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Comment 9 hours ago

Would expect this not to be a significant number of folks.

Would also think this will depend on whether or not classes are in session.  If the virus reappears in the fall, will classes stay in session for the spring!  Let's hope and pray that scenario does not play out.  

On the flip side, if jobs are hard to come by, maybe staying in school, undergrad or grad, ain't a bad idea.  There's pretty solid data to suggest better lifetime earnings with more education.  Haven't paid attention to this for a decade or more, but expect it to be major dependent.

Comment 18 hours ago

 Navy, how about a post addressing how you have interacted with your seniors and what sort of things they expressed.  Unless of course you are uncomfortable divulging because of privacy.  It's really hard to not feel bad for these young folks.  Life is hard and it is not fair.  But it would be nice if we could delay that discovery for them.  

Comment 18 hours ago

Yep, doubt many would have chosen to stay.  And the vast majority aren't on scholarship anyway.  But the news article I think was specific to P5.  But even there, doubt many would return.  

At least this was initially my thought.  But at this point, all of this is many words for only words sake.  And my opinion about the ncaa will not change the future one iota.  But it does allow me rag on follow members!  

Back when I worked, our group spent most of the time we had to talk, arguing.  We even had someone go the bosses boss suggesting we might harm each other.  It's now about 20 - 25 years later and they are still some of my best friends.  BTW, the guy's response was he couldn't be that lucky.  BTW2, this group was considered to be one of the top two or three in the organization.  I was most lucky to work with incredible people.  

Comment 18 hours ago

Thanks for the numbers Navy.  Both above and below.

As I wrote, it would be a small percentage.  My guess it would be only a few from the below.

Men's baseball
Men's and women's golf
Men's and women's tennis
Men's and women's outdoor track and field
Men's volleyball and women's beach volleyball

I certainly agree with the idea and recognize that ncaa employee salaries would not go far. But I never mentioned that as a source.  My comment was just that I did not think those folks would lose.  

As I mention below, I do like to get negative about the ncaa.  I do not respect them.  I think it began with tattoo stuff and then dramatically increased over classes in NC and how the drug stuff was handled in SC.

But the bottom line is I have too much time on my hands early in the morning.

Finally thanks to you and all the others that instead of spouting the inane, give real data.  It is much more interesting too!

Comment 20 hours ago

The NCAA question is only about spring sports.  From DuckDuckGo search:

"Nine sports are offered during the spring season. Of those, five are available to both men and women. The nine sports are:

Men's baseball
Women's softball
Men's and women's golf
Men's and women's lacrosse teams
Women's rowing
Men's and women's tennis
Men's and women's outdoor track and field
Men's volleyball and women's beach volleyball
Women's water polo"

Full-ride athletic scholarships are only available in six college sports:

Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Gymnastics

So pretty sure many of these athletes are not getting full rides even at P5 schools.  So I am curious as to how the $500K - 900K  number was created.

And I admit, I do enjoy making negative comments about the ncaa.  Have ever since tattoo gate and only increase after the stories surfaced about class in NC and doping in SC.

Comment 22 hours ago

Do you actually think the NCAA only employs 10 people.

I was leaning more toward the shared sacrifice we are seeing everywhere.  The organization is supposed to be for the students.

And I agree with most that it is a problem.  But we are seeing large and small organizations working much larger problems.  

For example, wonder if anyone has looked into how many would come back?  Would think a large portion would not.  Some would go pro, but that's not a large percentage, some would want to get on with life and make money.  Would guess that would be a reasonably larger number.

Comment 28 Mar 2020

Oh, BTW, as a retired federal research funding agent, that is, someone that gives grants to universities, Ohio State ranks quite high and easily competes with our rival and not our rival in science and engineering research.  And just like the athletic d partment has an incredibly vast number of majors. 

And as we are seeing in the current events cross collaboration yields impressive results.  

In addition, there are special funds set aside to give to multiple universities, this exact reason.  OSU was frequently sought out to partner in those!  

So my poor humor aside, taxpayers, alumni and fans should all be quite proud!!!

Comment 28 Mar 2020

Mc, it's hard to infer the intent of your post.  Surely you do not mean to imply that using that criteria is somehow not one of the more important criteria.   Granted a very few choices should be based on just a few pieces of information.  But if you have only a few, that would seem an important one.  

That and the quality of their athletic teams anyway!

It's been a really, really long time, but as I recall, The Ohio State University scored very high in both!

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Owned a 78 Rabbit diesel.  Put 150 - 175k miles on and averaged in excess of 50 mpg over it's life!  Don't know much about issues with diesel purchasing, but it did not take long to figure out back then.

Good luck if you go that way.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Oh God, yes!  This conversation took place 15 to 20 years ago.  Apologies for any confusion.  It only had to do with taking ibuprofen, in our cases, it was back pain.  The connection to the current problem was only to deal with the symptoms, not the disease.

Otherwise, thanks for the better explanation for hydrating!

Comment 26 Mar 2020

There is incredible research research being accomplished.  Entities are sharing what otherwise would be protected proprietary work.  While they are looking specifically at the covid19, some of if not all of the results will likely impact virus treatment in general.  This may well be a major upside to this catastrophe!

Research tends to improve the more data there is.  And while limited in some areas, enormous amounts are being collected.

And groups as diverse as scientists and politicians are interacting and collaborating.

All in all, when this is behind us, maybe wide swaths of life might improve!

In the mean time, take care of you and yours.  Be safe.

The Buckeyes will need all of you for fans for ages!

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Have a niece that works in Wexner where kidney replacements are done.  She gave my brothers and brothers in law a long, serious lecture about drinking lots of water when you are taking ibuprofen.  She warned we would be worked on by her boss if we didn't!

Maybe someone with better first hand knowledge could explain this better.

Please be careful.