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Comment 6 hours ago

He would be high on my list!  Hated him twice as much, first for Brown, then for the move!  And that was after I became a Bengals fan!!!

But not all agree!!

A friend and someone I really admire as a professional and as one of the worlds nicest humans is totally irrational about his hate for Irsay!  He hates him with the deepest passion, again for a move!!  But he really likes the Ravens, and presumably Modell!

Comment 6 hours ago

Will 11W report in more depth about how the findings influenced or will influence what happens to the legal action, if any, by the many, many victims?  Or about any legal action against those that looked the other way?  

My thought was that this is where OSU can show itself to be better in the present.  

Comment 6 hours ago

Claiming Beilein to be a better in game coach is not supported by the head to head, unless of course you claim his players were that bad. 

Both Coaches did there respective programs good.

Overall Matta has better numbers, but Beilein had significantly bet final seasons.  

But the story is not over, need to see how bb season plays out for TTUN over the next few.

Comment 17 May 2019

Coach Day has been recruiting Ohio earlier in the year.  Not relying on flipping the Ohio kid last minute it appears. I spoke with a father (a few years ago) that's son was told he would likely get a late offer if at all.  And pretty much told since he was an Ohio boy they knew he would flip.  The father said the son was quite angry over this.  Felt he was just told at best he was a plan B.

The kid did not flip, but did play in the play offs several times!  

Assuming the story was factual, that did feel like something that would upset folks, including folks in the HS coaching community.  

So it's good to hear that practice may be done with, at least to some extent.

To be clear though, I am still a big fan of Coach Meyer!  NPI!!

Comment 14 May 2019

Congrats to Mr Craft!  Guessing he make a decent living playing overseas.  So getting to continue to play bb is great!  Also believe he will find a great job after!!  Or maybe go to grad school and coach?

Comment 13 May 2019

What an insanely wild idea!  Adjust the game plan to emphasize player strengths!!  Just might work!!!

Moving the three point line back might open up the court, but maybe not as much for teams that play zone?  

Probably should be more proud of Thomas than Sawyer.  But!!

Thomas is another in a long, long line of OSU athletes that make their University look good outside of their sport!!!