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Comment 08 Sep 2020

This a post on bucknuts thread so take it for what its worth,

This is a CLASSIC friend of a friend post. So stop reading if you don’t like those.

But I have a friend who is friends with a players family who has been very vocal about this whole process.

Final decision should come down on Wednesday.

8 game season with a bye. Starting October 17.

They have no idea if this will pass, but they feel REALLY good about it.

TIFWIW, but that’s what the feeling is from the players apparently.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

I don't mind him not being a homer. I actually prefer it. But the reasoning he has been using all year is really bad. OSU now has 4 ranked wins to LSU 3, OSU margin of victory in those wins are higher than LSU's, all 3 of non-conferences wins are playing in their conference championships, and OSU better than LSU in nearly every statistical category on offense and defense + the eye test. I mean, to not have OSU #1 at this point is ridiculous. I'm glad he isn't on the playoff committee.