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Comment 02 Sep 2019
In my opinion. The Buckeyes are going to whip them pretty soundly. I think they win by 21 atleast. Cinci looked ok against UCLA. Their defense isnt all that solid. Their QB has a quick release but thats about it. They dont quit either which is a great trait to have as a team as well. But the talent gap is going to stand out big time this game. I think FAU is a more talented team if you compare the two. Just for the simple fact that the players they have are all mainly from florida. Which means they have good team speed.
Comment 10 Jan 2019
Agreed. He's running scared now. His feelings got hurt because fields responded by liking his sisters pics. Well young man, if you hadn't started this shit in the first place. You wouldn't be in this predicament. Now run on back to your Daddy so he can coddle you some more. Ohio st is no place for drama or coddling.
Comment 10 Jan 2019
Tates destination is wherever his uncompetitive ass wants to go. He started this shit with his mouth and twitter... it's his own fault. Personally I'm ticked off and let down at his response to enter the portal. Just don't write a check your ass cant cash TATE!
Comment 29 Dec 2018
I would not be cool with that. Please Coach Day.. for the love of buckeye nation.. keep the smash mouth aspect to our offense with a nasty run game!!! I thought the offense looked great this yr but just needed a tad more balance as far as running the ball goes. This guy has an air raid offense at Ok st. We don't want that here guys.... do you??!
Comment 14 Dec 2018
I really don't understand why this site constantly downplays Tuf Borland. He's a freaking middle linebacker lol of course he's not that fast. Chris Borland wasn't fast either but he was all pro. James Laurinaitis was slow too and guess what? He was all pro too.. Zach Thomas anyone? Also all pro and not the fastest. I think Tuf is a hell of a football player and his stats would be alot bigger if ohio st didn't take him off the field so much. We play nickel wayyy too much.
Comment 19 Nov 2018
I'm doubtful myself. It all depends on Schiano. What kind of bullshit gameplan he comes out with better work or else it's gonna be a long saturday. Shea Patterson is no joke. Kid can play. It's obvious that the bucks can't pressure the passer very well without bringing a few lbs on a blitz. But it has bit us in the ass countless times. Time to move on Urban... fire the man already. Whatever happened to playing zone defense.