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Comment 26 Nov 2019

The 90's have prevented me from being over confident for this game. As good as our Buckeyes are this year, it's still TTUN and gives me pause. The Buckeyes should win this game in probably the closest one of the year. Prior to last years edition, I though we would lose due to our defense, so what do I know. 

My dream would be for the Buckeyes to hang 70 on these misguided youths, remember that for another year!

Comment 24 May 2019

I used to fly small cargo planes and was working during the 07 NC game against Florida. I was waiting for a courier to arrive when the game kicked off and I got to watch Ted run it back. As soon as he hit the end zone I had to go to my plane. I took off for an hour and a half flight and landed in Cleveland feeling pretty good considering how things started. The courier in Cleveland informed me things were not going well. But I figured we would be okay because Troy was like nothing I had experienced as a Buckeye fan to that point in my life.

I took off and landed after the game ended. I had the game DVRd at home. When I returned home and tried to watch it, I couldn't. I wanted to see what went wrong but never made it more than 10 minutes into the game. I still have never seen that game.

Comment 03 Apr 2018

Watch out for bats.....they will be thrown.

Pro tip - if you are placing the ball on the tee, be sure to hold the kids bat with your hand until you are clear and everyone is ready. Once they see that ball on the tee, the only thing they can think is swing away. 

Comment 27 Feb 2018

Really enjoyed Ready Player One. To me, it was just a fun read with a decent story.

I also just finished Leviathan Wakes which is sci-fi. SyFy channel has turned it into a series called The Expanse, I haven't checked that out but the book was very good. 

Comment 09 Jan 2018

I flipping hate Bama

Comment 20 Oct 2017

I understand your point about consistency, but wouldn't that open the possibility of a quarterback "fumbling" the ball when caught backed up in his own end zone? So do you then have to review those plays for intent? I'm okay with the current rule.

Comment 09 Oct 2017

I've got a 7 year old son who plays soccer in the rec leagues. At this age, I think it's more beneficial to have fun in the games and have the refs be teachers for the most part. They should be there to keep the game from getting out of hand and stepping in if a player is playing dangerously. But the foot on the line stuff should just be commented to the player and let it go. I would consider talking to the league about this just to get clarification on what should be expected from the refs and players at this age.

Comment 24 Aug 2017

True....but the cover shows either an IU football player fighting with Brutus, a mascot. The way I envision this scenario playing out is the IU player has had enough of Brutus' celebratory antics and sucker punches him. Generally speaking, I think Hoosiers are nice people, but even nice people have a tipping point after the 6th time their DB gets torched during their season/home/conference opener.