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Comment 9 hours ago
It seems AAU status is a critical factor. Although both teams don't quite fit the Big Ten mold. However, I am learning to think of them as Big Ten teams. It is unfortunate they are not great at football, but I can remember about 4 years ago Purdue being accused of accepting BIG money and doing nothing but being a garbage team... and a few years later we are upset. Some teams aren't good. Those teams change. Last year NW won the west, this year they are bad. Things change RU and MD will get better. I'm fine with their addition. Every conference has bottom feeders. We are blessed to be a top tier program, and I appreciate all the teams in the BIG and wish all but one well. On another note. I would love to see the practice of relegation employed in the NCAA. That has been brought up before. I love that idea. I'm not entirely sure how it would work best, but think it would be fun to see it in action.
Comment 06 Nov 2019
I like this observation. I had not considered it until I read it here. Regular season games that are big time. Going to be a fun stretch run. Go Bucks!
Comment 03 Nov 2019
This is how I think it SHOULD be. LSU, has nice wins. OSU decent schedule, margin of victory, passed weird eye test criteria, Bama cause Bama, PSU over Clemson because of Wofford. If bama beats lsu then they would move to #1.
Comment 02 Nov 2019
SMU- Memphis - 94 points with 8 minutes left. Clearly going to break 100. 125?
Comment 02 Nov 2019
C Bryant committed PI on every look his way it appeared to me. Refs could have flagged him every time. Game was messy all around.
Comment 02 Nov 2019
D still needs to figure things out. ECU was moving easily before the pick 6. There is plenty of time.
Comment 02 Nov 2019
So, I'm not from Ohio. Born/raised in Alaska. All my extended family lives in Ohio. I was raised as a OSU fan though, and am a diehard buckeye fan. I never got to listen to Keels much. I have listened to the radio call online only a few times, and feel Keels does a good job. but I don't have the same view as many others that he is at another level, likely because I didn't always listen to him. Keels voice is great, but makes me sleepy. This makes his call seem less exciting. I agree that Lachey is kind of hard listen to. He is jarring compared the Keels hum. For sure Keels IS the voice of the buckeyes though, he has a very unique sound.
Comment 02 Nov 2019
I've seen them do first bump frequently before their games. In fact, I was watching for it at the outset of the Wiscy game. I love it when they do that. I noted Hamilton and Cornell did almost the same thing before Hamilton got his sack in the game last week. The playcalling must have given them the green light to go, would that be their tell possibly?