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Comment 18 Apr 2020

"virus has been fairly tame compared to the perceived threat"...tell that to us in New York. Do you guys not really understand how bad this virus is??? How many more 16 wheelers filled with dead bodies do you need to see for it to be more than fairly tame?

Comment 18 Nov 2019

As much as GameDay/ESPN has gone out of its way to cowtow to SEC bias, I think its in the interest of Ohio State to show out at Gameday. Its obviously great for recruiting to have a great Gameday atmosphere, and better to confront those biases head on with boos or cheers than to simply ignore. 

Comment 04 Jun 2019

Rutgers gets a lot of crap (well deservedly in football) but the geographic expansion to the largest metro area in the country must bring in millions (more?) in revenue. NYC is not a stereotypical college sports town but the bars here on Saturday all have BTN on now, along with the thousands of B1G alumni who now get to watch with any basic cable package. Not only helps current revenues, but expands the schools to kids who never thought of going to a school in the Midwest (i.e. me)

Comment 05 Dec 2018

As I remember, our OOC schedule is pretty weak which I think is good for a first time head coach to get his bearings. FAU,Cincy and Maim (OH) are far from a gauntlet OOC. In conference, looks rougher than this year, getting Wisconsin, Nebraska and Northwestern from the West. MSU and PSU will probably be similar to this years level, Michigan might take a step back. Seems like an open race for B1G championship

Comment 27 Nov 2018

This was the most enjoyable win I've ever attended at the Shoe. Even more than 2016 2OT, just because of how everyone doubted us. For OSU to just absolutely dominate them in every phase made it so fun the entire game. 

Comment 20 Nov 2018

If the only stat that matters is the score, then stats that determine the score are therefore important. It's why S&P+ and FPI key in on very unique statistics that have more predictive power. 

What you're saying pretty much ignores the entire reasoning why a score ends up being the score.

Comment 25 Sep 2018

Should always do a "Scarlet Out the Shoe" for the biggest home game of the year, wouldn't change the jerseys though

Comment 24 Sep 2018

There's an excellent article about how Texas changed their fan's gameday attitudes and I think that is something we should consider. I was at The Game in 2016 (#2 vs #3) and it was incredible, just wish it was similar to that for all of the big games we play.