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Comment 20 Feb 2020

I think he'd be a great fit at Oklahoma, both schematically and personality wise. Sure doesn't seem to be a limelight kinda kid. 

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Love this kid. His tape is very similar to Bijan's or even Gibbs for that matter. I've watched quite a bit of tape of running backs the last two years and I don't think this class is as strong as last years at least in terms of the top tier. It has a lot of good backs that are in the notch below and you could pretty much mark them all as equal and blindly pick one. I've never liked Kiner all that much and put him in the 3rd tier and wouldn't put  Edwards in my top tier either (reminds me of Milton). Edwards is clearly in the 2nd tier for me. I like Pryor, Carroll, Wheaton, and Henderson. The latter two are easily the best two backs in this class, but not as good as last year when you compare to Bijan and Evans. Evans is the most elusive high school RB I've ever seen. He just toys with defenders. Think Curtis Samuel quickness with killer instinct speed and vision. 

Comment 19 Feb 2020

I've never been a Kiner fan. I know he is from Ohio, but that is irrelevant in the scheme of things. 

Wheaton has a bit of a Bo Jackson running style and is probably the fastest of the running back group. I think the new RB rankings are pretty much dead on accurate based on all the tape I've watched. 

Comment 02 Feb 2020

That is music to my ears. I was thinking we were trending away from this kid, but he is my favorite safety target since Vonn Bell. I loved Ransom as well, but Davis in my eyes is on another level. Watch his tape compared to Ransom's. Both good but you can see the subtle difference. This kid is faster and more of a ball hawk. I think Ransom is quite physical. 

Comment 29 Jan 2020

Go watch his tape (albeit sophomore tape). He plays a lot of receiver. Looks to be a long strider but has some wheels. I have to say he does look awfully stiff. I see more safety personally. 

After you watch his tape, now go watch Grimes. It's a pretty big difference in athletic ability. Probably same speed, but Grimes seems noticeably more fluid and quicker. 

Comment 22 Jan 2020

As a long time competitive soccer player and decade long 24hr Fitness member I finally gave up on public gyms (overcrowding drives me insane) and built my home gym in the garage. Look at REP fitness for equipment. That's where I got my power rack and 5-100lbs DB set. Get your curl bars and barbells on Amazon. Same for my plates and plate rack. Any bench you find on amazon pretty much sucks. You need to spend $300+ to get anything worthwhile. REP just came out with a new bench that is pretty badass, but it's going to set you back about $350. My entire setup ran about $5000. If you want any details PM me. 

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Me and the GF are sitting at London Heathrow right now. We land in PHX after 6pm. Just bought our game tickets on Vivid (was waiting for prices to drop). Sitting in section 131, row 8. 

Comment 17 Dec 2019

Watts is definitely underrated, but I've also argued the same for Phillips....in a way. He is roughly the 3rd best corner in this class by ranking, but if he was longer he would be the #1 recruit. The guy is literally made for the slot and he has elite cover abilities. Losing him to Utah would be a straight gut punch. I've watched a ton of tape on Phillips and Ransom and those are two guys based on their positions that I really want in this class. The other was Bijan, but lets not go there. Ryan Day locked in some top end talent starting with Paris. We as OSU fans should be thrilled. Ryan Day is going to win a national championship before all is said and done. Maybe even in our near future...

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Thanks for sharing. I very much admire guys like Hafley. We love him and hope he stays a long time. If you're reading this Jeff, stay in Columbus forever and build a dynasty with Mr. Day. 

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Melton is 100% a DE. There is no question about this. Plus he's NOT rangy. He's not fast enough to run with speed backs, etc. They took him in this class because they think they can make him into a sack machine at weakside DE and I agree. Watch for him in 2022. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I just got my hotel. Staying about 20min out near the PHX convention center and will figure out uber / rental car later. The hotels in Glendale either sold out or outrageously priced. A 20min drive is nothing. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I live in San Diego, so I've though about making the drive. Problem is I'll be flying back from London on Friday night. Decisions, decisions. Anyone have experience using Uber to get in and out of there? I suspect it might be impossible if 10,000 people have the same idea. 

