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Comment 16 Feb 2019

1.  Kirtland CC

2.  Firestone North, South and West

3.  Canterbury CC

4.  Brookside CC (Canton)

5.  Westfield CC (South and North)

6.  Caledonia Golf and Fish Club in SC  (IMO, a "must play" in the Myrtle Beach area)

Comment 11 Feb 2019

Pete Werner did improve and learn as the season wore on.  He had decent games against scUM and Washington.  He made a great play against  scUM when he knocked the ball out of the scUM tight end hands in the end zone.  

My expectation is that he will be a positive contributor to the 2019 D.  If only he could grow a couple of inches and put on 20 pounds.

Comment 07 Feb 2019

FR did indeed hit a home run during opening day of his first season of player/manager.  I was lucky enough to get out of school on that day and go to the game.  I'll always remember that homer.  I can't recall if it was a walk off but it gave the Tribe fans something to cheer about as we had another one of those below average lineups.  Our Manager might have been the most talented player on that squad.  RIP, Frank Robinson!

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Didn't they just sign the Bama coach as an Offensive Coordinator?

Comment 05 Feb 2019

I've always disliked Jake Ryan and Ben Gedeon, primarily because they were good Northern Ohio players who chose to become "Michigan Men".  To see them running around the periphery of the scuffle, looking for places to jump in and out and push or swing at the Buckeye players helps to confirm the bad feelings I have towards them.

They may have gone on to the NFL, but they were never B1G champions nor can they say they were involved in a victory over OSU.  (Ryan may have one career win against the Bucks, he may have been a scUM for the one year between Tressel and Meyer.)

Comment 24 Jan 2019

As a lifelong Clevelander and Brown's fan, I don't know anyone in the area who has any like or respect for Jimmy.  He may be an inept grifter but given that he may have hired some true knowledgeable football people to run the Browns and the positive momentum continues, he'll get the key to the city.  

I remember the days when the Brownies were winners and contenders and Haslem has no idea how Northern Ohio will erupt with enthusiasm if and when he owns a winning franchise.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Enough about this guy already. Can we move on from Martell and start talking about players who want to be Buckeyes and will contribute positively to the team?

Comment 06 Jan 2019

Gee, after reading the posts in 11W about the shortcomings of our OL, LBs and assistant coaches, it seems like we are a mid-tier member of the B1G East.

Comment 05 Jan 2019

I cruised past that monkey island while on a bass fishing trip about 20 years ago.  Rumor was they escaped from the old Tarzan movie productions that were filmed in Silver Springs.  They do not hide from humans and are very aggressive towards any boaters that come near their island.  It was a strange, funny and scary highlight to a trip in Central Florida's back waters.

Comment 31 Dec 2018

Upvote this post for #5, the inclusion of "Big Game Pete".  The gum chomper is the most televised head coach on TV.  I know he's a Super Bowl champ but he's also the biggest SB loser ever.  He's a self righteous type and his history at USC seems to be swept under the carpet.

Comment 22 Dec 2018

The Huskies built their stats this season against competition from the PAC 12.  IMO, their league pales in comparison to the B1G.  Look at last year's bowl game vs. USC, a PAC 12 powerhouse with a storied tradition.   Buckeyes were in control of USC all game. I'm looking for them to roll against Washington.