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Comment 09 Apr 2019

I don't get it. Virginia lost to a 16 seed and then won it all with the same coach. Saying this guy can't coach is disingenuous at best. Saying he won't get them to the sweet 16 is a guess based on conjecture of bias. I for one think this guy can coach and recruit. We shall see where they are in 3 years.   

Comment 31 Mar 2019

Lacrosse. B29 has been updating this all season and has done a hell of a job. I don't watch any of it but because of B29 I know a lot about this years squad. Entertaining and appreciated to and by some of us here.

Comment 30 Mar 2019

An example. This is what he will be for years to come. It is a shame that this man who had the wherewithal to get his degree has made the choice to participate in the poisoning of other people. Real life Wednesdays may have never hit home with him because he knew that he was going to the league. Now, he is the next example of what happens when plan A don't happen. Shame to see this type of shit again.