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Comment 9 hours ago

Thanks Jd.  Interesting read.  Most will play decently in that fairly conservative area.  Not sure about the weed though.  Maybe it will be a wash between the old, that normally vote, and the young that would agree, but normally don't vote.

I am confident DJ would do well in a debate, no matter how good the opposition.  But IIRC, they have more like town hall evenings for questions.  DJ, temper your sense of humor.  But be yourself, even when I've disagreed, you come off as a nice guy.  Make that work!

Comment 10 hours ago

Put a perfect apple in with rotten apples and it too will soon be rotten.  Or at least something like that.  Years ago, my father said this regularly; mostly to his young family about which crowds we ran with.  But much more loudly about politicians!

Comment 10 hours ago

Didn't face those questions in Raleigh either.  Way too many northern transplants for that, which likely did influence making friends.  Our neighbors were generally fairly conservative, but was told a few blocks away it was fairly liberal.  Didn't appear to be an issue either way.  We moved into a new neighborhood and most were transplants which may have also influenced the friend making.  Two houses away was an OSU alum.  Many hours  spent talking football and Woody in the yard, when we were both out to do yard work.  Actually found it easy to make a few friends.  In the early years there, I traveled a lot for work, so that slowed the friend making.  Also seems,to be more transient than the small Ohio town we grew up in.  Was told a similar story about racism by coworkers, but never actually experienced it.  

Comment 10 hours ago

Should have added there are great restaurants in Raleigh too.  Their best easily on a par with Columbus.

Comment 16 hours ago

Echo the above, pretty good list.  Remember several quite well.

Matt, again thanks, really enjoy these!

Comment 16 hours ago

Been there, did that, mid 02 to late 16.  Visits depend on the ages of your families family.  When we moved down, my choice for job change, we said we'd move back after I retired.  Nearly every brother and sister of both my wife and I's said don't do that, we'll move down there instead after the kids graduate.  Avoid these God forsaken winters.  Never happened, kids grew up, got married, to locals for the most part, and had grandbabies.  Grandmas and grandpas don't move away from grandbabies.  

Our family is close on both sides.  Wife and I enjoy family and family fathers.  All of our parents are gone, but the families still get together.  Oh, and we both have many brothers and sisters.  We both missed the gaters.  So after I retired, we came to Ohio frequently, wife wanted to visit with her sisters even more regularly.  The thirteen months before we moved back we made the trip 11 times.

Oh and the eight hours was about 9 for the trip from Troy to Raleigh.  But only back in the early 00s.  Eventually it was closer to 11.5.  Because of concern about staying awake, we drank lots of caffeinated drinks.  (Normally we drink decaf, wife's health issue.). Thus many stops for a pause to MT.  Also the last few years we needed to stop just so we could walk when we wanted to get out of the car.  But if your still young, maybe 30s or so, that won't happen for awhile.

Lot's to say that is good though about NC.  Some few, of the born here folks, do resent the influx, especially of yankees.  But the southern hospitality is real otherwise.  Took a bit to get used to the slower pace.  The southern accent is really good sounding, but your young'ns will pick it up.  Beware of ice, no one knows how to drive in it and that is the problem during winter, not snow.  In nearly fifteen years only had to shovel a few times.  Normally the snow will be gone the next day or even the same day.  But school will be called off for the threat of snow.  They have an incredible OSU alumni get together for games in Raleigh. Not sure about near the coast, but would be worth checking out.  Those damn Buckeyes are everywhere.  

Good luck.

Comment 19 Jul 2018

Recognized many of the names of the early 44s.  Couldn't figure out why.  But the draft table told the tale.  My memory ain't what it used to be, but I think most of them were pretty good.  Wasn't Graf a fairly famous official?

Surprised Mr Boren didn't have more awards.  I remember him as a key cog on offense, then defense.  He deserves some national award for the pose in the picture above.  THE INTIMIDATOR!!!

But LeBeau was spectacular.  

Comment 19 Jul 2018

That says it well.  This was before my time.  So I only knew him as a Lion when I began to follow football.  Was not a fan.  He was too good for the opposing team.  Then I found out he was a Buckeye and he became a favorite.  Been following and admiring him ever since no matter which team he was with.  I agree, he was one of the all time best, especially if you consider full career and impact.

Comment 18 Jul 2018

Archie would be the one chose from any list.  What a fabulous player and human being.  Would also be in the running for nicest person in the world!

Comment 18 Jul 2018

Thanks for your service.  Looks like you took full advantage of the AF education perks.  You should be proud!

Comment 18 Jul 2018

Beans are folks in Lima.  Been a long time since I was there, but don't remember that! 

Comment 18 Jul 2018

Good luck DJ.  Are you a write in candidate?  Can't find your name under the 80th.  Am I missing something?  Will you move back to the district if you win or have you already?  Lived in the 80th for about 28 - 29 years, but no longer, so I can no longer vote there.  Seems like a tough nut to crack in the 80th though.  Now go knock on some doors!

Comment 17 Jul 2018

IIRC you moved out of Miami county recently.  Deserted Piqua for living near Columbus.  How do you plan to work that.  As one who also recently left Miami county, I am curious.  Although in fairness, Imam sure it's not as difficult to leave Piqua as it was to leave Troy!  

Be careful DJ, you will need Troy votes.

Comment 17 Jul 2018

Agree, this is a number with a large number of great players.  All the folks drafted.  

Lived in Troy awhile.  The older folks still can talk about Mr Ferguson.  He was amazing in HS too!

IIRC, Woody worked tirelessly to help him.  There are many stories, mostly only through the rumor mill, about many of the OSU coaches looking after their players post playing career.  That's not something they appear to have done for better publicity.  That under the radar approach also makes you proud to be a Buckeye.

Pay It forward.