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Comment 02 Dec 2011

As Dan Fouts would have put it, "That is a serious knee injury for Ryan Damn Shazier"

We just learned about this in school. It can be a really bad injury but obviously depends how bad the tear is. The MCL is actually connected to one of your meniscuses in your knee and almost always tears that too. Plus it causes the knee to buckle, usually tearing the ACL. They call it the "unhappy triad". It's really common for football players, apparently esp. at Purdue.

Dude was a monster for playing with this. He had to be in a crazy amount of pain. And he would have been even more of a legend if we actually won the game with him on one leg. But unless it only a small partial tear, he was playing with fire by not coming out. Either way Shazier is a MAN and I'm currently drawing pictures of him in my notebook with hearts around him and practicing writing 'Damn-Shazier' as my last name...(swoon).

Comment 10 Oct 2011

Not sure if anybody's mentioned this, but does anyone else feel like this group of young starters could be special in 2-3 years? We're going to have a lot of guys on both sides of the ball that will have been heavily involved and learning with gametime experience since their Fr. or So. years, not to mention all the adversity they'll have already faced. As long as we get some good coaching and don't get blasted by the NCAA, I think they could develop into a really special team down the line. Got to have something to be optimistic about in this whole mess...