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Comment 08 May 2019

I live close to Uptown, which is just NW of downtown Dallas. If you like going out, I highly recommend hanging out in Uptown or Deep Ellum neighborhoods. Great nightlife, restaurants, and live music. Uptown is more bougie with overpriced cocktails and Deep Ellum is full of hipsters and dive bars. There's great outdoors activities everywhere. I always ride my bike on the Katy Trail....not sure if it goes all the way to Denton. My next big Texas adventures are attending the Shell Houston Open with my Uncle (in Houston obviously) and I'm going to LSU - Texas in Austin this year. Should be a doozy. Congrats on your program and best of luck!

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Stanley was such a beast on that last drive, and David Boston doing his strut in the endzone!!! Thank you for this brief flashback to my childhood :)

Comment 01 Jan 2019

"When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live."

-Stuart Scott

I think Tyler embodied these words perfectly. RIP young man, you left the world far too soon.

Comment 10 Dec 2018

Best passing QB in B1G history and he gets shafted for Tua and Kyler. To be fair Tua and Kyler are both amazing, but they also benefited from having solid offensive line play and AA receivers. And don't forget that defense in the Big 12 is a complete joke.

Comment 09 Dec 2018

Option 1 - Stay in college, work for free, risk injury, risk fall in draft stock, and probably not be able to match this year's productivity


Option 2 - Get drafted in the Top 10, sign a $10 million+ contract, set yourself and your family up financially for life, become famous, and use new found fame to open doors to additional business opportunities. 

That's a tough decision....

Comment 05 Dec 2018

I was battling chronic depression in 2014. Gf  left me, broke, unemployed, and out of shape. One of the very few reprieves I got from that emotional rollercoaster was OSU’s magic run at the end of the season. I will never forget 85 yards and a cloud of dust...that play somehow made  me temporarily forget everything that was wrong and be filled with happiness that the Bucks finally made it back! Thank you Coach for providing me moments like that in some of my darkest hours. 

Comment 03 Dec 2018

8 teams. You can't take the bias out of the committee, but you can make it negligible by making sure every deserving team gets a crack at the Natty. We have established playoff systems for literally every other sport (professional and amateur) on the planet. D1 College Football should be no different. 

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Sorry, but no. Playoff needs to be expanded because the current setup is garbage. The field of 4 should not be left up to the subjective evaluations of biased individuals. 8 teams won't get rid of the bias, but it'll ensure the best and the most deserving teams make it in. I can't believe D1 CFB still hasn't figured out a logical postseason in 2018.

Comment 30 Nov 2018

Ugh....WHY DO GUYS DO THIS???? This guy has the opportunity of a lifetime playing in the NFL, and this is what gets him. 

Comment 29 Nov 2018

I'm not interested in seeing this team get their asses kicked by Bama in the playoff. I feel that's what would happen if they played tomorrow, but I reserve the right to change my mind pending their showing at the B1G championship.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

Disappointed, but not worried. Tonight was just not our night. Barely a quarter of the way through the season so there's so much more b-ball to be played.

Comment 26 Nov 2018

Do they deserve it? No, absolutely not. Will they get in? Yes. OSU's best bet is to have a dominant win over Northwestern, Bama beat Georgia, and Oklahoma to lose.