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Comment 05 Nov 2019
So Cincinnati Enquirer just ran a piece stating that Bohn might back out because the usc prez told him that he wasn't going to be able to hire Urban Meyer. This is getting interesting. Sorry I dont have link. I'm on my phone.
Comment 20 Oct 2019
Biggip says "I will cut my own dick off and plant it in my backyard if Michigan scores 39 against OSU this year. They are going to run up the guy in 1st and 2nd down and then throw 5 yard outs on 3 and 7 all game long while UM’s former coaches turned OSU defensive coordinators laugh their asses off. Meanwhile, Ryan Day owns Don Brown and is going to put up at least 70 points to make a statement and plant his flag. I already have plans with the wife and the boy to get our Christmas tree that day - you know, things that bring me joy and happiness. Not wasting my time watching this overrated, overpaid, and pathetic excuse for a coaching staff screw over these kids by giving them no chance to win. Over 2 decades of doing the same shit and getting ass blasted by OSU and doing nothing different simply has gotten old and boring." I literally laughed out loud reading that first sentence!
Comment 30 Jul 2019
You're starting to hear 2 different things. I think this could be an epic troll by bijan. One thing I've been thinking about is all the information over the weekend came from Mostly 247 guys, and now a few of the rivals guys are saying the opposite. Rivals guys have definitely seemed like they were in the know. For some reason I've been thinking maybe he has something against 247?
Comment 29 Jul 2019
Its definitely the opposite. His dick is definitely saying USC but he's not trying to have a baby in college so hiss other head is saying Ohio State. Duh
Comment 28 Jul 2019
Definitely not, we could be where we were a year ago. I had a pit in my stomach for 2 to 3 months. I didn't even want to get on 11w when UFM was getting thrown under the bus. The way Douschebag Tom has treated TOSU is utter bullshit! Fuckin that piece of shit!
Comment 28 Jul 2019
Does anyone know how Bijan was going to commit? I just find it odd that 5 days before his commitment he decides he doesn't want to come here. It was posted before that a commit told BK that bijan isnt coming here. How are we sure that this isn't for some type of drama? Since he was signed in ink just a couple days ago.
Comment 28 Jul 2019
Does anybody else think it's odd that 5 days before his announcement he tells the staff he's not coming? Everybody and their mother has said he's coming here, what about if he's wanting to drum up some suspicion?