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Born in Hartville, OH. Still go back to see family. Moved to SC when I was 6, wife’s from Pittsburgh so here I am. Dad was a Buckeye/Steeler fan. Pirates and Penguins grew on me.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Jake Ballard’s catch in the Rose Bowl.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Dane Sanzenbacher
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Ehhh
  • MLB TEAM: Pittsburgh Pirates

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Comment 26 Feb 2020

I agree with the list compiled but missing just one. Ballard’s catch vs Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

Comment 20 Jan 2020

I thought this too. His weight wasn't going to have him running the floor but it made him impossible to move down low. I know the NBA told him to cut weight and it's improved his endurance and running the court but he can't box out like he has in years past.

Plus side not fouling out earlier than he was last year but not sure how much that helps if he can't score.

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Effort/Hustle/Fundamentals - they aren't playing with hustle/effort especially on the defensive end. Points will come with these two alone. Make the extra passes. Stop turning the ball over on lazy passes. Play defense. Box out.

Too many guys watching and not playing, especially off ball on the offensive side. They seem like they're checked out right now, need to ramp it up quick or they will dig a hole too big to climb out of. They can't count on 3 pointers hitting like they did earlier in the season.

Comment 20 Jan 2020


Comment 20 Jan 2020

Huge game, I remember dreading the decision from the NCAA on suspensions. Without the 5 suspended players (and the GOAT himself Sanzenbacher) we don't win that game. Growing up in SC, all I heard about was SEC and how much better they were for a span of time especially against B1G teams. People forget Buckeyes were 0-9 since '88 against SEC teams. I remember this one vividly as they finally beat a SEC school. It counted, we all saw it.


Comment 20 Jan 2020

My biggest fear following the Bama game was that was their championship and they'd come out flat against Oregon. GLAD I WAS WRONG. I remember the Braxton to Smith pass in the Wiscy game so well. I was in college and made everybody wait for the game to go final before Halloween shenanigans could begin. Great decade hoping this one is just as glorious.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Thibodeaux is the only threat on their defense. This offense will be firing on all cylinders in game 2. Oregon has to replace Herbert and I'm not sure they have a guy that can sling it like he can. This should be a good one for the Bucks. Planning on making the trip to Autzen for this one.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Insane, we didn't know about Chug's injury until now. If Fields went down for the rest of the TTUN game, would Chug have been able to pass efficiently with a shoulder injury needing surgery? If I remember correctly, Hoak doesn't have his black stripe removed yet. I'm happy for Chug and him coming here to help with our need in the QB room and provide some depth. Maybe the team will have an offensive control position he can help with now that Corey got promoted. Good luck in your future endeavors Chug!

Comment 30 Dec 2019

All started with a jump cut against Indiana. Nobody but JK probably envisioned what he go on to do in the next three seasons. What a damn ride. Thanks for the memories JK. Hoping the Steelers draft him; I know I’d get a JK All Day jersey for sure, doubting he’ll be there in the 2nd round though. 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

I've moved past this game. Does it suck? Yes, emotionally as a fan I was drained. I can't imagine how the players/coaches feel. But there's nothing we can do to change the outcome. On Sunday, I started looking at how this team will be back next year with a vengeance. Offensively we are returning ALOT, with some highly touted guys entering the lineup. Defensively, I need to know who's coming back and what coach is being hired to replace Hafley. Can't wait for whats to come for the Buckeyes.

Additionally JK Dobbins will forever be a Buckeye legend, this season cemented his name among the greats. Freaking warrior man, wont take no for an answer.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Not to chime in, but rumors spreading that Yurcich wont be back. Saw something that he was interested in the Texas job AND that Day "might" have sat down at the end of the season and advised him to seek out employment elsewhere. Talk of him being abrasive and hard to work with. That being said, we didn't see much of Yurcich talking with media all year long but his one interview I saw at the CFP was telling. Seemed like he gave coach speak regarding rumors and there may be something there. That is a coaching position I'm not too worried about because of Day's background and knowing he has his hand in with the QBs as well. IF true, bring in an up and comer with some NFL experience and get him to stay for a couple of years. Promote Hartline to passing game coordinator/WRs coach. This is purely speculation but I could see it happening.

Now the Hafley news hurt, because of the turn around on this defense and with how well our secondary played. Next year with essentially a new secondary starting he would be starting from scratch. I can see why he struck with the iron hot and having 5* kids playing under him this year. Hoping Day can get Coombs back. If not bring in someone you've worked with in the NFL or college that's up and coming and pay them to stay for a couple of years. I don't know what Clemson pays Venables but damn it keep a coordinator around for longer than 2 years. Its good that teams want our coaches, its a sign they're doing well we should be trying to pay to keep them. This quick staff turnover needs to be addressed. Really hoped Cincinnati wouldn't work for Fickell (selfishly, of course) but low and behold he's got them competing for conference championships and bigger bowl games. RYAN DAY PLEASE FIND YOUR BUD FOSTER!

