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Comment 22 hours ago

Tight end, HB, FB are all interesting.  Would be most fun to watch him with the ball in his hands!

But not if it slows down hid DT moves.  This guy is really good!!

And a hell of a lot of fun to watch!!!

Comment 22 hours ago

And the way Robinson appears to slide out of the way near the end.  No desire to be run over by that really fast moving running back!

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Why do they have they crowd noise so loud that you can't hear the announcers?

Unless of course, they don't want to hear them either.

Comment 15 Sep 2018

That's a shame.  Would expect most young Buckeyes were looking forward to playing in that stadium.

Just focus,work hard and earn your way back.  Practicing hard will help get you back in good graces.  That's if what is reported here is true.

Comment 15 Sep 2018

We need the disclaimer about past performance versus future performance!  

On the we should beat these guys handily bandwagon.  This would give us another win on this date.

Did note the neutral site record though.  See first line!