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Comment 16 hours ago

It's going to happen, rain or shine, it's going to happen!  In four days, it's going to happen!!

It's also too early to be up, but this close to the first game day, it's already got the excitement level cranked making falling back to sleep difficult.  The trials and tribulations of fandom are many!

Can't imagine how excited the players and coachs are!!

Go Bucks!

Comment 19 Oct 2020

I am not expert enough to provide a definitive answer.

But lack of knowledge rarely stops someone from posting on the internet.  So here goes!

It's not clear whether by "some tests" you mean tests for the virus or tests for the antigen.  The latter was my first inference because you mention "time to respond".  Which I interpreted as time for the antigen to multiply to a level of threshold above which could be measured, that is, the test's resolution limit. Implicit in this of course is that the person was not only exposed, but also contracted the virus in a low enough quantity that it did not immediately elicit a response.

In either case though, what's to be measured may be of insufficient quantity to be "seen" by the test.  And in both cases there might be a time to grow more of the virus or more of the antigens to large enough quantities to be measurable.

But once again, I think I raise more questions than I answer!!!

Comment 19 Oct 2020

This post was triggered by what I read above.  But it is really a response to the nonsense I hear and see in the news!

It appears that sensitivity, or better described as test resolution, is not well understood.  In my research world the positive - negative issue meant there was enough to be measured, but the answer was wrong.  Not that there was too little to measure.  This meant nothing more than the resolution was not good enough, not that the test was inaccurate.

My worry is that after three quarters of a year, we still do not know what quantity of the virus it takes to make one sick!  Knowing this value, most likely to be a range of values because humans are not identical, would define the resolution necessary to give the accuracy required for accurate measurements.

In fairness, little if any correct science and engineering is ever accomplished in three quarters of a year.  The progress to date is amazing on many levels, from many perspectives, and for the future across the waterfront of all research.  These people are doing an amazing job.

Comment 17 Oct 2020

Anything with Jonathon Winters ended too quickly!


Rawhide with Rowdy Yates

Dean Martin with the ladies - Steeb Hall basement was always overflowing when that was broadcast on that twenty something inch tv!!!  A must was a Quizno (may be spelled wrong) Italian sub and a qt of coke ( had to study after)

Hell on Wheels


Comment 12 Oct 2020

I was on the right track last week about a hoped for ending to the red river game!


"First I want to make clear I want no one to be hurt!

How about an infinite number of overtime periods before really, really bad weather hits and forces the game to be stopped when the tie still exits?  This is one way they could both score into the 100s.  Then make it impossible to  finish the game, ever.  

It would go into the records as no one won.  

To make it better, the powers that be declare a tie for the record books before the season closes."


Oh well, 4 is not that close to infinite and it was not my hoped for tie, but my hope they both looked terrible pretty much happened!

Trying to keep my confidence up that the Buckeyes won't look like most college football has so far this season!!

Go Bucks, show them how it's supposed to look!!!!

Comment 09 Oct 2020

Two weeks and one day and many of us will already be wide awake waiting until noon.  Folks it's getting closer.  The Buckeyes are again loaded.  It will be fun to watch it all play out.  

May everyone stay safe, the team and fans.  We won't be in the stands, but we will be making noise all over the state, the country, and even the world. GO BUCKS!!!!!