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Comment 05 Dec 2019

Do you want Joe to have his career potential ruined? Let the Bengals draft him.

Terrible, terrible management. Currently, no o-line to speak of, and an awful coaching staff. With Mike Brown at the helm, it's never going to change course, and Joey B. will get abused on the field and have his career cut short by "poor performance" or outright injury.

He deserves far, far better.

Comment 05 Jun 2019
No facts and lots of jumping to conclusions here. The fact the victim didn't want to be involved makes it very hard to find evidence of anything. In he said/she said it's very tough legally, and in he said/someome else said makes it impossible. Ohio State may or may not have found any actual evidence, but they are extremely smart to protect themselves from, at minimum, bad PR. At worst, it's letting a predator be enrolled. Impossible to know without a shred of public evidence. Right now it looks like the school is just protecting itself. Snead should never have been in a situation that even resembled this. Being beyond reproach is the only way to avoid this in this day and age. High profile accusations can ruin a career, if not ruin your future. It's never worth the risk.
Comment 16 Aug 2018

"Meyer said he knew about a 2009 incident when he was head coach at Florida and Zach Smith was one of his assistants in which Smith was arrested for aggravated battery against Courtney, who was pregnant at the time. "

Is this journalism or written by a bot?

Comment 10 Aug 2018

I don't think you can be totally forthcoming - especially in a situation like this where there is a lot to untangle, and, at the core, it is entirely a he said/she said.

They pulled the trigger on firing ZS to protect the school and the players in light of some damning evidence, but if you start shooting your mouth off, you may eat your shoe. Meyer erred on the side of caution, and still ended up dragged into a mess.

Comment 10 Aug 2018

This sums my view very well.

Saying that Meyer admitted to lying is... a lie in itself. He never said that. He said he handled it poorly. He never admitted that he lied or apologized for lying, misleading, obfuscating, or any other words.

Jason Priestas might go back and pull a McMurphy and stealth edit his post here, because it's erroneous to the core. "when we write that Meyer lied to the media in Chicago, it's a statement of fact, acknowledged by Meyer and supported by the transcripts."

No. No it is not acknowledged by Meyer anywhere.

Comment 10 Oct 2017

Smith last played in 2014 with the Chicago Bears. He played with three teams in an eight year career that started with the Steelers drafting him in the first round of the 2006 draft.

WUT? Smith?

Comment 09 May 2017

Only partially true.

Being drunk slows reaction timing significantly, which provides the "loose as a goose" mode. You can't stiffen up to something you don't see coming.

The survivability is more linked the supression of the immune system that alcohol provides. It prevents swelling from occuring, which often diminishes the impact of injury.