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Comment 24 May 2019

Side note to bailing on the Purdue dumpster fire: On Monday, I found out that an acquaintance from a past job passed away that Saturday. 94 years old, WWII vet, lifelong Buckeye fan. When my buddy told me, my reaction was "I hope he checked out before that Purdue shitshow."

Comment 24 May 2019

Purdue 2018. I decided that since I only get two evenings off per week, I wasn't going to spend one of them making myself miserable over a piss-poor performance. Middle of the 3rd quarter, me and the gf met up with another couple and I got thoroughly obliterated.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Wow, never heard that about Bellotti. I was actually rooting for him to get the job. Exhibit #325,728 of "Shows you what I know."

Comment 11 Mar 2019

GIFs are cool and all, but I'm not gonna make the effort to post one when I can say the same thing with typed words.

Comment 24 Feb 2019

Man that one still sticks in my craw. Reds were up 2-0, then lost game 3 and they were saying the atmosphere in the locker room was "like a funeral." I'm pissed because there wasn't one guy who stood up and said "Hey, we're still up 2-1, let's go finish this!" I'm hopeful for this season though. They might not win the division, but they'll at least be better and more fun.

Comment 02 Feb 2019

If Kalis doesn't leave, does Elflein become a Buckeye? I like to think "yes", but at the time it seemed like settling. Shows you what I know!

Comment 29 Jan 2019

UV to counter the DV. I'm a Gen Xer, and remember getting participation trophies, but it's not like we thought they were the same as a first-place trophy, and we also didn't display them prominently or run around bragging about them. Hell, I think I just tossed them in a shoe box in the closet. The whole thing is just a convenient crutch to point at and say "this is where society has gone wrong." Lazy thinking.

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Reds games just won't be the same. I'm 46 and don't yet know a world in which Marty will not be calling the games.