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Comment 06 Jul 2019

We bought a Purple 2 years ago.  Both of us absolutely love it.  We have the original.  The "all new" came out after we purchased.  The original queen is now down to $900.  It came with a 100 night trial but we knew after 1 night.  If you get 1 make sure you get the sheets with it (also great).  We've went kind of all in with Purple.  Also have the Purple Pillow ($100 and takes a little getting used to but definitely like it), mattress protector and a Purple seat cushion.

Plus the commercials are damn funny.


Comment 24 Jun 2019

I have 0 problems with that.  I personally believe that Smith will end up being very successful wherever he ends up.  And I'm in the camp that it doesn't require a 5 star at RB to be good.  Give me a couple of solid backs behind a good line and a strong passing game and we'll be fine.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Ty Hamilton just received a pretty nice boost in the rankings.  He was 937 overall yesterday on the composite.  Up to 782 currently.  #40 SDE.

Comment 15 Jun 2019

Dekel Crowdus is incredibly fast and made The Opening as a sophomore. He also had a 131.13 combine rating (4.40 forty, 4.28 shuttle, 41' powerball, 43" vertical)


Comment 21 Mar 2019

Since you're going to Zion (which is phenomenal by the way) try the Bit & Spur Restaurant and Saloon in Springdale.  We ate there twice on our trip.  Best fish tacos that I've ever had.  I know, Utah of all places for the best fish taco.  It was on special.  They had it flown in from Hawaii and then FedEx'd it to Springdale, Utah.  Ended up ordering it both nights.  Wife had the ribeye the 2nd night and it was wonderful also.

Comment 17 Feb 2019

These last 2 comments give me more reason to believe in the CB picks that I made in the last thread.  Out of 7 CB's I had Lejond as my favorite (Elias Ricks wasn't included in the 7) and had Gray at 7th.  Lejond matched up very well against Bru McCoy in their game last fall.


It looks like Lejond's 40 time was 4.42 today.

Comment 14 Feb 2019

Out of those 4, I would rank them:

1-Cavazos  2-Fred Davis  3-Ringo  4-Gray

Now if you want to throw Clark Phillips, Dwight McGlothern and Miles Brooks in the mix then I would go:

1-Cavazos  2-Davis  3-Phillips  4-Ringo (although I thought that I read several months ago that there is a chance of a switch to safety with him, not sure)  5-Brooks  6-McGlothern  7-Gray

Now that is absolutely nothing against Gray.  He is still obviously very good but that is my opinion.  And this is strictly a CB list so I didn't bother with the safeties (except maybe Ringo)

Comment 12 Feb 2019

Looks like Jaxon Smith-Njigba got a pretty nice bump up in his rankings in the composite.  He's now the 45th ranked WR (up from 66).  249 overall now.  Guessing somebody finally watched his junior film besides for me.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

Even if we would happen to land Enokk I'm not sure how much he's gonna help with the depth anyways due to his missions that he's going on.  He was saying in interviews this past summer that it would probably be go to school for 1 year then on to his mission for 2 years and return to school after that.  So if that is still accurate we would have him for '19 as a true freshman (which he will almost certainly redshirt-still has a lot of weight to gain), gone for '20 and '21 and then back after a 2 year layoff in '22 and after.  Signing him looks great on paper but it will be a long ass time until he can truly help out.

Comment 05 Jan 2019

Man I really want Lejond back in this class.  I know that we're in on a lot of good corners but I really like this kid.  He did extremely well this season when he was matched up against Bru McCoy in the Mater Dei game.  I remember reading that he gave up a couple of short receptions to him but largely shut him down in the 2nd half after he was switched and started matching up with him. (McCoy is #5 in these clips)