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Comment 12 Feb 2020
Our country would be a better place if there was a death penalty for rape. And you would be a better person if you actually knew how many of the females in your life have been sexually assaulted. It's probably more than half of them. Not surprising no one talks about it when people respond like this.
Comment 10 Feb 2020

A friend of mine's wife died Rolle's senior year and he came to visit his two twin boys (probably in HS at the time) just to give them something positive to think about.  Quality individual.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I totally agree.  Somehow even the staff writers here have already assumed that Fields is walking in here and blowing the place up.  He may well do that, but there have been plenty of top recruits who failed to live up to their projected ceiling.  

Honestly, it's ridiculous that this article only puts forward two possibilities for how Field's will perform:  "Fields achieves the same kind of success that Dwayne Haskins had as a Buckeye"  or "Fields leads the Buckeyes to a national championship or some other form of glory." 

IF he wins the job, Fields is replacing a likely first round NFL pick and we're already assuming he'll be equal or better?   

Best of luck to Martell, we could easily end up missing him dearly next year.  I thought he looked great all season in backup duties.  He definitely doesn't deserve all the shit he's getting on this site... and in this article.

Comment 23 Jan 2018

I'm confused, are you saying all of these high schoolers need to be starting in the fall?  Or that the five seasons in which Meyer went 12-0, 12-2, 14-1, 12-1, 11-2, & 12-2 (with wins over Alabama, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, and Michigan x6) just aren't cutting the mustard? 

I get it, it's frustrating that we're not as good as Alabama, but we are really not underachieving... we consistently under-recruit vs. Alabama and that is why we lose an average of 1.33 games a year.