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Comment 4 hours ago
You are so right. "Every. Single. Year. they say something incredibly stupid and every single year they find a way to compound it by underperforming on the field," Apart from the theory of relativity Einstein's "insanity is doing the same mistakes and expecting different results" was the most brilliant thing he ever said. Just goes to show that not only is Harbaugh crazy, but so are his players.
Comment 18 Jul 2019

Keep in mind that people do change.  The person you know right now might be completely different in 10 years and might not be the person you would necessarily choose.  It takes work and commitment to keep with it and still choose to love that person despite that inevitable change.

How true. I'm sure you have heard the saying "Men go into a marriage thinking the woman will never change and the woman goes into the marriage thinking she can change the man" Reality sets in and the marriage dissolves. 

Comment 11 Jul 2019
Birm just stated that the 25 recruits may not be a hard count. "According to one source 'It’s complicated.' But just know that the hard cap of 25 appears to no longer be an issue"
Comment 07 Jul 2019
So now we've gone from bashing 3 star recruits to bashing former players?
Comment 28 Jun 2019
If the player's coaches want to gain the respect of the teams recruiting their player they are going to be fairly up front with the coaches. They may embellish some, but the truth will eventially come out. You can only fake those traits for so long.
Comment 28 Jun 2019
I did read somewhere that Ohio State is recruiting a more athletic offensive line. That makes sense to me. It makes for a more plug and play type of line.
Comment 28 Jun 2019
I don't totally buy into it. How many National Championships does Penn State have? Baylor? The Browns had a GM that was an analytic guy. Where did that get the Browns? Yeah, 1-32. Although very important, it's not the end all for recruiting. It may help improve your team, but things like heart, toughness, character and competitiveness are just as important and you cant put a tape measure those things.
Comment 27 Jun 2019

I agree. For some odd reason, I could care less if they won in baseball or not. I'm just not interested, but will give them credit for the run they had.