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Comment 14 Jan 2018

"Idle hands are the devil’s work."--WHAT???

Seldom have I witnessed a more through destruction of a time honored adage. So my vacation time is the work of The Devil?!!! 

The content of your post has merit, but consider the young folks who'll think the misquote was the author's original intent. 

Comment 09 Jan 2018

No, Urban screwed up by not playing aggressive dominant offensive football in the 2 games that would be uppermost in the eyes of the playoff committee, vs Michigan and Wisconsin. We showed  in the first half of both games that had superior firepower to those teams. Had we hung 40 or more points on those teams and appeared dominant, as we did back in '14 despite Va. Tech, Alabama would likely have not been selected with less wins over ranked teams and no league championship like we had.

We embarrassed the committee last year so they needed strong evidence of the Buckeyes peaking at playoff time; so we go and make two potential blowouts look like close games and in the process cast our vote for Bama.  Catch a replay of the win over Southern Cal and you'll see our run game shut down by a good defense aided by predictable playcalling--the same pattern of dive play, dive play, 3rd and 8 or 9. I'd love to see more of the clever plays that I saw against us when Kevin Wilson coached Indiana and less of the predictable calls that lost vs Michigan State with Braxton and Hyde and were quite evident in 2 Clemson embarrassments since then.   

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Skip figured out a way to get on the highly sought after 11W forum topic list--dilly dilly!! 

IMO Saban should send Urban and Shelly on a paid vacation to The South of France as a token of his thanks for the NC trophy Urban gave him. Had Meyer had the cahones to do what Nick did last night and put his passing QB into the last 2 games, that could have been our NC trophy. Instead we played half a game on offense and shut it down in the 2nd half of each game (Michigan / Wisconsin), in a fine display of the vaunted Tressell ball, play-not-to-lose strategy.  My apologies to the neighbors that watch Urban walk across his swimming pool every morning and the many OSU fans that think that's possible, but I came up in the Woody Hayes era and can't stand the thought of cowardly coaching costing us a shot at the championship.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

The Same Stale Stagnant Predictable Pedestrian Playcalling that put us into the Cotton Ball; emerges once more in a big game and to blame JT (who's never been touted as a passer)  for anything other than excelling in spite of the Urban Blight Offense, is an injustice that might prompt Colin Kaepernick to not only kneel but possibly pray for your mercy on Barrett while he's down there. 

The last time we played USC had me calling for an end to Tresselball at OSU. To see the philosophy rear it's head again with kids like McLauren, Dixon, Victor, Campbell etc. basically watching as 2 yard dive plays up the gut lead to third and eternity is unbearable. Urban needs to spend time talking to coach Cooper about how to coach coaches, and then let his OCs earn their keep.   

Comment 20 Dec 2017

It would be great to see Wilson's offense replace Meyer's stagnant predictability in big games; especially with a really good passer taking the snaps and being coached up by Day.  It would also be great to see a Martell package used on several series per game.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

JT is a QB for sure . . . an Urban Meyer QB. That translates to being basically a RB that takes snaps and throws on occasion. Alex Smith and Cardale are the notable exceptions to the rule that has  Tebow, Braxton, and now JT as QBs whose NFL potential and skill sets were never developed in college.  Chris Leak was a good passer, highly rated coming out of HS, whose confidence eroded to near zero as he was overshadowed by the all america FB that was Tim Tebow. I for one am not afraid to speak the blasphemous truth, that Coach Meyer gave Coach Saban the early Xmas gift of a shot at yet another National Championship game, by not preparing the team for Iowa and by . . . Hi Woody!! . . . sure coach, . . . uh, take care now . . . pardon the interruption folks, that was Woody Hayes on the line asking if someone would get his playbook back. The one that Urban borrowed at half time on Saturday night. Sorry Buckeroos, but I can't hold back the feeling of disgust that I felt as we played Tresselball, while the kid who produced 17 points that decided "The Game" only a week before, was ignored at a time when style points were the only hope we had of overcoming the Iowa debacle; in which we were not only outplayed, but severely out coached. We needed 3 to 4 second half TDs to show dominance but got 2 FGs instead.     

Comment 24 Nov 2017

You might have a point, but Giddins came in # 10 at center, and the guards apparently fooled the guys who rank players too, since both were top 20 nationally at their positions as well. IMO it's been hard to assess talent in this environment since our last two 5 stars before Russell (S. Scott and A. Williams) showed little to no growth as players after 4 years under the previous coaching staff.

Comment 24 Nov 2017

From what I've seen, Potter would have made very little difference in the final outcome against the Zags. What was clear to me is the long-term effects of losing an entire recruiting class of very skilled and athletic players, since we were dreadfully undermanned against a top tier team . I did like the fight and the hustle we showed, but was again reminded that KBD is a good complimentary player, who's being forced into being the "go to" guy. Mitchell, Giddens, Harris, Grandstaff and even Dave Bell would have been difference makers last night and throughout this season. Jallow is the only other player I see that mirrors Tates attitude, and I'm hoping someone else emerges as the season plays out--GO BUCKS!!!!   

Comment 09 Nov 2017

Nice digs . . . Pretty cool way to honor a guy who initially wasn't allowed dorm privileges as a student-athlete. Lived on Oak St. on the East side of Columbus.

Comment 04 Nov 2017

More like the 6.4 million dollar question--LOL!!  But the  4th int by JT should be placed squarely at the feet of Meyer, because IMO, Haskins or Burrow should have been in by that time. Barret's psyche is pretty fragile after 5 years of dealing with the "fans" in Columbus, where completely rewriting the record book in every important QB category is not nearly good enough to be considered the best ever, or even a good QB at all by many

. My thought is that Urbs should have brought in one of the backups after the 3rd pick--if only for a series or two so JT could de-stress a bit.     

Comment 03 Nov 2017

Oh, . . . so it was Smith who had the team (not just JT) totally unprepared for Oklahoma?   We were given the # 2 spot out of the gate (despite the 31-0 bowl embarrassment), and needed only to play up to our potential to maintain it!  The silver lining is that Urban got enough fan / alumni heat to step out of Wilson's way and relinquish his death grip on the 15 year old offense that bamboozled Tressel in Troy Smith's last game at OSU. Idiot?!!--list the OSU ADs who have generated more success across the board than Gene Smith has.

Comment 18 Oct 2017

IMO, the main reason for the offense's uptick has been Urban stepping back and allowing Wilson and Day to upgrade the passing game scheme and the QB. My conclusions are based on seeing  much better play design that I haven't seen us use before and JT seems to be passing somewhat ahead of, rather than just behind breaking receivers, which hadn't happened until Oklahoma confirmed what we all saw Clemson do against an offense that had become passe and quite predictable vs big-boy opponents. Kudos to coach Meyer for remembering why he hired Wilson & Day and to JT for making all the above, look like geniuses!


Comment 15 Oct 2017

JT is as good as the playcalls he receives, as evidenced by his marked improvement over the last few games (since coaches Wilson's & Day have been allowed to use their pass plays). The level of opponent doesn't change the fact that JT has actually thrown a few guys open, tight ends have been utillized more than I can remember, and we're learning to exert dominance at just the right time--and we need to dominate after our Clemson meltdown!!