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Comment 13 Nov 2019

I was surprised to see Ga at #4. I thought Ala would be 4 and Ga 5 or possibly 6. As far as Minn being ranked above them - answer this question - if Minn played either Ala or Ga on a neutral field, who would win?  Minn would not be favored in either game and would not win either game.

I see  a lot of antagonism towards Kirby Smart. Why? Kirby has never played or coached against Ohio St, to my knowledge.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

People do realize that the four playoff teams are not selected in the second week of the season!

Texas, perhaps has one more loss on their schedule and that would be Oklahoma and I say perhaps a loss. All of those ranked SEC teams have a rough row between now and end of season. Georgia has ND, Florida, Auburn and A&M. Ala has LSU, Auburn and A&M. LSU has Florida, Auburn, A&M and Alabama.

Clemson should win out. No one on their schedule ranks with the teams listed above.

Comment 22 Aug 2019

Like most in the big ten he is spring-loaded to slam the SEC first and foremost. He does not normally recruit the same talent pool as the SEC and does not play the SEC except in a bowl game. How does the SEC even enter his picture? He has signed a few guys from the SEC states that SEC schools were after also. So did he out-bid the SEC schools for their signature? Inquiring minds would like to know!

He has pulled some stunts like holding mini camps in SEC states and taking his team out of state for practice. It seems like the NCAA put a stop to some of that a few years ago. Mr Purity got his butt whipped the last couple of times he has played SEC schools in bowls and it could not have happened to a more deserving guy.

Comment 21 Aug 2019

Just an observation but it seems a number of you are not necessarily college football fans just a fan of Ohio State. I am a little surprised. I have a relative that is like that.

I have been a fan of college football since I was a kid and read about games in the Sunday paper. It is hard to follow every top team if you have a regular day job. I am good for three games on Saturday. I will bounce around depending on how good some of the games are. I rarely see Pac games, they are on too late and by that time I am worn out. Thursday night games are sometimes very good.

Comment 09 Aug 2019

I don't know that much about Dabo but that is his persona. His program is very family oriented from everything you hear. They do,by all accounts, a very good job at scouting and identifying talent very early in a guy's career. They started recruiting Deshaun Watson and the QB there now when they were in the ninth grade.

At a place like Clemson you don't get noticed much unless you win and win big. It is a small town with a University. The national press doesn't live there and consequently Dabo's ball team is often sold short by the media, probably not so much now. How many Ohio Staters thought they would dominate you the way they did in the playoff game a few years back? Not many I would say. Alabama was in shock after their game with them this past year. Heck, I am not a Clemson fan but I am a fan of the game.

Comment 08 Aug 2019

I very much like the idea of eight team playoff. The other big bowls have almost become irrelevant, may as well make them playoff games. 

I would take Fla out of consideration. Very inexperienced O line they have to deal with.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

Actually, Georgia should be better this year than last year. Last year was a down year from 2017 because so much talent left the program after 2017. More talent on this team than last year.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

I personally have Alabama and Clemson fatigue. Oklahoma has been in the round of four for the last 3? years in a row. The Pac has not played a competitive game since they beat Fla State in 2014. The big ten is scoreless? since 2014. All of this adds to fatigue and burnout.

I also have New England fatigue when it comes to the NFL. They seldom lose a playoff game, the NFL sees to that.

Comment 12 Jun 2019

I had not read this before. What he is saying is that he is about as popular as OBL in his (Dabo's) home state after the BCSCG last season. Anyone that does not understand or is "offended" needs to lighten up. I am no fan of Clemson but anyone not regarding Swinney as a top notch coach is letting their prejudice get in the way of their reasoning ability. Swinney sells his program as well as any coach out there. I don't know what to think of the PED thing.

Comment 12 Feb 2019

I have wanted the NCAA to increase the 85 to 90 or 95. Keep the 25 per year the same. Title IX has screwed over all of the men's teams.  Schools eliminated various men's teams and increased women's sports to balance everything out. I understand the arguments for and against Title IX.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

You people are accusing Georgia of things with no evidence at all. The guy is from Atlanta and has a close-knit family from what I have read. Why would he go to Kentucky, the other finalist, when he can play close to his family? He is just another player at a traditional basketball school like Kentucky or UNC. At Georgia he has the chance to put the program on the map, if he is as good as advertised.

I know people like to take shots at Kirby Smart because he elevated the recruiting at Georgia. Part of the reason Mark Richt was let go was because they were always late getting in on recruits or either not knowing how to evaluate talent. They wanted to make a LB out of Cam Newton, did not start recruiting Deshaun Watson until late in the process. Both guys played at Georgia high schools. Kirby and his staff start early in the process of evaluating talent and establishing relationships with players.

Comment 11 Feb 2019

The way the NCAA has relaxed transfer rules I don't know how they can require anyone to sit out a year. I am thinking that maybe one way to approach the matter is to let you transfer after your freshman year with no sitting out a year. After a year a guy kind of knows where he fits in with the grand scheme of things. After your freshman year, then if you transfer you have a one year sit out. I am sure there are pros and cons with this rule, also.

Comment 08 Feb 2019

Georgia had junior Issac Nauta declare for the draft and Ford was homesick and he went back to Illinois. TE was a position that did not have much depth. Don't know if Wolf will be a contributor or not. I read that he graduates this semester from Tenn so he will be a graduate transfer. 

Comment 08 Jan 2019

All of these departures were expected. None of them was a surprise. Ford wants to go back to Illinois and the rest want to try the NFL. There is a slew of talent backing them up. Fields leaving had NOTHING to do with any of it.

Fields may become a great college player but he never seriously challenged Fromm for the starting job.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Alabama/Clemson fatigue on display. I went to bed at the start of the 4th Q and I have not failed to see a complete CFP game in a very long time. I want to see someone else in the four team slot next year, I don't care who.

Comment 06 Jan 2019

I am not a Clemson fan at all but I see a lot of hate directed to Dabo Swinney. I know Clemson smoked Ohio St pretty good the last time you played but why all the hate toward Dabo? If you look at his history he is a rather inspiring success story. He was a walk-on and started at the bottom at worked his way up in the coaching world.

Comment 20 Dec 2018

If he is not leaving because of lack of playing time, then why is he leaving? He is more athletic than Fromm, everyone agrees, but he is not the QB that Fromm has developed into, imho and I assume that is the opinion that Kirby and OC share. If Fromm stays two more years and Fields does not RS then he would only have one year left. When the book is closed on his college career he may or he may not have developed into the QB everyone thought when he came out of HS. Amazing that Fromm has sent two five star QBs packing in two years. If he leaves I don't care where he goes, I just hope he goes somewhere that Georgia does not have to play against him down the road.

The dumb comment people are speaking of was made by a drunk student baseball player and was heard by people sitting near him. The University dismissed him from the baseball team, as I understand it.

Comment 10 Dec 2018

When you read the various comments about the bowl games, what they wrote about this game was not over the top at all. We live in a world where everyone is offended these days. Whatever happened to humor? 

Comment 02 Dec 2018

If Georgia is 5 and Ohio St is 6 or the other way around, what difference does it make? Only the top four make the playoff. Oklahoma got the only spot that Ohio St could have hoped for.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

The SEC was the first of the major conferences to increase the number of teams to twelve, split in two divisions and have a conference championship game. The SEC caught hell from various sports journalists for tampering with the game, as they knew it. At that time they set up the schedule at eight conference games. The PAC moved to nine games because they could not draw enough fans by playing an eight game conference schedule. The big 10 went to nine conference games, don't know that I ever read the reason for it. Perhaps some of you know the reason for playing nine conference games.