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Comment 17 Jul 2012

Braxton threw many a wounded ducks last year, but thats because he was way too nervous in the pocket. He had no receivers running quick routes and had to wait a long time for plays to develop. Even with all those bad balls he threw last year he is STILL a better passer than Denard. We saw every ball Braxton threw therefore we can be very critical. A lot of us didnt watch every game Michigan had. The only reason Michigan even beat ND last year is because of all the jump balls Denard threw and were caught by his receivers (kudos to them). He is still a BAD passer.

Comment 23 Apr 2012

The Banger was a good time Sat night! It was really good to meet a lot of the writers and put a face with a name. I know I get to read stuff Alex puts on here, but it was a lot nicer getting to hear it first hand and ask a lot of questions! Can't wait for these next few to make it official!

Comment 03 Apr 2012

He looks great in this highlight video. Gotta love anyone who is an Eddie fan! What I liked most is how hard he runs! They are STACKING the box in every play and he still is eating up ground. Cant wait to see him in a Buckeye uniform!

Comment 27 Feb 2012

One thing that stuck out to me in the game is selfish play. Everyone is trying to get theirs. The announcers made a comment, on one series early in the game, when we were on fire about how Sully got the ball in the post and kicked it back out to reset. Except the guards kicked it around the perimeter and missed a 3. Sully got the board. Looked out and was far from the basket, but decided to try and dripple and force up a bad shot. The announcer said "You could just tell when he got that board he was gonna do anything to shoot it". THATS BAD BASKETBALL! We didnt have that last year and thats the problem.

Comment 15 Feb 2012

What I dont understand is why Amir Williams isnt getting more time. Last night was another example of what he can do. Another thing is why not try to play zone on defense. When Matta first came to OSU he would never play man because he said he didnt have the guys to do it. Well the only guys you have on this team are Craft and Smith (Thompson has done well too but he comes off the bench). Bring in Amir and hide Thomas in a zone. These guys are good at attacking the boards. Amir can be a serious defensive eraser!