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Comment 07 Sep 2019

Like many, maybe most, Buckeye fans, I was and am a big Luke Fickle fan.  Hope he does well today, but that the Buckeyes play as unvanilla defense as necessary, and play the whole game like they did the first four drives last week!!!

Then hope UC and Coach Fickle smoke every other team they play this year.  But also that there never is a day, at least in my lifetime, that an Ohio team beats the football Buckeyes!

Go Bucks!

Comment 07 Sep 2019

Everyone, please stop saying/writing that OSU scored 28 in the first quarter.  Obviously they did, but it was the the first four drives which each averaged only a bit more than two minutes!!!  IIRC, there were six minutes and fifty seconds left on the clock when they kicked off after the fourth TD.  While they did score 28 in the quarter, it did not take a full quarter.  Seems like under stating the fabulous and incredible start to the game!!!  And season and new quarterback career, .........

Comment 02 Sep 2019

I'd argue that it was only a vocal minority was making a lot of noise.  But the vast majority recognized all he has accomplished at all levels at OSU and the situation with its inherent constraints that he was pushed into.  Or at the very least I hope that's the case.  For sure the negative nelly's on 11W don't represent the folks I know and speak with!

Edit, it occurred to me, after ready GB's post, maybe many of the young'ns don't know his history, so that makes it a different story too.

Comment 02 Sep 2019

The regular season starts with a national holiday two days after the first game and ends with one two days before the last.

Not sure why that occurred to me.  

Enjoy the holiday doing as little work as possible.  

God bless those that serve, those that are working today, and all of our Buckeye athletes!  May they all be safe and remain healthy!!

Go Bucks!!!

Comment 31 Aug 2019

I will be there with my beautiful wife.  We are old, and my wife has hip issues and can not stand for long periods!  She does still jump up for touchdowns, turnovers (not OSU's), or any good play.  And for the last fifty years of our adult lives she makes as much noise as any fan at any of the likely thousands of games we've attended (three sons that played most sports).  But while I haven't asked anyone in front of us to sit (at least not that I can remember), that's not an issue.  We have first row seats in C!!!  Thank you God for the elevators!!

Apologies, just had to brag a little!  Both about our seats and my humongous win in the wife contest!