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Comment 09 Dec 2018

I'm reflecting back to this past Spring, when the huge debate was going on to decide who should be the #1 QB, Haskins or Burrow.  The Buckeye staff certainly made the right choice and things worked out very well for both guys, IMO.

Comment 08 Dec 2018

Sad to hear this news.  I had read a story about Rossovich's off the field exploits back in the day....Driving cars into walls, stuffing canaries in his mouth and opening up to let them fly out at parties. 

I met him in fall of '73 during the Charger's training camp.  His locker was across from mine.  The guy was a blast to be around as well as a very tough defensive player.  Never forget him chain smoking in the locker room.  Different times.

Comment 03 Dec 2018

Prince did the exact same thing that the Indiana OT did to Chase Winovich in the IU/UM game.  This is the play that the UM nation called a "cheap shot".  The refs did not throw any flags on the Indiana OT.  

I wonder; Did UM call the commissioner's office to protest that play?  Did they have some sort of referee film review and group call after the Indiana game and alert the B1G zebras to start calling an OL diving on a DL a personal foul???   

Comment 02 Dec 2018

I'm sure that the UM fans, with their superiority complexes, expected at least a New Year's Day Bowl Game.  The Peach Bowl on Dec. 29 at Noon?  I love seeing the humiliation but I'm surprised that their 10-2 record didn't get a Jan 1 Bowl.

Comment 30 Nov 2018

This news sucks.  Our pitching staff can't be happy about this....will we be trading them away too?

Comment 26 Nov 2018

I recall that academics was very important to Gary and his Mother.  Wonder if he got his degree?  

Comment 25 Nov 2018

I don't get the Gary hype.  He hasn't done shit against the Buckeyes and I always see him chasing a play as opposed to meeting it head on.  This season, there were three or four D ends from other teams who put far more pressure on our o-line and Haskins.  OK, maybe he deserves a purple heart medal for playing hurt but I haven't seen much out of #3 for scUM.  He's the Gerbil Peppers of the 2018 class. 

Comment 22 Nov 2018

He'll play with the help of one of those industrial strength shoulder harnesses and enough pain killing medication to treat a horse.  As the game and the contact wears on him, his production will drop off.  Hopefully, the Buckeyes will take advantage. 

Comment 18 Nov 2018

A whole season's worth of film will show how Winovich hustles to the ball on every play.  If he's your blocking assignment, you do what you can to keep him out of the play. Happens with line play every game.

Also, how much trash talking does he direct towards the opposing team's O line during a game?  He may have been inciting the extra contact by running his mouth constantly. I also don't believe the Indiana tackle knew he was hurt or he might not have dived on him.  

Comment 17 Nov 2018

Chickenshit Saturday? 

Look no further than the visiting team at Maryland to see some real Saturday afternoon chickenshit.  We're playing like we want the Maryland seniors to go out with a victory in their last home game.