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Comment 19 hours ago

Interesting story on the walk on kicker. He is a 45 year old ex-newcaster from San Diego. In an unprecedented move He was granted an extra year of college eligibility from the NCAA. He had half of his kicking foot chewed off by a band of phirana's two years ago while he was skinny dipping in a fountain at Mike Tyson's house. He said that was the break of his life as he made his foot stronger then ever by kicking 6 inch blocks of concrete every day for two years to callus up the stump. The by product of that rehab is his bionic foot. He 100 percent guarantees great kicks 60 percent of the time.

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Men at Work indeed:

Send out the e-mails right away
The rebels web must be spun
Tell us chancelor, is it money time?
If it is can we get some
Don't think that we don't know
Don't think that we're not trying
Don't think we move too slow
It's no use for any crying
It's Ole Misstake, it's Ole Misstake
It's Ole Misstake, it's Ole Misstake

Comment 20 Mar 2020

Historically speaking the first edition of known magazines, books, comics ect. Are the most valuable. Some editions with celebs or that are autographed by well known celebs may be more valuable but condition and the number of editions also play a part in value. As we get older, most magazines become worthless. This is because most folks who knew who was who are dead. Complete collections have value as well. To sum it up, if you save these mags for say 100 years they may gain in value because there will be less issues to be found. In investing in Antiques the rule is research and buy what you like. If you get stuck, you get stuck with something you like.

Comment 16 Mar 2020

The Plaza restaurant, Cambridge Ohio. No longer in existence.  The herbs of Rosemary, Thyme, salt and pepper with real chopped garlic and butter. Crusted top and served with baked potato that was rolled in oil and salted with some salt dust. Medium Rare. All were about an inch thick. Cooked 7 minutes each side. I can honestly say that beef in Ohio is far superior to any I have ever had anywhere. Potatoes when done right are simply awesome. Trick is to cut a slit in the middle of them 20 minutes prior to taking them from the heat. 

Comment 15 Mar 2020

Glen Scobey Warner was a player and coach at Cornell and was named a captain in 1894 of the Cornell team. He actually was the head coach at Cornell 1897-98 and left to coach at Carlisle where he was 1-1 against his Alma matter in his first stint at Carlisle then back to Cornell then back to Carlisle where he coached arguably the athlete of the century Jim Thorpe. You may better know this coach/traitor as Pop Warner. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

Looking for lead time. This will be a humongous task on all of this country to basically shut down for 2 weeks (Spanish Flu 1918 St. Louis playbook) while keeping the country afloat. One would believe that as with the fluid decisions with sports that this decision will be reconsidered once more info comes in over the next few days. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

I am convinced that this years tourney will be cancelled. Need over want will make this necessary. Travel from place to place will be the deciding factor and the incubation of this virus in people is what will dictate the final call. It is sad but this decision is a no brainer. As it stands in the NBA. 1 player in 450 has the virus. Need over want is reasonable.