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Comment 15 Nov 2019

One I enjoy, but mostly only as it pertains to OSU, is Michigan Podcast with Stephen Deace. He's very level headed and yet hates MSU and the Buckeyes. I haven't found any take he has on the Chase Young situation. I wish I knew what he had to say.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Of course he is going to say that stuff. He has to face them again in two or three weeks. Put yourself in Mayfield's position think about that for a second.  You'll have nightmares hours before your head hits your pillow. To be exact, about 5 seconds before the game ended

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Maybe Rudolph was apologizing and politely asking for his helmet back.  And maybe Myles was trying to hand it to him, but the other player was in his way. Not. He came at Myles with evil intents and Myles' response was inappropriate. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

That clip didn't show the whole incident close up. I'm not justifying what Garrett did, but it doesn't show Rudolph trying to rip Garrett's helmet off.  It would've ended there, but no, Rudolph continues to come at Garrett after Myles ripped his helmet off. Nor does it show a lineman trying to suffocate Garrett and Pouncey punching and kicking him while the olineman was on top of him. Rudolph and Pouncey are both punks and need to be suspended for their actions.      

Comment 13 Nov 2019
By having Clemson, Georgia and Alabama all within reach of the playoffs, in spite of their records and SOS, shows that they are enamored with "passing the eye test', which I think is in part due to their recruiting classes.
Comment 11 Nov 2019

Do you know where they ranked last year? I'd like to see how much improvement they've made so it would be interesting to compare the two.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I agree with you 100%. They will not fire the most winningest coach in MSU history. He may 'retire' though or at minimum, let his O staff go.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

However their defense is suspect

Their defense is suspect? They just gave up 41 points to a team with a lame quarterback. They also gave up 38 points to Vanderbilt, 38 to Texas and 28 to Florida. There is no question their defense has been exposed. 

Comment 06 Nov 2019

I keep thinking of that play against Wisconsin when Fields tucked the ball, and ran right.  After everyone 'converged' on him he passed it over their heads to a wide open receiver. With our team speed, by the time the other players get there, the play will be  over. Sounds like a plan to me.

Comment 05 Nov 2019
When we lived in Howland, we followed YSU very closely and went to most home games. Naturally we were over the moon when he went to OSU but wondered how his conservative game would play out. I do remember having to calm down friends that didn't follow YSU, but were OSU fans especially when he would go into a shell once he got the lead. It always amazed me how he could turn his team's intensity off and on as needed. We knew he would be great, but even we were surprised at how great he ended up being.