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Comment 16 Oct 2017

My friends in Big 12 country have been saying this since the move.  The big B1G teams already own the prime in-conference recruiting territories and NU can no longer pull recruits out of Oklahoma and Texas because the parents will have huge travel costs to watch any game.  Not a single non-flight road-trip for a conference game.  Much different than when the longest trip was going up to Lincoln or Ames.  

Comment 15 Oct 2017

As has been stated before, JT's "decline" can be directly linked to changes in his offensive coordinators and position coaches.  Today I remembered why he used to be called a distributor his freshman season.  

And people need to get the hell over the JT hate.  He's going to start all year, so your only choice at this point is to cheer against him and hope he gets hurt.  Not a very fun way to watch the Buckeyes.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

The official on the field is not doing the review (in college football).  This was the first year that the B1G even let them see the video that was being reviewed, and my understanding is that that was done just so they could understand what actually happened.  Basically your suggestion is exactly how NCAA replay has always worked, except that the review interruptions do not require coaches to challenge.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

They aren't getting rich, but they are getting paid.  OSU yearly cost of attendance:  ​​​$​25,820 for Ohio residents and ​$44,784 for out of state students.  Plus personal tutors, trainers, and some of the best NFL training in the country.  It is popular to ignore this money because it pales in comparison to NFL salaries, but the vast majority of NCAA players get 4-5 years of free living and a free college education and have zero chance to go pro.  

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I think that this is a function of how Meyer runs his program.  Tressel largely had a different approach and I think we experienced quite a bit less turnover during his tenure.  I believe we've increased our national ranking in average assistance salary since Tressel left, so I don't really feel pay is an issue as much as the type of person Meyer hires.

Comment 06 Oct 2016

I could imagine people wanting to go be with their families for the storm.  Might be slightly distracting wondering whether your (and/or parents') home is about to be flooded out.  It's weird they're not making up the game.