Comment 29 Nov 2019

Eagle scout project?! You're forced to go because your wife planned this? I'm so utterly confused by this post and the fact you put it on a forum. Posts like this are bizarre. This feels like a Dave Chappelle skit just waiting to happen.  

Just because you are married doesn't mean your life goes on hold. You sound like a Prius driving puss. You made plans for yourself, it's not being selfish. Everybody needs "me" time. Now go tell your wife respectfully that you are not going to go and it's important to you. Who gives a flying F about an eagle scout project. It's meaningless and won't make a dent in your kids upbringing. Being a good parent and guiding him to think critically in life will be 100x more important in shaping his future. If anything independence is a lesson both YOU and your son need more of, clearly. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Perfectly fine? This is not true at all. Diet sodas and the like are full of carcinogens and chemicals. There is plenty of evidence to suggest Aspartame is related to Alzheimers. Sugar isn't safe either, but it's the lesser of two evils. 

Enjoying these drinks once in a while is fine, but thinking they are at all or any way beneficial is bullshit. 

If you are having problems focusing or staying awake, you've got bigger problems. Padding the symptoms with caffeine and the like is not addressing the problem. Your diet likely sucks to begin with and what you are eating is causing the fatigue, brain farts, etc. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Based on my studies of sleep and research I've read, Milhouse is 100% correct. People are in denial. Sleep is or might be the most critical piece to our health. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I drink two cups a day (for about 3 years now) and if I don't the headache is so bad it's debilitating. Passes in a few hours, but definitely not fun. Point being is not the severity of the withdrawal, but the fact it's there. It's not something you should drink daily and just goes to show you that caffein is a drug. I also now have issues with dehydration and over the last years have suffered a few soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries are almost always a result of dehydration. I'm in my 30s, but still play soccer competitively. So I definitely want to stop drinking coffee and advise others to limit your intake. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

As Chris says, you need to throw out their games up until State Penn. Entirely different team since then. It takes time to get the RPO down correctly and their offense is finally humming along. Also, we're on the road and Patterson is 10x better on his home field. Huge disparity in his home vs road splits. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

We are the more talented team, but playing on the road in bad weather is going to make this a closer score than we would like. 24-20 final score. Michigan doesn't have our horses, but they are more talented than State Penn and they have 3 worthy WRs who could play for us. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

This a serious question OP? 

Of course it’s a gimmick to separate you from your wallet. Use some common sense. This stuff is nuclear horse piss. It does NOTHING for you. I personally like the taste of Red Bull and have maybe one a year, but benefits there are none. It’s packed with sugar and caffeine. Caffeine is a drug and not good for you. Once you are addicted to caffeine you’ll go through withdrawals when you stop. I wish I never started coffee. Also, there is no such thing as sugar free. They just use alternatives to get around the government label and the funny part is the alternatives are worse for you and taste worse. All goes to show how stupid people have become. As someone who works with people to lose weight the fattest of my clients always drink diet soda and eat fat free foods. It’s like clockwork. Idiocracy is here....

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I like Hilliard, but I do wonder about too much depth and guys looking at this and wanting to transfer. You've got Gant, Mitchell, Pope coming into year 3, along with the Ohio kid who is redshirting. Then 3 guys coming in 2020. Not to mention Wint and White who essentially play as a version of a LB. That's a lot of guys for what amounts to 3 spots and sometimes only two spots depending on the down. 

I have zero doubt the transfer portal is going to suck some LBs into it and I'm hoping it's not someone we are going to miss. 

Comment 10 Nov 2019

I'm still surprised they took Melton. I would not have done so. The LB room is crowded right now and Hilliard is looking at a 6th year. I could see some frustration setting in from players in the 2 and 3 deep. We really only play 2 and 3 LBs for the most part. Werner and Borland are coming back next year along with Browning. Then if Hilliard is back and takes over for Harrison you've got Pope, Gant, Mitchell in the 2 deep vying for time. If they get Flowe, there is no reason to grab more linebackers in 2021 since you already have Carrico.