Comment 29 Dec 2019

This has nothing to do with players IQ and coaching. Was it a bad read and miscommunication on one play? Sure. The play was open even if Olave continues his route (at the very least its under thrown and Olave adjusts into PI). Olave looked back saw Fields drifting left in the pocket thought he was going to scramble left, so he cuts the route off to work towards the left where Fields set up. Same exact play worked for his touchdown earlier against the same safety. It's a play Day said they practiced for Clemson.

Clemson's WRs didn't do that on the one play that mattered. There were multiple miscommunications between Ross and Lawrence last night but those plays weren't crucial to the final score. Buckeyes didn't put it away early and it costs them.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Man the header picture of Mack and Victor. Talk about gut wrenching for them, both had highlight plays in their careers. Unfortunately due to injury (for Mack) and (up until Day joined) questionable play calling these two never got rolling until late into their careers. Victor had a heck of a season this year and Mack had found his footing in the offense these last couple of games. Thank you seniors and thank you to the guys that will end up declaring. It was a helluva run. *Never forget BB Landers rumbling towards the end zone*

Comment 29 Dec 2019

TEs get over looked in passing game because there are a lot of crossing routes to help with man coverage. Because of that the TEs usually are covered and their routes tend to be responsible for freeing another crosser. When we run go routes on the outside, typically the RB is either blocking or playing the check down while the TE is running a shorter route that tries to draws a safety or LB to sit on his route and free up down field routes. TEs are doing a lot for the WRs and blocking in general that goes unseen. They have the guys to pass to the TE right now but there are a lot of reads and I have a feeling TE is last on the reads outside of the check down.

Young hasn't disappeared teams just made adjustments based on previous film and always, ALWAYS chipped/doubled him since PSU and TTUN. Why? Because it worked but it's on the rest of the DL to step up and beat their one-on-ones. He silently is impacting games by teams game planning for him. NOW all this said - he was pressing too much against Clemson. Over-running plays, losing containment on multiple plays. Chase may have played one-on-one with an OL all of 5-8 times in the playoff game.

Crowley (not sure on injury) I assumed they'd red shirt him and Chambers this year. I don't think if Dobbins and Teague, who has played really well this season as the backup, Crowley would be an answer. If you're top 2 guys can't do it, why bring in a true freshman who had played sparingly all year. This coming year I could see a RB by committee set up. Having Fields back helps with the run game and may make life easier on breaking in new starter(s).

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Outside of the obvious missed replay review. The offensive game plan was beautiful until red zone. For some reason they stopped playing with tempo and quick throws. I noticed early they could not longer send Simmons on blitzes or put him in the box as they dropped him to a third safety position. It appeared they were playing zone in these situations which should have led to us dinking and dunking passes and running the ball in these situations. There were horrible plays by the officials but Ohio State still had a chance to put the game away early. Could have been 28-0 if they score TDs instead of FGs. At worst 20-0 only converting 1 out of 3 red zone attempts. He had Venables on the ropes. They should have not punted the ball the last drive with 3 mins left. They should have ran the ball knowing they would go for it on 4th down. I think they got away from what led to points too early which was tempo and not letting Clemson sub out.

Shaun Wade doesn't get flagged if Lawrence doesn't stay down. Bang-bang play there but I agree with the ejection (spare me the downvotes). He led with the crown of his helmet. Not sure if we was looking to put his head down and shoot for his chest/waist to wrap up with his head on one side but he missed.

Chase really let me down this game. It's one thing to be double teamed/chipped on plays but it looked like there were times he didn't play under control/lost containment.

There is not enough love for JK either. What a freaking warrior man. JK was offensive MVP if they win this one.

I hate Clemson, hate. They are a solid #2 on my hate list (nobody tops TTUN). I hate Dabo with a passion, just the most ungenuine guy ever. Snake oil salesman who acts holier than thou.

As far as players declaring, unless your JK or have 1st round grades I think they need to come back. We will still have Fields next year and I'm thinking most of the OL. DL will be rebuilding even with Cooper back and secondary will essentially be brand new (even assuming Wade comes back) LBs might be our strongest unit next year.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Early and often for both sides of the ball. Defense needs stops early to get offense the ball. Offense has to score on 75% of it's drives. Keep their defense on the field and let the slobs run them into the ground. This will come down to who wears out first. For the most part starting players on both teams haven't played a full game more than a handful of games. I hope for a blowout so Dabo can aw shucks all the way back to little ole Clemson.

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Clemson will win a couple of 50/50 balls. Their WRs are big and physical. The key is tackling. A lot of the plays I've seen from long plays in the passing game for Clemson are broken coverages or missed tackles by the opposition. If they catch it bring them down. I'd prefer a sure tackle over trying to rip the ball out and the WR breaking a tackle. Make them play a full 60 minutes and jam them every chance you get. I'll take our speed over their size on the outside. 

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Must start fast on both sides of the ball. Defense needs to get Lawrence off his spot early and get stops, not necessarily turnovers. Offense must score every time they touch the ball early. Make them uncomfortable playing from behind then lean on the slobs and JK to grind clock and put up points. It's here for the taking boys, now punch them in the mouth and take whats yours.