes, they might be screwing over the universities.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

Do whatever you want, but trying to force the NCAA (ie, the member schools) to change their rules to suit your desires makes no sense.  If they want to maintain amateur sports (however they want to define that), they can do that, and you are free to start your own competing organization if you like.

Despite your feelings on whether they should be doing this, it appears that the California legislature is attempting to force a change within in the NCAA. So, they don’t need to create a new organization if they can effect change on the current one. They did the same with smoking laws (banning smoking in public places...which other states adopted within a decade). It’s just what they do. Maybe they’ll succeed and maybe they will fail. But they will try to change the status quo, and don’t think they’ll need to create something completely new.

Yes, it’s throwing their weight around...but they are an 800 lb gorilla with the population and number of NCAA schools.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

LOL. That’s pretty funny. +1

Realize it was a joke, but wanted to add that while that’s definitely the case in Div 1A, in other sports and in other divisions, the California schools have done well across a lot of sports. This would effect a lot of power schools across many sports. (And there’s only 3 4 California schools in PAC12).

This will be interesting to watch.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

California and there policy makers are deranged. That said if you choose as an institution to participate with the ncaa, then you are subject to their rules.

They can legitimately argue that schools that get funding from the state would have to follow this rule. Not sure if the Stanfords of the world would be compelled, but the state can make this tied to receiving state funding.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

...but for the crybabies coming out of their safe spaces to downvote is typical but that's other's opinions so whatever it all good.  So I will double down

Doubling down on being an ass is not an effective strategy.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Cal, what is the open bottomed stainless container holding your rack of ribs?  Instant Pot official accessory or an aftermarket accessory?

Mostly Gray, apologies to you and NorCal for derailing the thread a little. I literally looked for photos online to show an InstaPot, and haven’t done any of this myself. NorCal got the joke but I realize that maybe not everyone did. There has been a running joke about ribs in the InstaPot that I think was started when someone DJ made a comment in one of the grilling threads a Skully about “fall off the bone ribs” in like 20 minutes.

Edit: Thanks for the revision. I thought it was DJ, but then didn’t remember when or where.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Do you place the chimney directly on the coals?

Oh, heavens no! That would probably burn the feet on the InstaPot.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Dude! I don’t do microwave! That’s cheating and only takes two minutes. 

I prefer to take my time with 10 minute wings. You can’t rush perfection, NorCal. Here’s my photo of what I made last weekend. The store bought rub said smoky so I tried it and it’s better than anything you’ve ever had. I’ll tell you what...WalMart’s GreatValu Smoky BBQ Rub is the bomb!

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Best ribs you’ll ever have...fall off the bone and done In 30 minutes.

Nothing like the smoke flavor that you get from the sauce! Cannot imagine anything better.