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Comment 01 Nov 2019

" . . .  I feel we limit his potential rushing production in particular . . . "

IMO, Fields is quite fortunate to have avoided playing QB (aka.- RB with passing priveledges), under Meyer. He'd likely have had a leg and / or shoulder injury after 8 games, and 100 or more rushing attempts. Fields has done an excellent job of following-up and confirming the stereotype-smashing performance that earned Haskins a first round NFL Draft opportunity after last season. I'm happy for both the team and the young man, that Fields will be here for at least 1 more year of QB training and prep under coach Day before testing the choppy NFL waters. Given the defensive about-face from last year, we have a realistic chance at back to back National Championships with Fields at QB!!   

Comment 28 Oct 2019

They left with not only their tails between their legs, I'm pretty sure i saw Haskins' foot up in there as well!!!

Comment 04 Oct 2019

Last Sunday the Cleveland Browns won a key divisional game that was, in practical reality, the bonus 4 quarters of the Rams game from the week before, in which the Browns young team was affirmed by taking a Super Bowl caliber opponent down to the wire before losing. IMO, the Rams game won the Ravens game by planting the seeds of a championship mindset into Browns players. By the same token the 1/2 dozen games Holtzman scheduled against perennial power teams accomplish wonders in terms of preparing young teams to not become "star-struck" when the Big Dance pits them against top ten programs, with everything on the line. The Izzo-like schedule is far more important to the mental development of our young Bucks, than you sound prepared to acknowledge, based on the tone of your comments.  

Comment 27 Sep 2019

BTW Pastor, I'm hoping that your speculations are spot on, since what I've been able to glean from clips of Gaffney, Liddell, Carton  and Diallo added to the skillsets of Kaleb W, Young, Ahrens, Washington and the other returning players, should make Buckeye hoops more fun to watch than anything we've seen since D Russell graced the Schott. 

Comment 24 Sep 2019

You almost sound like Urban invented OSU Football which couldn't be further  from the truth. Meyer perfected a gene-splicing formula that married Woody's 3-and-a-cloud with the whorish spread offense to produce a hybrid that spelled success for nearly 2 decades. He also nearly destroyed the QB position, and the professional career potential of the young men he recruited to play quarterback by insisting that it be played by fullbacks who could pass the ball--sort of.

Now, I realize that I've put myself into more crosshairs than a jackrabbit, with an afro at an NRA cookout; but please allow me to call a few witnesses to substantiate my case, such as Chris Leak and Tim Tebow, or maybe Braxton Miller and JT Barrett could help convince Urban's scarlet and gray worship team that  the man they've anointed as Pigskin Messiah, has quite an impressive list of sacrificial lambs, all of whom were passers who got passed over rather than deemed elect by Pope Goodell and the NFL.

In fact, Urban's Utah QB Alex Smith was the only  Meyerite deemed worthy of play for pay until the lowly inherited 3rd string anti-scholar Cardale Jones blessed the Horseshoe Congregation and then followed the 4.4 prophet Ezekiel right through the Pearly Gates to Saint  (San) Diego, by way of Buffalo  (the 7th heaven of pro football). So don't cry for HE Argentina, because The Urb gaveth and The Urb tooketh away (especially against Sparty, Iowa, Purdue and the evil count Dabbo, twice!!). Meyer indeed worked his program changer magic, made us all forget just how Fickell  big-time college football can be, hired and dismissed his entire wedding party as coaches and rode off into the TV Land sunset, taking with him, the hearts, souls, trophies and dreams of MeatChickens (and their fans) everywhere. 

Now can I get a' Amen? 

Comment 24 Sep 2019

You-n-C deck are some sho-nuff grown folks!!!--but I admit that my first OSU RB heroes were Tom Campana, John Brockington and Leo Hayden!

Shout of encouragement to Carlos Snow, who remains a favorite for whom I'm elated to see that he's still got enough in the tank to break the tackle of homelessness and dive into the endzone of a better life.

Comment 24 Sep 2019

I see listed comparisons to LeDee, Dials, Wesson, Thomas etc. but the guy I'm seein in him is Dallas Lauderdale, from his height to his 7' reach and low post skillset. Winning teams consist of more than stars and from what I see Zed might well be a down low banger who  becomes a B1G caliber PF, which we haven't had around these parts in a while. Now . . . If strength and conditioning can replace the 10lbs of kiddie-fat he lost with 15lbs of muscle, who knows what kind of rebound and defense guy he could be for scarlet and grey hoops over the next 4 to 5 years.

--Welcome to your new home "Z"!   

Comment 18 Sep 2019

At the very least, it's a chance to compete and possibly make a team that's trending upward for the forseeable future. 

Comment 06 Sep 2019

My (biased) natural instincts want to compare Haskins' rookie situation to last season's Baker Mayfield drama in Cleveland, and although I've tried my best to rationalize around it, there's one major difference that I can't seem to escape. While Dwayne had the greatest season as a passer in TOSU history, his time as an actual D1 starting QB can't compare to Mayfield's. As much as I'd like to see Haskins as the Redskins day-one starter, I'd hate to see his confidence and growth potential thwarted by being tossed directly into the lion's den without a little more seasoning ( please overlook the obvious pun value--LOL!). IMO Keenum is a cut above Tyrod Taylor as a starter, but still he's nowhere near the career potential of Haskins, so I must begrudgingly agree that patience is the better part of valor insofar as not giving Haskin's the keys to the franchise too early. So, in keeping with the Lion King tradition, it's best to let Simba simmer a while longer before crowning him to be Mufasa (James Earl Jones) in the current Redskins drama.  

Comment 27 Aug 2019

I've known about him as an all time great Buckeye receiver, but I've always wondered if he was the Wendt from the Wendt-Bristol pharmacy in downtown Columbus, from many years ago?