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Comment 29 Sep 2019

Our depth is looking better each week! We may be lacking a “name” running back behind dobbins but I think their names will be known soon enough. Having said that, I was excited and then disappointed about bijan Robinson but I feel confident we will be good for years to come. Future playing time will be EARNED.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

Schlabach just like all the other know it alls. Predicting 2 sec teams in the playoff. At least he’s one of the few picking buckeyes over *ichigan. Losing to penn st. Is possible but I don’t see it with the team they will be fielding. He probably said Florida would stomp Miami so take it with a grain of salt....

Comment 22 Aug 2019

Does bama have to choose between top wr’s or top rb’s? Or do they recruit and USE both? Why choose when you don’t have to?

Comment 22 Aug 2019

They are a team that uses “multiple “ rbs and that’s all the selling point you need for the top guys. We upgraded our passing game philosophy and the wr’s came running to us. Now it’s time to upgrade our run game philosophy and reap the rewards. A pair and a spare getting carries. One will rise to the top but the others will keep it rolling year to year....

Comment 22 Aug 2019

Some years you have a Haskins. Some years you have a fields type of qb. The run game should be the one thing we can consistently know what we will have. We have the ability to bring in the horses now we just have to get it rolling! That starts with using a pair and a spare as an identity 

Comment 22 Aug 2019

It’s a philosophy that you have to buy into and stick to it over several years to let it become an identity. I want to see us recruiting 2 top backs each year knowing no matter who we get, the next year we will go after 2 more etc. it’s like Haskins passing numbers leading to more pass first qb’s looking our way. If you don’t use them then you stop getting them. Georgia and bama will be 2 of the best running teams while having 2 of the best passing offenses at the same time. It’s possible to have both but you have to make it an identity.

Comment 26 Dec 2018

2points...1. It’s confusing to think that beating Purdue is the ticket to the playoffs 

2. The conference respect does matter. Evidence- Florida loses back to back games and still sits at #15 in the rankings 

I will root for the big10 and always against the SEC. ttun can do as they please I’ll just watch then smile as they lose

Comment 01 Sep 2014

when a safety is the leading tackler that's rarely a good thing. navy option may have impacted this but im guessing shazier would've had about 20 tackles if he was out there. lee showed some explosive potential at olb. for me, that's what really stuck out in this game.

Comment 26 Apr 2014

hard to tell. he didn't really have to do much except hit the hole and follow some good blocking. he does have a hyde style to him tho

Comment 23 Mar 2014

u made my point exactly while trying to refute it. tressel had te's good enough to have long productive nfl careers but not good enough to be a consistent threat in the passing game at osu? head scratcher to say the least. this needs fixed bcuz its still happening under meyer and the recruits see that.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

good stuff kyle. especially mentioning how missed tackles and just not making the play is the biggest thing that needs fixed. getting off blocks and making a tackle completely changes the Clemson outcome imo.

Comment 15 Mar 2014

the problem with the diamond formation in 2013 was we only had 2 guys touching the ball 90% of the time in miller/hyde. the defense reads those 2 no matter what formation they're in. diamond needs 4 capable guys including receivers downfield to be more effective.