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Comment 12 Nov 2018

 No question Drue Chrisman was incredible, but to state he nearly did things single handedly is flat wrong.  Without help, those kicks would have gone into the end zone.  Again the kicks were incredible, but so were the gunners.  Credit should never be limited.  Give it to all!

Comment 11 Nov 2018

All were excellent interviews!  Six really bright well spoken young men.  They should make all Buckeyes and especially their families very proud.  Tense, but fun game to watch.  

Aways love seeing the ball downed near the goal line, but can't recall it ever happening so bloom'n often!

That last quarter washed away a great deal of tension!!

Win the next one!!!

Comment 11 Nov 2018

That was impressive!  The punter, the gunners, and the whole Punting Special Team played outstanding.  The odds have to favor defensive scores with that many plays taking place that close to the goal line!!  It sure brought smiles to my face each time.  It looked inversely proportional to Dantonio's sour look!!!

Nah, nobody could look that happy!

Comment 10 Nov 2018

The season is winding down.  Cold windy B1G weather is upon us.  All the marbles, at least theoretically, are on the table.  This is when the single minded man stands up and wills a win.  The Bucks are due!

But don't just win, have some fun doing it.  

Comment 08 Nov 2018

Not so sure about the banana stuff and definitely not the juggling, but man I'm all in on the Guinness.  Pretty sure it's good for all that ales you!  (Ya I know, it's a stout!)

Being a hero is not really something you can claim.  But you were declared one by a Buckeye fan.  How on earth could it then be untrue?

Sorry, it's now your burden to carry!