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Comment 16 Nov 2016

Easy way to remember it, it's grAy in America and grEy Everywhere Else.


Comment 30 Oct 2016

That's interesting, because I was going to say how I remember him destroying a DB downfield on a long run, and how I thought he seemed to be a very dedicated blocker.

Comment 28 Oct 2016

#WellActually the probability of PSU losing at least one game is 82%, not 89%.

P(PSU losing one or more games)= 1-P(PSU winning out)

P(PSU winning out)=[1-P(lose to Purdue)]*[1-P(lose to Iowa)]*[1-P(lose to Indiana)]*[1-P(lose to Rutgers)]*[1-P(lose to MSU)]


               =.174 =17.4%

Therefore P(PSU losing one or more games)=1-.174=.826=82.6%

And here I thought Stats class was never going to be useful

Comment 28 Oct 2016

We say this now, but looking at a year like 2018, if we were to drop games to TCU and Oregon State while Penn State walks through their non-conference schedule of Appalachian St, Pitt, and Kent St, we sure as heck would be up in arms about our tougher non-conference games hurting us.  It sucks you can't punish a team for early losses, but we saw last year how much a team can grow over a season.

Comment 11 Sep 2016


Comment 06 Sep 2016

It started around 2013 if I remember correctly.  It was a small pocket for most of that season.  By midway through 2014, there was a pretty solid contingent including my group in 34A.  I love hearing "and take his shoes" on the air.  It comes out a little clearer than "Rip his f'ing head off", and it makes me think I had a little part in growing the traditions of the Shoe.

Edit: Dang, Quad, way to ruin my dreams!

Comment 05 Sep 2016

I remember correctly.  $5 if Houston gets into any power 5 conference

Source: http://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/tom-herman-has-5-million-reasons-to-get-houston-into-the-big-12/ 

Comment 05 Sep 2016
  couldn't happen to a more arrogant, pompous school/fan base
A certain team up north would disagree
Comment 04 Sep 2016


Comment 19 Jul 2016
I was just thinking how there were more shots of students doin "the Bernie" than actual game footage. I also loved the shout out to that one time they split the B1G championship back in 2004