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Comment 01 Aug 2017

We are really underrating the kind of impact the defensive line can have, specially a DL this deep and talented. We might be seeing the best DL in tOSU history. This DL rivals that 02' unit but I think this '17 unit will have more talent on their sides.

Heck I think we might witness the most talented tOSU front 7 this season

Comment 16 May 2017

Not every class is about the very next year. They might not be slated to leave next year but that following year they can be. Meaning these LBs now will be freshmen or sophomores itching to see the field. If Baker has another huge year next year like he had this year, I could def see him leaving and being a legit 1st rd pick.

Comment 24 Apr 2017

I remember coaching him his freshmen year in HS on the freshmen team. I remember watching him play you knew he would be special but I assumed it be as a DE. He played WR that year and the go to play was run a fade to Luke. He was 6'2-6'3 and just moss'ed everyone. When he played DE tho, he was just longer and stronger than everyone else. 

Comment 20 Apr 2017

There is nothing wrong with Gene Smith. He has been a damn good AD for tOSU.

Maybe he could take over for Gene Smith, when ever he decides to retire or will we save the AD position for Urbz?

Comment 18 Apr 2017

When it comes to OL, it doesnt matter about their running. 

I want to say JT Barrett ran well with the knee brace last year. 

By looking at them, they are not the bulkiest of knee braces. They look pretty top of the line, so I dont see them being very restrictive. In the beginning they maybe had some issues with it being on, for the new guys, but after awhile you forget its even there. I blew my knee out my junior year and had to wear one for my senior year and for 5 years of college ball. After awhile, you totally forget its there.

Just rewatch that Tate Martell, Braxton Miller like TD run, he had on Saturday, knee brace didnt look restrictive at all! 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

You take Myles Garrett and run with it. Best player and most promising player in the draft!

Take Garrett #1 and hope to take reuben foster with the Eagles pick.

The front 7 for the Browns is now set, as long as they resign Collins

Comment 08 Dec 2016

I actually think Beck can be a better HC then as an OC. Beck is one hell of a recruiter. He did great things in the state of texas recruiting wise. I also believe the players really like Beck, just tOSU hasnt had the chance to get the offence going the pass couple years with him and Warinner basically sharing duties. I think Beck could be a very solid coach if he gets the proper pieces around him on his staff. I believe he could have a better career as a HC than as an OC, which sounds weird. 

Comment 26 Sep 2016

How could you say 5th string for sure tho? He could come in and show he is better than Martell or Haskins.

It would just be a loaded QB room. I rather have a talented QB on the bench then playing for another big10 school 

Comment 13 Dec 2015

I was reading on another forum that I talk college football that Greg Schiano was the first coach to offer Gray when he was in 8th grade


shows a list of players who earned offers before HS. Gary was offered a scholly from Schiano when he was still a coach at Rutgers...hopefully Schiano can rework that relationship to get him into tOSU.

Comment 11 Dec 2015

I hate people keep saying, well he was a bad HC for Tampa and short comings as a HC, wont be good for tOSU...

First off, the dude was one hell of a college coach to do the things he did with Rutgers. Second, there have been guys who were horrible HCs but have been amazing assistants. If Urbz thought he would be an issue on his staff he wouldnt of hired him.

Do you guys know his whole history? He was a DB coach for Penn St from 91-95, Defensive coach for the bears from 96-98, From 99 to 00 he was the DC for the U. In 99 miami had the 12th best defense and 00 they had the 7th best defense, then he left to be the HC for Rutgers until he went to Tampa Bay.

I think this was a great hire, you have a guy who has HC experience, DC experience, DB coach experience. 

The only bad thing is he might be here for 1-2 seasons but you look at Ash he was only here for 2 seasons too. Urb knows if he hires great assistants, they are going to turn into HC candidates

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Look others have stated, I want Mel Tucker...

We need a Secondary Coach and a Co-DC. Well Tucker is before for the job because he has done it once before. Has connections to the program and established relationship with Fickell. . Has connections to the south from coaching with the Jags and coaching this past season with Bama. 

Comment 06 Dec 2015

man there is a lot of hate for Beck. Last time I checked, it was Beck and Warinner who were the OCs. I had bigger issue with giving ed warinner more job responsibilities, the OL struggled but he wasnt allowed to be fully committed to them.

Getting back to Ash. I would love it if the Bucks brought back Mel Tucker. He would be the perfect replacement. He has been a co-DC before at tOSU, has a relationship with Fickell, when Fickell was his LB coach when Tucker was the co-DC at tOSU. Ash was the Co-Defensive Coordinator and Secondary Coach and Tucker could be that in a heart beat. Currently he is the Secondary Coach at Bama so it would be a promotion for him. I wonder if Tucker will try and become the next DC for Bama tho now that Smart is gone

Comment 09 Feb 2014

its amazing how much talent Glenville turns out and yet they never can win a state title.

Ginn Sr. does a great jon at preparing his kids for the next level but rarely gets them prepared enough to win a title.

Seems like year in and year out when Glenville gets into the playoffs, they get out coached.

Does great thing for the kids, giving them the hope that they can better their life and ill never take that away from him. Does a great job at developing the Jimmy and the joes but struggles at the Xs and Os



Comment 27 Apr 2012

quite a bit better...try awhole lot better. Weeden has a cannon of an arm. I Weeden was younger he would of be a top10 QB but his age caused him to fall. Weeden is first rd QB where Colt was a 3rd pick. That shows you who is better!