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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2006 Ohio State vs. TTUN. Best game ever. Two heavyweights.
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Comment 20 Jun 2014

Ok I have to admit, some of mine are terrible.

1.) Never liked Jim tressel as a football coach. HATED tresselball. Hated the way he conducted interviews. I think he held our teams and players back. 

2.) Urban Meyer can do no wrong in my eyes. He is the perfect man for he job. Everything about his style in coaching is flawless. 

3.) Braxton miller can also do no wrong in my book. I hate when fans criticize him. He has had a very average receiving corps in his time here. I also hate when fans question his toughness. The kid plays his ass off. Never slides or whys away from contact. I already know that he'll be my all time favorite buckeye. 

4.) Loved ted ginn but I didn't see the quickness that everyone always talks about from him. He was amazing in a staightline but I didn't see him make defenders miss left and right. 

5.) I am jealous of the 2008 Florida gators team. That team was incredibly loaded. I can't wait until we see those types of teams here. Which I think we will starting this year. 

6.) I love Tim tebow and Percy harvin

7.) I've loved every pro combat jersey we have worn. Couldn't stand the jerseys pre 2006 with the gray stripes. 

8.) I freaking hate pro style offenses. Give me spread offenses all day. 

9.) Don't like big slow rb's or wr's. I LOVE small quick rb's and wr's.

10.) I don't understand 90% of the humor on this site. It's most likely bc I don't understand the majority of the references used.

11.) I love "THE", "O-H", TTUN, scUM and the like

12.) I already miss Brent musberger and Kirk herbstreit.

13.) I haven't said the M word in 3 years

Comment 20 Feb 2012

yess. And we need plenty of those types of small super quick and fast guys at ohio state.

Comment 24 Jan 2012

Thanks for the information. On another note we should have someone who has a subscription to the ESecPN insider thing to post all of the insider stories concerning Ohio State and recruiting. Who cares what they think and they probably will never find out. Show them what a real sports website is 11W!

Comment 28 Dec 2011

yes totally agree. I am in heaven just thinking about how we will pound teams and not let them comeback like we did when we had tress. Some ppl are sour grapes when they say that they did not like Tressel after he left (well not dislike him, but did not praise and worship him) I on the other hand have truly disliked the way that we played football under Tressel, besides the 06 season, but I liked Tressel because he won. I cant wait for next year when we can see how a real offense is run.

Comment 28 Dec 2011

Holy buckeye, that was an epic post. It just pumped me up. I think ill go punch a wolverine now.