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Comment 08 Feb 2019
I agree. I live in the state up north and the drive was the only sports talk show that I listened to daily.( except the local sports guys because nothing gives me more enjoyment than listening to the miserable Michigan fan base). I'm bummed, that was quality radio.
Comment 23 Dec 2018
I just find it hard to believe that his tweet would be the reason that justin fields isn't coming. He has to understand that tate isn't going to just lay over. Tates a competitor. I will say though, tate has to understand that this is big boy football and u want the best people playing on the field. I really wish tate would have kept that tweet to himself. Hopefully this didn't ruin our chance with him. Fuck me running.
Comment 19 Dec 2018
I think he's wanting to finish the season with his teammates possibly . I don't see anything weird about this. He will have to make a decision soon though.
Comment 04 Dec 2018
I think Larry is the biggest piece of the puzzle going forward. If we lose him, unfortunately that will be a major blow. He's not someone that u can just replace. With that said, I don't think he'll go anywhere. Match the offer if u have to.