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Comment 23 Oct 2019

Those change with the winds...Keep up and stay concurrent.

Comment 14 Oct 2019

Probably closer to the south stands so you can see the scoreboard easier, hear the band, and watch Brutus do pushups when the Buckeyes score a touchdown.

Comment 23 Sep 2019

HIneygate died when OSU bought the Holiday inn and converted it to a dorm.  Varsity Club, and Riverwatch tower have similar type events but not nearly as legendary as Hineygate.  Lil' bar on High has a nice outdoor area, but does a DJ vs a live band.  Of all of them, I'd recommend the Varsity club.  It has a DJ on the patio, and a live band in the back parking lot.

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Jefferson's Very small batch and 1792 have a sweeter and milder flavor profile.  Bulleit, and about any 4 roses have more of a hot finish so you need a splash of water to open up their aromas. Woodford and Old Forester (all) I can take or leave.  Eagle Rare, Blantons, Weller (anything) are all good in about any serving method.  Russells makes a very underrated bourbon.

If you can get to Northern Kentucky, there are so many small places putting out very good bourbons these days.  Backbone, David James, Bowmen, Old elk, Horse Soldier...all have very distinct flavor combinations which are tasty.  So many bourbons, so little time...good luck.

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Either is good, the port having a more rounded out flavor profile.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

The Skull Session starts 2 hours before kickoff, and is a must if you've never been.  It's in St John's Arena, across the street the north of the shoe.  Get there early for a seat.  It's where most become indoctrinated as Buckeye fans.

GunnerBuck listed a couple of Cbus staples for burgers and pizza.  There are also several craft breweries and taprooms, Barcades such as 16 bit bar, Ax Throwing, Top Golf, escape rooms for entertainment.  If you have a sweet tooth, check out Jeni's ice cream.  The Short North area is great for walking around, and dining. 

There is always the bookstore, and a walk around campus including Mirror Lake if she'd be interested in some non football OSU sites.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Not easily being able to sell a paper ticket to a non student killed this.  Students can get a ticket to all the Big Ten games; why would they scalp them from another student? 

As a student, selling your ticket vs the team up north and profiting enough to pay for your text books for the year was as much a part of the tradition as anything.  If you had a BuckID of any sort, you could buy a student season ticket from some grad student at a fraction of the cost of face value pubic tickets AND the student made a profit.  Remove the ability to sell a student ticket to a non student and you've eliminated this mutually beneficial arrangement.  I'm surprised it's only 6500.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I second the purchase of a nice thermometer.  ThermoPro makes the best.  AmazingRibs.com is a tremendous source for all things smoker related; recipes to the thermodynamics of smoking.  Cut your teeth smoking some chicken quarters\legs\wings.  Don't be afraid to finish them on the grill a bit to crisp them up, or the subcutaneous fat just under the skin may make the skins tough to bite through.  Let all things get up to room temperature before applying rubs, especially brisket.  Invest in a box of nitrile disposable gloves as they'll help your rubs get into the meat vs soaking into your hands.  PepperPalace.com out of TN makes some very tasty rubs; as does Cabelas. 

Brisket stalls at around 150 degrees, so it'll need to be wrapped to get it up to 200.  Good luck!

Comment 11 Sep 2019

Track speed is different than game speed.  Zone 6 looks much quicker getting out of breaks.  Victor especially looks like he is accelerating faster with first steps after catching the ball.  That being said, pretty much any corp of WRs is going to look slower compared to the burners we had last year.

Comment 02 Sep 2019

I can understand your point.  I'd have framed\phrased it differently and omitted your indifference.  Stating you're indifferent to the band is sorta like telling a Jesus joke in Bethlehem, or walking into Bentonville Arkansas and screaming "Walmart sucks."

Comment 28 Aug 2019

I'm a bigger dude, pretty fit 240 lbs, and the tuft and needle has been very comfortable for 4 years.  If you've been on a temperpedic, the tuft and needle is not quite as stiff, dissipates heat better, and is slightly more comfortable for a side or stomach sleeper.  With any type of foam mattress, you'll find your pillow becomes more important.  There is a bit more play in any foam mattress, so neck support becomes important.

Comment 25 Jul 2019

I'm on the Dwayne train, but over the Heisman trophy winner?  That's enough to make that a push for me.  Zeke>Mo>Beanie.  The Tressel Lb squad is better.  Brax and Pryor could break ankles, but they weren't as talented passers as Smith and Dwayne.  The game would come down to who is coaching the defense.  Dantonio or Snyder with Fickell over the LBs and Tressel is neck and neck.  If it's Fickell and Heacock playing the Cooper "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" scheme and Meyer beats them like they stole something.

Comment 16 Jul 2019

Imagine an inflated balloon in a box.  Randomly the box is shaken, and the balloon hits various sides, and randomly.  Every time the balloon hits a side of the box is when you will think of something, feel something, be reminded of something random.  Right now, that balloon is huge and makes a lot of random contact.  As time goes by, the balloon will shrink.  It won’t hit as many walls, as often, nor with the same vigor.  For now you won’t know what or when, but you know that you’ll have these feelings.  Some hours are harder than others.  Distractions help at first as they aid in taking your mind off of things, but a bigger key is to try to learn something from this.  That’s the best way to help yourself get over the emotions.  I had to learn that WHY something happened doesn’t really matter or even help; I had to move on with or without that (why) information.  Redirecting the emotions into a positive direction by learning something from the experience, or using the energy for exercise are very healthy outlets.  Some of the above posts have mentioned self-improvements, which I recommend.  So many people at a young age focus on trying to find the right person when it is far better to work on yourself and try to BE the right kind of person someone will be happy to find.  Doing that, learning those things, gives you something actionable to do.  That’ll help you with the feeling of being stuck in a place, or feeling like you’re on a treadmill running as fast as you can but not actually getting anywhere.

Seeing a counselor isn’t a bad idea, but please know that it may take going to 3-5 different ones before you find one that you jibe with and can make progress.  I don’t say that to discourage you from seeking it, but to help with the expectations of counseling.  They help you with strategies; what to look for going forward, how to reflect logically when you are emotionally amped up, etc.  You’ll also find similar things in various churches.  Divorce-Care has a booklet which is a cliffs notes version explaining strategies for how to deal with certain situations, emotions etc. 

Eventually, you’ll rebuild and try again.  Trust can be tricky with a new person, but remember trust is never earned, it’s something that you can only give to another.  That can be an empowering perspective.  Remember you are by far your own worst critic.  Everyone is the villain in their own story, so it’s good to remember you need to love yourself at least half as much as you want to love another, and at least as much as you are critical of yourself.  There will always be something you can think of after the fact you feel you could’ve done differently, or better.  You’re only 50% of the relationship equation though, so stay on the track to make yourself the best 50 you can be.

Stress + Rest = Growth…rest now so that you can grow.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

www.tiqiq.com had very few options for 6 together, most in C deck, all starting at 289 per seat.  Being (just) an Alumni doesn't help much with ticket acquisition. 

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Time and change....They'll likely have more consistent business in the burbs.  Lane Ave has changed so much in the last 10 years.  Let's hope it doesn't become yet another Starbucks.