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Comment 08 May 2019

Read a couple days ago that RB Target Jaylen Anderson was offered by Nebraska. Starting to build a strong list of offers. I would say after this summer after camping and showing out at the 7on7 schedule his school has, he will hopefully get that tOSU offer. If he gets that offer, I would assume he would commit on the spot. Nebraska could be a sleeper school for him cause that is his dads favorite school. 

Comment 04 Feb 2019

24/7 has Edwards rated as the #4 RB and Anderson as the #6 RB. Both are studs. I just prefer Anderson, he is an Ohio kid, he is bigger than Edwards, and I’m very familiar with his HS program

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Man so much hate for this guy. 

Took over a position group he didn’t recruit and was returning basically new starters in every position. 

Would have liked him as a DC and was told GS would be gone because he would have gotten a HC job.  Now with everything that happen at Tenn he prolly will never get a HC job because of all those snowflakes

Comment 15 Apr 2018

I dont know, I think Farrell might get a lot of playing time or could be the starter because of his ability to be an all around threat. I strongly believe he is the best blocker on the team for the position. That could be huge for the team if they truly want to lean on the rushing ability of Dobbins and Weber. I think we might see tOSU using the 2-3 TES, specially if Haskins is the QB. They were able to hold DEs and OLB at bay because of the read option, which they wont be able to rely on. With Haskin being the better passer, they might want to use a TE who can block even more. I know Heurman was a stud blocking for Meyer while the team went on that title run with Jones. I remember watching him in HS and having to coach against his senior year, he would be lined up all over the back field to play the role of a lead blocker for the team at times.

Comment 08 Apr 2018

I watched it because I love the all or nothing series. It was actually entertaining getting the behind the scenes look at a football program during the season. You grow to like a couple guys. I like Pep more, Mo Hurst more, and Newsome. It helps you grow more hatred for Gray tho. Dude came off as a totally dramaQueen. I haven’t gotten to the tOSU episode yet. It has been really good so far. It truly shows you how a little off Harbs is. The guy is truly a little different. 

Being a football guy and a football coach myself. I find myself liking Pep more and Brown more. In the end, Michigan still sucks! Lol

Comment 20 Nov 2017

Glenville didnt drop from D1 to D2 because of enrollment. They dropped to D2 because of how D1 is structured. D1 is basically the biggest schools. There are just less teams in D1. Heck region 1 in '09 had 30teams, '10 had 26 teams '11 had 32 teams,  '12 had 32 teams. Since they did the restructing its been a lot different. '17 only 19teams, '16 only 18 teams, '15 only 16/17 teams. and so fourth. 

Comment 01 Aug 2017

We are really underrating the kind of impact the defensive line can have, specially a DL this deep and talented. We might be seeing the best DL in tOSU history. This DL rivals that 02' unit but I think this '17 unit will have more talent on their sides.

Heck I think we might witness the most talented tOSU front 7 this season

Comment 16 May 2017

Not every class is about the very next year. They might not be slated to leave next year but that following year they can be. Meaning these LBs now will be freshmen or sophomores itching to see the field. If Baker has another huge year next year like he had this year, I could def see him leaving and being a legit 1st rd pick.