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Comment 04 Jan 2020
Wow ! This is so awesome ! I thought he was gone so I'm glad I was wrong. Much respect for him for setting higher goals. Hope he stays healthy all year, dominates and gets drafted in the top 10. This made my day ! Go Bucks !
Comment 03 Jan 2020
I think it's an age thing. I would still be going ballistic if I were still in my 20's, still pissed off in my 30's, bent for a while in my 40's and over it more quickly in my now 50's. I lost years on my life during the Cooper years. This year actually turned out better than I thought. Lower expectations helps, but I still feel bad for the players. Made some costly mistakes, NO calls their way and lost a great player on D. They still played good enough to win. Look forward to this year for sure. Clemson will be in the Semi finals for the next 8 years. Their conference sucks and their OOC games are weak. ND ? Gimme a break.
Comment 30 Dec 2019
As much as it sucks and hurts, we need to move on. Just funnel all this pissed off energy to next year. Going to have more sad days ahead as players announce they are leaving for the NFL. JK was 1st so the dominos will fall shortly. Happy that Myers and Davis are staying. Time to retool and reload the D. The spring game can't get here soon enough. Rooting for JB to humble TTDS. Yes ! That Team Down South ! The hatred is brewing ! Here's to 2020 ! Cheers !
Comment 29 Dec 2019
Still can't get this bad taste out of my mouth. Ugh ! The team had their chances for the knockout punch in the 1st half. All was earned and nothing given. No breaks our way, hurt QB and RB and losing our glue piece on D. Proud of this team though as they accomplished a lot. Look forward to see who will step up next year to replace the studs who will be leaving. What doesn't kill us, makes us all stronger. Go Bucks and F$&# the SEC refs !
Comment 28 Dec 2019
Bama was missing their best pass rusher and corner last year against Clemson. I doubt we would put up 56 on them if we couldn't do it against Washington in the Rose Bowl. Clemson beat bama in the trenches on both sides. Lawrence had time to throw and had some long runs against them. We need to keep him in the pocket.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
Formula to beat Clemson like most good teams. General : win the line of scrimage, 3rd down and turnover battle. Specific : Pound the rock up the gut as Clemson is very fast sideline to sideline. Simmons is very fast and Fields needs to play off where he is on every down. Play action will open up holes in their defense. No way they lock down all our receivers. Keep Lawrence in the pocket and limit his big runs especially on 3rd down. Stop their run game down like we did against Taylor the 1st Badger game. Our weakness is our OL edge so no sacks would be nice and keep Fields upright. Play fast on offense to wear down their defense as they are not battle tested in the 4th qtr. New wrinkles in our defensive will be needed to slow Lawrence a bit with his 6'4 receivers. I like our chances. Hope the team gets 100% healthy by game time.
Comment 03 Dec 2019
Times have changed for TTUN. Hard to recruit against us when Dantonio is fighting hard against them in their own state. Michigan used to get some top players from Ohio which is not the case anymore. The econonic shift in America over the years has shifted the talent pool to other states in the south. Ohio is still good, but not as good as in past. California, Florids and Texas will always be in the top 3 for top recruits. Top teams need players from there. That's where we are ahead of TTUN in recruiting. Clemson rose to power as the south increased with top recruits. Now they expanded due to their recent success. Bama and Clemson got the top 2 QB's in SoCal from the top 2 HS teams in the country. Look at all the great recruits we get nationally. As long as that continues, we will be top 7. We also develop players very well. Position coaches are so important. Look at the difference of our defense this year compared to last year. Stability in this area pays dividends big time. Clemson has had the same DC for years. Bama has high position turnover from their success. Hard to be consistent with that so it will be interesting to see what happens in the off season with our coaches. Regardless of the outcome, beating TTUN sure feels great. Unlike the Cooper years when our better teams got beat. Here's to keeping this winning train going. Cheers !