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Comment 06 Sep 2019

My (biased) natural instincts want to compare Haskins' rookie situation to last season's Baker Mayfield drama in Cleveland, and although I've tried my best to rationalize around it, there's one major difference that I can't seem to escape. While Dwayne had the greatest season as a passer in TOSU history, his time as an actual D1 starting QB can't compare to Mayfield's. As much as I'd like to see Haskins as the Redskins day-one starter, I'd hate to see his confidence and growth potential thwarted by being tossed directly into the lion's den without a little more seasoning ( please overlook the obvious pun value--LOL!). IMO Keenum is a cut above Tyrod Taylor as a starter, but still he's nowhere near the career potential of Haskins, so I must begrudgingly agree that patience is the better part of valor insofar as not giving Haskin's the keys to the franchise too early. So, in keeping with the Lion King tradition, it's best to let Simba simmer a while longer before crowning him to be Mufasa (James Earl Jones) in the current Redskins drama.  

Comment 27 Aug 2019

I've known about him as an all time great Buckeye receiver, but I've always wondered if he was the Wendt from the Wendt-Bristol pharmacy in downtown Columbus, from many years ago? 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

I thank you for the enlightenment on the subject of dick sense, wherein you seem to be quite the expert. But as one who's played and coached the game, what the hell I'm saying may not make sense to one so expert, since dick sense is doubtless the native tongue of a dick head. A language in which you are proudly quite fluent. But as one who has been around long enough to have seen the Cleveland Browns last NFL championship game (verses the Baltimore Colts) in person, i'd venture to guess that I've wiped and flushed more football knowledge than you're equipped to absorb at this point in your life. Millennial culture has left many of today's young athletes emotionally fragile, which may well be the case with a supremely talented QB who didn't believe he could unseat Mr Fromm @ GA, who looks much like a future NFL journeyman to me; but he was apparently enough to send young Justin scrambling for the transfer portal. Please forgive me IBLEED, for rambling on like us old fogies tend to do, because your name alone says that we're brothers in the fraternal order of Buckeye Fanatics that make this site what it is, so without further ado I'll just say--GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Day has certainly done some good stuff for sure, but one thing I question is, how a QB who's earned all the accolades that Fields has suddenly can't take control of a competition with kids that aren't in the same stratosphere in terms of overall QB skillset. It sort of makes me think that coach Day is going a bit too far and running the risk of stunting the growth of a thoroughbred with great arm talent and 4.4 speed due to an inability (or unwillingness) to adjust his scheme to fit the kid. Urban Meyer is indeed a tough act to follow, and IMO it might serve everyone's best interest to wisely simplify rather than risk blowing a possible shot at a National Championship. 

Comment 03 Aug 2019

Lift up thy rose colored lenses, to more clearly see that the game has moved beyond the RPO (only) QBs that Meyer wowed us all with from back in '06 to Jones / Haskins. Aside from his obvious health concerns, and recent inability to actually watch the games from the sidelines (which wasn't a good look for recruiting purposes), coach Meyer's time of optimal effectiveness at OSU had pretty much run its course.  And as for presidents who should be ashamed of themselves, do you really think that Drake's the leading candidate???  

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Shame that we don't have a camp for people who need to practice sounding like OSU fans--now, take a lap!!

Comment 27 Jul 2019

I'd love to see coach McGuff recruit and hire local coach Will McKinney, whose Columbus Africentric High School girls program is easily the best coached in Ohio, and is long overdue for a shot at transforming an OSU squad that's consistently under performed since Tara VanDerveere left for Stanford, considering the talent we've had.