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Comment 02 Jul 2020

Many of my best friends did not agree with what I am about to write.  But! Tell her everything.  When, not if, you do something stupid, that is, something that she would not approve of or would not like or would disappoint her, tell her before someone else does.  It always worked better for me.  And we've been happily married for more than 52 years!

Be a team.  Be best friends.  It will make you happier than anything else in life.

Another thing, you can't tell her you love her too often.

Congrats on your greatest accomplishment and best wishes to your bride, Taylor!!!!

Comment 22 Jun 2020

The beginning of a new week means another has passed.  And thus we are closer to the next football game!  I realize there are many, many things more important in life, getting married for example, but Buckeye football and all the other sports are a great diversion.  And the way the Buckeyes have preformed brings great joy to our lives. Even marriages are better when the Buckeyes win!

BTW, congrats on the pending wedding and best wishes to the future Mrs. Harris.  

Comment 21 Jun 2020

That would be a great name for a restaurant!

Comment 19 Jun 2020

Have a great weekend all fathers!  Most likely that is our greatest accomplishments.  To be exceptional, we even passed on our Buckeye fandom in our genetic mix!!  But then again, these days it's very iseasy to be a fan.  And given the recruiting trends, it will at worst remain that way.  But likely only get easier!  

Happy Father's Day!!!