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Comment 12 Jan 2018

From time to time a DE will drop back in coverage, so sort of a 3-4 look, but we do well with our "basic" defense. 

Comment 26 Nov 2017

They made a decision, but I disagree they were clearly right in their assessment.  Thinking analytically requires empirical evidence, not hearsay.  It's their prerogative to do whatever they choose, and they did.  The notion of convicting a man in the court of public opinion without him being convicted by a court is myopic, and classless.  Backing out of a deal because of twitter, in this case, is precisely that.  Headlines matter, when they're correct and vetted. 

Comment 26 Nov 2017

I feel for you.  We had nachos, marsh-mellows, and quarters (assorted change) thrown at us in the stadium.  There were assorted verbal insults on the way to, and coming from the stadium.  Upon returning to the van, it was keyed, and the front license plate had been bent in an attempt to rip it from the bumper.

This was in the 90's, when they beat us.  I'm terribly sorry you had a similar experience.  It doesn't sound like things have changed much.  Ridiculous and classless.

Comment 13 Nov 2017

The tv shots aren't taken live.  Most of them are taken 30 min prior to kick, it's not suprising seats were empty at that time. 

Comment 25 Oct 2017

They campus planners keep playing hopscotch with the idea of tearing it down.  The latest plan I recall had athletic fields and classrooms on the location in a sketch mock up. 

Comment 19 Oct 2017

I wouldn't utter such words inside Cinci proper, you'll likely be stoned to death....likely with goetta they "invented" there...

Comment 23 Aug 2017

I've sat in all three, the pillars aren't a big deal in 3 or 5 as much as 7.  The closer to the bottom the better, but anything row 14 and down and you're good.

Comment 11 Aug 2017

Subterfuge ...

The NFL had to come down that hard or they'd have activists (social justice warriors) and bad PR about how they don't take their own policies seriously.  Zeke will appeal, which will appease the players union, it'll be reduced (appease the fans) and everybody has their emotional validation and political correctness pig lipstick.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

The minimum for one stream is probably around 5Mbps, if it's not fluctuating below that.  If your provider has a lot of load on your node, dipping below 5 can cause buffering.  If you want to do anything else while streaming, want to stream to more than one tv at a time, et cetera you'll need more bandwidth. 

Providers are area dependent.  Here in Cbus, WOW, then Spectrum, then ATT are my recommendations in order.  WOW has billing options of month-to-month vs contract billing.  Both WOW and Spectrum allow you to own your own modem and Router; saving you the monthly fee of renting one which is non negotiable with ATT as well as empowering you to upgrade your equipment.  I give WOW the overall edge as my experience with their customer service has been better.

Comment 31 Jul 2017

Most distinctive, and polarizing food...maybe.  For every person that likes Skyline, Goldstar, Dixie, etc, there are 3 others silently shaking their heads, knowing if they respond with disparage the first thing they'll hear is "it's not real chili, it's more of a sauce..."  and hence they stay silent. Joe Walsh said it best, you can't argue with a sick mind, just as you can't lead a food story with the first talking point being Skyline.  It screams of fanboyism, you might as well started with jtm burgers and some grippo potato chips.  When it's proclaimed as the chili capital of the world, I don't think they told the southwest they were holding a contest.

Monty inn...eh...not what it was 25 years ago; not bad, not great.  Graeters is better than average.  The remainder of the list, while good places to eat, are only better by comparison to the rest of the available cuisine.  La Rosas, and it's rebranded stepsister Dewey's, thrive in a market dominated by Domino's franchises...a feat capable by a nine year old with some chef boyardee and an easy bake oven.  Where is the Masonette?  WildFlower? Some other non mass marketed successful mom n pop shop?

Props for the article, and while deserving of being in the discussion due to the numerous restaurants that cut their teeth in the QC, the better overall cuisine is elsewhere.  Until 4 years ago, if you didn't like Skyline, or Montgomery inn, you were doomed to eat 9 other restaurant chains who were trying to mimic them by sprinkling cinnamon into all menu items.  The best burger isn't there, the best pizza isn't there, the best pasta isn't there, the best steak isn't there, the best seafood isn't there....but they do have spiced tomato sauce, if you like that sort of thing.

Comment 26 Jul 2017

Roku or a jailbroken firestick.  Apple tv is playing catchup.  The JB Firestick can run Kodi with Exodus (cough free movies\music cough) as well as PSVue or Sling.  It's also the cheapest.

Apple tv limits you in a variety of ways.  You're locked into an ecosystem vs open source channels, updates are slower, the remotes are often glitchy, and it's very pricey compared to the others.  Much more bang for your buck with the other two.

Comment 05 Jul 2017

If you're going through hell, Keep going.  Think in small time frames: if it's 9 o'clock, only focus on getting to 10 o'clock.  Eventually, you'll get to where you want to be.  One foot at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time, keep moving forward.

Comment 25 May 2017

Correlation <> Causation for either point.  It's far more complex than a two-variable equation at these levels.  Violent Crime defined by Total Homicides would be a differing stat from Violent crime defined by total gun homicides. Specific Data Definitions aren't always prevalent when written by journalists.

Comment 16 May 2017

If you're wanting All inclusive, I'd recommend Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. There are many cheap flights out of Cbus and Cinci (if you're in Ohio) and websites like CheapCaribbean or PleasantHolidays often have special deals.  Be careful when booking any inclusive vacation, pay close attention that it's not just "domestic alcohol" included, or you'll be drinking whatever local brew they make on the island.

The Caribbean is the land of all inclusives.  Cabo is beautiful, St Lucia, Belize, DR, St Thomas...all very awesome.  Puerto Rico is pretty cool too.