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Comment 22 Aug 2019

I get ND is already on the schedule these years, and that the B1G schedule is a little wonky in 2023....but if we're going to schedule teams like this I'd rather have 2 games against in-state MAC teams.  I'd rather play Toledo, Bowling Green, Akron, Miami, OU, or even Cincinnati than Arkansas State or Florida Atlantic.  Prop up Ohio teams and AD budgets.  It can't be that hard to get those teams to come to Columbus regularly for the paycheck.  Alums across the state would pay to see the games too.  I absolutely love attending games in the Shoe, but even I have little interest in going to see us play Ark State or San Jose State (again).

Comment 25 Feb 2019

This is pretty much how I would have it too.  I might swap Ruckert.  Is it bad I don't know who Pahl is?  I totally agree that Wade and Okudah should be the corners, but I'm sure Arnette will play a lot still too.  Prob as a nickel.

Comment 25 Feb 2019

I'm real interested to see the RT battle.  I hate to speak ill of captains, or former Buckeyes, but I couldn't believe that we didn't have someone better than Isaiah Prince these last few years.  Stud has his hands full with all of the open competitions on the OL.  I still think the 2nd biggest loss of any player to the NFL this year (besides Bosa but including Haskins), was Michael Jordan.  But we'll see how things shake out.

Comment 25 Feb 2019

Well....duh.  That's why the whole defensive staff outside of LJ was let go.  I doubt Mattison or Washington are going to worry about who started last year.  They don't have much time to turn things around.  They know Hafley and LJ won't be blamed if the front seven don't perform.  It's pretty clear that both of those coaches will be focusing almost exclusively on that unit.

Comment 20 Feb 2019

I kind of only pay attention to these awards the day they're announced, and then I forget about them.  We talk about COY enough that I knew Meyer had never won it.  That's a shame, but....


IIRC, Roby, Conley, Lattimore, Apple, Hooker were all 1st round picks.  Bell was a 2nd rounder.  I'm probably forgetting someone too.  That's a true crime that we didn't have one in Meyer's era win the award.  Hooker especially jumps to mind, because he had multiple INTs returned for TDs.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Johnson must love what he's doing.  The Associate Head Coach title doesn't seem to really carry any additional responsibilities.  I have to believe if LJ wanted the D co-coordinator position he would have gotten it.  Mattison seems well aware that LJ is running the show with the DL, and they'll work on the front 7 scheme together.

I hope there's a plan in place to move Washington to the DL once LJ finally hangs it up.  We need to retain that institutional knowledge.  Mattison will be gone before LJ I would guess, just based on age.

I agree with others, there would have been a revolt both inside the locker room and with the fan base had LJ not been retained/given a raise.

Comment 07 Feb 2019

In reality, Belichick is the D coordinator.  Brian Flores didn't even hold the title of DC this season.  They only gave up 3 points in the Super Bowl.  I think they'll be fine on D.  Schiano is a good recruiter, but his player development is probably more suited to the pro game.

Comment 07 Feb 2019

I think his QB grade is more on depth.  Had Tate stayed it might have been an A+.  Day has said they want 4 QBs on the roster.  The fact we have 3, and one is a converted walk-on definitely drops the grade.  But there's no denying that Fields is a massive get.  Had we just kept Mathis and Martell would the grade really have been higher?  It shouldn't have been.  I'd be fine saying A-.

Grinch and Johnson are probably gone since they didn't land elite talent in their groups.  By OSU standards I pretty much agree with your assessment.

Comment 07 Feb 2019

I wondered this myself.  If we averaged all his grades like they would in college...

B+, B, A, B, C-, A-, B+, C- divided by 8 grades = 2.96 or a B.

But if you look at the per player average and realize we finished 3rd in the country, I think you'd have to still give the class an A.  Our 5 stars that enrolled early are all great young men off the field as well.  I think Day did a tremendous job based on what we went through this year.  Canning Johnson and Grinch look like excellent moves now based on their recruiting too.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Seriously.  Herman was still talking to JT and Cardale in 2015 regularly.  How did he watch that room fall apart and then hire Beck at Texas?  I don't get it.

Comment 29 Jan 2019

This makes sense.  We lost to Michigan, everyone moved up a spot except for Missouri stayed at 5.  We were moved to Michigan's previous ranking.

Moore's lackluster win, and our inability to win in the middle weight classes (157, 165, 174) is really hurting us.

Future is bright for the program, but I don't see a B1G Championship this year.

Comment 24 Jan 2019

I'm not so sure about this.  Even if Miami lands a great coach, their facilities are downright awful from what I hear.  Now they're playing in a stadium nowhere near campus.  They have a fair weather fan base.  Florida State and Florida have been down, to their lofty standards, and Miami still hasn't capitalized.  I'm not saying it's impossible for them to ever compete for a conference or national title again, I just don't see a dynasty being built there without dramatic changes.

USC used to be THE school to attend out west.  Now with LA having 2 good NFL teams and programs like Oregon and Washington siphoning off recruits, I doubt they'll be able to rival the success they had in the early 2000's.  A great coach certainly helps, but I think it'd be hard.