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Comment 02 Aug 2020

It can be devastating, even the little things that come along. The GoFundMe can help with things like taking time from work, paying for hotels/rooms in other towns, paying for all the expenses to drive around to appointments and treatments. So the actual medical will likely be covered, especially in the OSU Med system which was good for my family as we grew up. It’s just all the other crap that needs covered.

Regardless, I think your point still stands that catastrophic coverage should always be the norm.

Comment 23 Jul 2020

Dublin people been grumpy about Hilliard people for a loooooong time...well before there were multiple schools in each city. Not surprised that the snootiness still remains. Heck, we had friends from Upper Arlington that refused to visit my parents in Hick-iard. Not even joking.

All in all, though, I wish Hilliard had followed a better model of growth. The city of Hilliard really screwed up city planning...and that's all I'll say about that as the rest is too political. Dublin did plan better, it seems.

Comment 20 Jul 2020

Appreciating spontaneous acts of kindness between is virtue signalling? Strange views in Cali-modland.

What? I didn't criticize your appreciation of a spontaneous act of kindness. I appreciate those as well. Guess that I should have stated that I liked those so that nobody would be confused by my lack of the affirmative.

I was just letting people know how I preferred to virtue signal, as I thought that we were sharing how we liked or didn't like types of virtue signaling. From your statement, I knew that you don't like preplanned virtue signaling and you never stated if or how you actually did like virtue signaling. I was just sharing how I prefer virtue signaling myself, and in what ways.

So, carry on! Have a +1 and a great week!

Comment 17 Jul 2020

Stxbuck is not wrong here, although I would go a step further and just say "Don't go political."

If one wants to post a comment somewhere that there are rising rates in a specific state, then that might not violate the commenting policy, depending on how you phrase it. But the way that IWannaGoBack makes the statement above is pretty political. Also note that IWannaGoBack is not the only person that has done this, and it is not confined to any specific political persuasion. But the entire purpose of this thread was to stop going political.

Furthermore, we have to stop trying to dunk on each other about everything. The truth is that no political leader has aced this test. People have been making bold statements about fault since the beginning. Aside from the fact that blaming our government leaders gets awfully political, it is also likely to come back and bite you in the rear. You try to dunk on someone and they come back and get you later. It's divisive and silly. You feel like making those arguments then please save those arguments for another site or platform.

Lastly, please try not to take forum topics off course with the arguments. Please attempt to stick to the topic at hand.

This has been a service announcement. Thank you for your time.

Comment 13 Jul 2020

For those discussing the inherent political nature of the topics, please read this ^^^^^^ comment above from Buckeye3M. It is possible to make points without making political statements.

Comment 13 Jul 2020

I don't think personal freedom, public health or the constitution should be political but it seldom stops there.

Yeah...kinda...sortof...not always.

Gun rights, health (including wearing masks or whether we should be locked down), etc are considered personal freedoms, but we know that these can and often have become political.

One want to discuss types of guns, shooting distance, rate of fire, how you hunt with, gun care, etc, then that is not inherently political. Once we start discussion about who should have guns, much of the why we should or should not allow any type of gun, why someone is inhibiting freedom by requiring gun registry, then that is out of bounds here.

Public health is not political until you start discussion whether health care is a basic human right and, if so, whether that is left to an individual or the government. Therefore, if you want to discuss the efficacy of masks, then go ahead. Share studies, share types, fabrics, where they are required, etc. But when one begins to discuss whether masks should be required, and whether one thinks requiring a mask is a political decision, then that is inherently a political discussion. As is calling people morons for supporting/not supporting that decision.

Does that make it more clear?

I admit that it can be difficult to discuss without crossing the line. If one has difficulty, then it is often best not to comment. We have been deleting comments across the political spectrum on the issues, so this is not confined to any specific ideology.