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Comment 09 Dec 2019

My dog tore both of his CCLs.  That is actually very common... if a dog tears one there is at least a 50% chance he will also tear the other at some point in his life.

I really did not want to put him through the surgery and months of recovery but after researching it and talking to several vets I learned that surgery is the best long term option.  Without the repair the dog will have lifelong pain and degeneration of the joint due to instability.  So, when he tore his first we opted for the "fishing line" surgery, which is the oldest and most commonly performed.  It took him months to recover and there was quite a bit of pain involved.  When he tore his other CCL we found a surgeon who performed TPLO surgery.  This surgery does not introduce a surrogate ligament; instead, the tibial plate is reshaped to allow for smooth interaction.  The difference in recovery time and pain is STRIKING.  With TPLO a dog is back to normal much faster and with far less discomfort.  I really wish I had gone with TPLO for his first.  The only drawbacks with TPLO are finding a vet surgeon with the equipment and expertise to do it, and of course, the cost.  TPLO can run around $4000 but to me it was well worth it.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I really hope it isn't a night game.  Traveling back from a game at Nebraska means the players and coaches won't get back to their homes/apartments/dorms until about 5am the next morning.  When OSU played a night game at Wiscy a few years ago they ended up canceling Sunday activities so the players could sleep.  That cost them a day of prep that week.  With a tough game against MSU the following Saturday let's hope for a day game against Nebraska.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

OSU does NOT want a night game on the road against Nebraska.  With the travel time back from Lincoln OSU's players won't get back to their apartments or dorm rooms until around 5am the following morning.  OSU will basically lose a day of preparation for MSU that week.  OSU wants the Nebraska game early.

Comment 22 Jul 2019

It's been WIDELY and INCORRECTLY reported that the NCAA was considering a new 25 player hard cap for the 2020 class.  The "new" 25 player hard cap was actually passed in 2017.  People misunderstood it then and many still misunderstand it today.  Several OSU recruiting analysts "heard" that OSU was capped at 25 this year and ran with the story that a 25 hard cap was in place for the 2020 class.  They were wrong.

If you've noticed, some of them are now changing their story saying "sources" are now telling them OSU may go beyond 25 after all.  But OSU (and other FBS schools) have been able to go beyond 25 in the 2020 class all along, which is what I've been saying for some time now.

Comment 22 Jul 2019

Andrew, I've posted about this multiple times.  Yes, teams can sign more than 25 by back counting early enrollees if there is room in the previous year's 25.  There's no debate about this, it's clearly written into the NCAA bylaws.  I understand there are some prominent recruiting analysts who've been confused about this but all they have to do is read the bylaws.  The language was changed in 2017 to limit oversigning but back counting is still allowed.  Teams can and have been exceeding 25 since then.

Comment 17 Jul 2019

Trying to interpret articles featuring interviews with recruits is a colossal waste of time.  Bill Greene has commented several times that he won't even read the articles he writes.

Comment 14 Jul 2019

First, there is no 25 hard count.  That is flat wrong and I can't believe there was so much confusion about it.  OSU will take more than 25 in this class.

Second, yes, the 85 is the real constraint.  But 18 seniors, add in 3-4 NFL departures, Vimahi's mission trip, 2 guys who won't be offered a 5th year, at least 1 medical and a couple of transfers (you can usually count 2-3 every year) and 27 looks like a very good number.

Comment 12 Jul 2019

There has never been a 25 hard count, at least as far as the NCAA is concerned.  I've been posting about this for weeks and explaining why.

It's finally getting worked out at OSU.  This class will have more than 25 signees.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

OSU needs a second QB in this class given the numbers situation in that room.  OSU also needs another QB in this class given Miller's injury issues the last 2 years.  They're already short-handed and if Miller's injury pattern continues then it's a real concern.

Comment 02 Jul 2019

I think they're going to take 3 corners in this class.  Ricks is the big name but something of a long shot.  I think new names will emerge in the next month or two.

Comment 30 Jun 2019

Andrew, teams can still back count early enrollees as long as they have spots available in the previous year's 25.  OSU is in great shape in that regard, signing only 17 in the last class and some of those were back counted.

This "25" thing gets people mixed up every year.  The NCAA didn't help by writing the bylaws in a confusing way, but it's crazy to see people misinterpret it.  In any case, OSU's current issue is the "85" not the "25".  I think they can get to 27 in this class.

Comment 30 Jun 2019

Bill is confused on this again (it seems to happen every year).  There was some new NCAA legislation a few years ago intended to eliminate oversigning.  The "25" number was going to be strictly enforced.  But the NCAA never took away the ability to back count early enrollees to the previous year (assuming a team was under 25 the previous year).  OSU has been back-counting early enrollees for years to give themselves a cushion.  Last year they didn't need to (with only 17 signees) but they still back-counted a number of their early enrollees.

So, if the only constraint was the annual limit, OSU could sign over 30 guys this year with early enrollees.  The problem is the 85 limit.  There won't be quite as many early NFL departures this year as we've seen in recent years but adding up the seniors, a few 5th year guys not coming back, a couple of medicals and 2-3 transfers, I think they can get to 27.  They're having so much success, however, that some guys (like, say, Paige) may not have a spot.