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Comment 08 Sep 2020

Sorry Coach Day - no Winter/Spring season please. Start by October 15 or so or bag it. Play an 8 game season with a championship if possible. And, I’d never thought I’d say this, but think about the Big12 - currently  with only 10 members . Nebraska would come along and we’d get games against Texas and Oklahoma every year. Alternatively, go independent?

Comment 10 Aug 2020

I think Fields is a class act but we may not get another season from him due to circumstances. Hope he sticks around for the Spring, which is when I think they’ll play again.  Let’s face it, these kids deserve more than a scholarship and tutors if college football and basketball continue to be such cash cows. I don’t like the idea of players getting to trade on their image only  - it will mean a solid but unknown offensive guard will get almost nothing and the big time wide receiver will be rich by the time he moves on the pros. Would rather see each scholarship player get a flat additional stipend plus an additional kicker for regular starters .

Comment 08 Dec 2019

We absolutely just played the toughest 3 game stretch of any team in the country this year and we won all of them by double digits. That said, the 3 other teams in the playoffs are all better than any of the 3 we just beat. We will have to dig deep and have a little luck too to win it all. If Fields rehabs well and we can get over the bumps and bruises accumulated in the past 3 weeks we have a good shot with our O line, Fields , our receivers, our overall defense and our staff. Really want to get Clemson in the semi - time to beat that program!

Comment 05 Dec 2019

I agree with OnPoint above - it will be closer. I’m thinking lots of quick short passes - they can’t stay with our receivers and getting the ball out quick protects Fields. Please don’t run Dobbins 30 times - he is great but he has to be tired after the last two weeks and the threat of Fields is diminished. Cut it to 20 and let Teague work. On defense, just sell out to stop the run and make them pass. We beat TTUN by not allowing them to run and their QB and receivers are clearly better than Wisconsin’s. 

Comment 24 Nov 2019

Nice to see so much confidence but this game has all of the earmarks of 1969 in Ann Arbor - very highly rated, nearly invincible OSU a year away from destroying TTUN in Columbus cruising to a National Championship. Didn’t happen the way it was supposed to though. I hope someone brings that game to Coach Day’s attention and he uses it this week to get the team ready. Michigan is playing its best of the season right now and we did not look great Saturday. We also have what has to be a tired TB and a QB who is banged up. 

Comment 23 Nov 2019

Three lost fumbles in Ann Arbor and it’s Michigan 35 -21. But that is unlikely to happen two weeks in a row. More concerned about how banged up Dobbins and Fields are after today. Lots of ice and rest this week. And maybe a look back at 1969 - yes, I’m that old and this looks eerily similar.

Comment 01 Sep 2019

Play for more than one and a half quarters next week or rack up first loss to another Ohio team in over one hundred years. One other point: throw the ball and then throw it some more- we have the deepest group of receivers in the country, Fields is a solid passer and will get better; if Cincy’s defense starts getting through let Fields scramble - if he gets hurt he gets hurt. That’s part of the game; however, no designed quarterback runs - that is stupid with only one top QB.  Have to say that the defense looks better, hope the guys who were injured get back for Saturday.

Comment 19 Jul 2019

I say 4 16 team conferences, 10 games 9 in conference and 1 out all games against one of the 64, conference championship, automatic playoff bid for the champion , 16 team playoff with others selected by committee, seeding - 1 plays 16 on 1s home fieldetc , Once down to 8, go to neutral sites. Frankly end Division 1 football everywhere else and if ND does not want to play in a conference - too bad.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

