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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Solomon Thomas picking off Ryan Mallett in the Sugar Bowl to seal an Ohio State victory. This actually occurred, contrary to what the NCAA would have you believe.
  • NFL TEAM: Chicago Bears
  • NHL TEAM: Chicago Blackhawks
  • NBA TEAM: Chicago Bulls
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 16 Aug 2019

They also didn't commit a holding penalty the whole season from Game 3 onwards, if I remember correctly. That's pretty crazy in its own right, and even more so in light of our deplorable penalty rate the past few years. 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

A coach possibly lied to the media? I know one renegade reporter with incorruptible virtues who will definitely not stop until the truth is revealed. 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

I'm pretty sure someone submitted a topic exactly like this a month or so ago. I think he was also moving to Tuscarawas County, in fact. Might be smart to check there for other insights.

Comment 12 Aug 2019

I'm sure he didn't see that coming, and honestly, neither did I. Fully expected him to be a capable starter after spending time here under Ryan Day and given his past accomplishments. It's Miami, though, and he might get a start sooner rather than later this season.

Comment 10 Aug 2019

Just realized how long it's been since I've seen news about Barrett getting waived and signed and waived and signed by the Saints. It's too bad he never found a roster spot there; it just seemed like such a great fit. Oh well, eyes on the future. Hoping for good things with Seattle. 

Comment 10 Aug 2019

Because that line only means something if you're looking head-on at the field, but the camera is at an angle. So the first down "plane" isn't coming right at the camera, but rather headed slightly away from the camera. The line makes it look like the whole ball crossed the plane when actually only a small portion of it did. Does that make more sense? 

It would only somewhat make sense if the ball is on the ground, but it's not.