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Comment 15 minutes ago

Sure, definitely luck is involved.

I do think that this evens out at the end of the season for all QBs, and other QBs also have had lucky bounces and missed INTs. Therefore, is there really a point to make that he’s been lucky? I guess that the way it’s been mentioned, it sounds like an attempt to blow off his decision-making and throwing by simply stating that he’s lucky to have more. But Joe Burrow has had 8 he lucky not to have more? What about Trevor Lawrence? I just assume that sometimes people drop sure interceptions. I actually think that part of the reason that Fields doesn’t have more is that he often overthrows the ball (on errant throws) which doesn’t allow errant throws to be intercepted. Sure, he underthrows some balls, but often he airmails them and they aren’t caught by anyone.

Personally, I think if we want to criticize, we can talk about total turnovers...where Fields has a bunch of fumbles. In fact, he might have as many as Shea Patterson, someone that we teased about fumbling a lot.

Comment 9 hours ago

We've blown out teams, but so has Clemson (with the exception of UNC).  Just because Clemson's best blowout win was against the #24 sp + defense doesn't mean they wouldn't also blow out PSU, Wisc, TTUN, etc.  

BTW, if the Clemson-aTm game is considered a blowout, then you could EASILY argue that OSU blew out every single opponent. I know that some say that we struggled, but the games were all won going away.

My comment is not in opposition to the comment to which I am replying...I’m just making an observation about our dominance.

Comment 10 hours ago

The Buckeyes opened as 1-point favorites in Vegas. The gamblers moved that line to OSU +2 because the money was going on Clemson.

I thought that the sports books were split and more had Clemson as favorite to start. “The Bear” on ESPN said as much during the selection show on Sunday. It’s also possible that the books have swayed towards Clemson by gamblers, but I think that a large number of them started there.

Comment 20 hours ago

Online they are both listed as 5’10”. Dobbins is listed at 216 lbs while Etienne is listed as 200 lbs.

Etienne is the scat back, here, haha.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Some silly posters. Actually reads a lot like some of our own commenters last Saturday during the first half, haha.

Every fan base has over confident and idiot commenters. If the majority of people are saying that on the Clemson site, then they are unaware. My guess is that the majority respect Ohio State more than that. I know that I respect the Clemson team more than some of our vocal commenters on 11W. Do I think we can win, most definitely. I just also think that Clemson is a great team that will give us fits at times. (...and I think that we do win this game, for the record)

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Fields has room for improvement, but let’s not act like he’s a trash thrower. He’s at 67.5% on the season, which is right up there with the leaders in the country in most seasons and only looks not as good this year because Joe Burrow has been so accurate.

He has the ability, just needs to keep practicing and get more experience. I would love for him to improve and think that he will, but I’m not complaining for what he’s done as a first year starter.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I disagree. Their coaches and majority of players have been through the grinder.

Now, I don’t think they are as prepared for this season as they were last year, but you still have leaders that have been though shit together. Did you catch what our very own JK Dobbins said after the game the other night about being battle-tested and being able to come back? He cited the Penn State game from 2017.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Braxton hurts his shoulder and has trouble hitting any down field throws.

Understatement of the year!

I think that he had a piece of cooked spaghetti holding his arm on. He was a hurtin’ buckaroo!

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Many of the team we’re battle tested, but it was last year, and they passed with flying colors.

We won’t know how well that translates to this year until they face that challenge this year. They may be alright, or they may really struggle.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Welcome Vitamin C! We like conversing with fans of opposing teams. Show respect and people with show the same in return. You will catch the occasional sling and arrow, but I think that happens on any opposing site.

I think you’re right that Michigan and Clemson have a different track record when developing talent. And, reading through the comments above, I think that 90% of Buckeye fans here believe the same thing. Sure, you get some overly optimistic and pessimistic fans in all fan bases (and some assholes, for sure), but most people here are pretty realistic.

I am sure that none of the players or coaches are reading this and getting false confidence, though (...the coaches email/text me directly for my in-game strategy changes and such).

Welcome again! Look forward to hearing your perspective. I think that both Clemson and Ohio State drew the short straws by having to face each other in the semis. It should be a great game!

Comment 09 Dec 2019

And Lawrence can run, similar to Joe Burrow. Burrow I think is a better runner, but Lawrence can move the chains with his feet. Part of the reason he is so dangerous (like Troy Smith).

Comment 09 Dec 2019

That’s a good observation that I probably wouldn’t have noticed. And I agree that I think he can work those things out.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I can not argue with Lawrence passing better right now. I personally think it’s a result of less game experience for Fields. The other 3 CFP QBs all have at least 13 more games started than Fields. I think this shows when Fields is throwing high to start games.

Eventually, he typically settles in and starts dishing accurate throws, but I think there’s something to being inaccurate at the beginning of games.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I would put bad in quotes, here.

”Bad” meant that we didn’t go 3 and out for an entire half, that we had two long runs against us with broken tackles (which, admittedly, good running backs can cause), turn the ball over inside the 10, and turn the ball over on downs in that middle distance between FG and punting, and had 230 yds of offense. And against a team with a top 20 offense and the 8th best defense in the country, the week after playing our top 10 rival, and two weeks after playing another top 10 team.

That was us struggling and having a “bad” half. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

So much to avenge in this matchup. I really feel like the fact that Ohio State ran a savage gauntlet the last three weeks of the season has been terribly misrepresented.

Yep. Exactly.

Comment 08 Dec 2019


Its definitely going to be more than a game than they are portraying. Oklahoma will have trouble with that offense, but I see Oklahoma moving the ball extremely well.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

But what's a 'cooler pooper"?

Someone that poops in a cooler.

Legend has it that the Majestic Michigan Man attended a game in Columbus and after the game (loss for UM, of course) there were some styrofoam coolers abandoned in the parking lots where Buckeye fans had been pooping.

We do that because we are inbred hicks without any lernin.