We were losing 1 or 2 regular season games no matter how many QBs we had - too many tough road games to go unscathed. Our defense will be much improved this year . If we get production from Teague and the freshman coming in from Florida at running back , we will be fine but probably more bottom half of the top 10-12 teams in the country. Neither Fields nor Baldwin were going to match Haskins in any event - he really wanted to play at OSU, he took great advantage of the time he was backup to learn and improve, and he had a once every 10 years release. I'm no fan of QB battles going in to the season - it's too unsettling in the locker room. Now Fields can focus on the playbook and his mechanics and the team can rally around him. As someone else commented , there is great value in having a couple of gritty 3 star guys on the roster at QB . I hope we can pick up a guy like that in the portal. Hope Baldwin's decision turns out better than Martel's did for him. Finally, I have great confidence in this coaching staff until they prove me wrong so no point to worry right now.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Unless he turns out to be the second coming of Doug Flutie or Kyler Murray, which seems unlikely, this is not a significant loss (Burrow was a significant loss). I have no animosity about the tweets etc. , after all he is a kid, but it seems to me he got bad advice or no advice.  First, he should have waited to see whether Fields would be eligible (unless he had determined Baldwin would also beat him out). After all, he probably won’t be eligible at another school this year in any event. Second, Miami appears to have 3 scholarship QBs already and while Miami has been inconsistent for a number of years now,there is always talent there, much like the situation at USC. Thus, I see little guarantee he ever starts or remains a starter for the U. There had to be better options with much more certain playing time and this decision seems to me to be knee jerk based on HS teammates and sunshine. As much as I liked Urban’s recruiting and organization and ability to motivate, I am glad we won’t be recruiting 5’10 “ run first QBs in the coming years irrespective of their HS stats (which to some degree were enhanced by playing on a team withich apparently surrounded Martel with a lot of D1/D2 kids at other positions). 

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Ok - my bias is for a pass first QB who is at least  a true 6 ' 1 ". I don't know that I would have recruited this guy. That t said, maybe he is the next Doug Flutie - we just don't know.  Furthermore, Fields did not beat out a QB at Georgia who did not strike me as great based on what I saw of Georgia's s last two games . Georgia has won a lot of games recently so the staff is obviously well above average. They saw Fields practice and they did not give him the nod. Martel is right, the jury is out on Fields but it also is out on Martel because most of his stats came against Rutgers and Rutgers would not have made the MAC championship game. As I've said several times in these comments this year, I've got a feeling we will miss Haskins alot in 2019.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Good decision by Hill and good that he spoke with Chris Carter. If Garret is as good as advertised, we should be as good or better at receiver. Hill and Victor should be motivated with the NFL looming  and Olave and Ma ck are obviously very good.. That said, we need to work with our QBs to work on progressions and scramble as a last resort, even though the two most likely to start are both good runners. That approach and coaching on that approach has historically been lacking here but things look like they will change under the new regime. In fact, don't count Baldwin out for exactly this reason. Time will tell.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Very good win against a legitimate top 10 team. Yes, there was a big letdown offensively after the middle of the third quarter including the bench and play calling. On the other hand, defense was Washington's s strength and our defense also came up with stops when needed after dominating in the first half. I said at the time of selection that ND was the team that didn't belong but I certainly don't think we were better than Oklahoma, Georgia or even Florida or Texas. Lots of parity in that top 10-15  but there are two elite teams and, much as I hate it, they are both in the final. We do really need to go to 5 conference champions, 3 at large, get rid of the 12th game but keep conference championship games and play the first round at the higher seed' field. Our schedule is difficult next year - NW on the road, Nebraska on the road, TTUN on the road, and Wisconsin, Penn State and watch out for Cinncinnati and also Maryland, especially if they get Jalen Hurts and he is able to play immediately. Enjoy the 13 wins because I don't think that's happening next year  and that's no slight on Ryan Day. .

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I have been concerned about the defense as well but if we can keep LJ as assistant head/ d line for at least two more years, we will be fine although I'm ready for a new D coordinator . .Urban has been a great coach as was Tressel in a different way.. If Day approaches their level, we should be a top 10 team for years to come and Day will continue to bring the passing game and the great receivers - the thing that keeps you in every game and something Tressel and Urban didn't always have to offer.

Comment 03 Dec 2018

Watching fairly closely since I was 7 - he is the best QB we have had. We were never out of a game and never would be out of a game with him at QB (he did have some great receivers too). Too bad he will be one and done but who can blame him. Good luck. It's been a great season.

Comment 03 Dec 2018

Never ever underestimate a West Coast team when.you play them on the West Coast. Moreover, Petersen is the coach that put Boise State on the map. Expect a tough game but if motivated and prepared, we should win by 14. As far as the playoffs, they need to be expanded to five major conference champions and three wildcards and the regular season needs to go back to 11 games - that way we could play one out of conference cream puff, one solid to very good out of conference team and 9 Big Ten teams plus a championship game. And let's face it, a couple of the Big Ten games will also be cream puffs in any given year.Finally, as I've said here before, the team that absolutely should not have been in over us is ND.. This will be the rare time I root for Clemson.