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Comment 04 Jan 2020

This is how I see it as well. I think Riep has the inside track at slot. But I’m ready to see Tyreke finally play like he should be

Comment 02 Jan 2020

I like the sound of that. I’m all for it. JSN deserves to be a composite 5 star. I’m ready to see stroud play. Has anyone QB or any position recently had his stock rise from a 3 star to a 5 star??

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Pumped about Coombs if it all works out. That would be a home run hire. So anyone know if we are going to grab a Rb in the portal or roll the dice on Crowley and Teague? 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

The wife and I were out celebrating our one year anniversary Sunday. We went out to Texas Roadhouse and while I was waiting to get our carry out. I saw a guy in his mid 40-50s wearing that ugly piss and blue sweatshirt and a big M hat. So I had to talk to him. Due to us living in Oklahoma. I asked him if he was from the state and he said he was from flint. The moment I told him from Ohio his demeanor changed and he looked at me laughing saying “oh yeah yall lost last night. “ I said yeah that one was rough. But not as tough as The 2016 loss for y’all. We continued talking and he continued to poke and take shots at our state and all teams in it. So I asked him if he was rooting for us in the playoffs he said only for the big ten. I said wow I’ve never rooted for you guys. He said “you know I don’t even like fall sometimes, I’m really excited for March.” Which I think is so fitting. Anyway that guy and I talked for 25 min or so till he left. Before he left he said I really think we can beat Bama. Shea just has to play good. We got a great shot. The man made me just remember no matter how much we beat them, no matter how much they lose to anyone and everyone in a bowl game, they always think they got a shot. Lol pure Michigan 

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Interesting. I wonder if he would be eligible to play next year. I really like Crowley. I do like Teague. But off of little reps in the season and a spring game I just see more explosion out of Crowley. That’s just me.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

this is one of my favorites. Second to the title in 2014. But I was much more invested in this season watched every snap of every game. Reserved time for each game, broke film down, had a great time with my wife watching every game. The end of a season is the worst feeling if it doesn’t end in a national trophy. This has been a ride. I’m not sure when we will have a player as disruptive as chase young. I’m not sure the next time we have a group of corners as elite as the 3 we have now, I’m not sure when we will see another legacy written as good as dobbins wrote his. But you can bet any amount of money I’ll be watching that team just like I did this one when ever that year comes. 

Comment 28 Dec 2019

I’m with you. I’m not drinking Saturday. When I drink during our games something goes wrong. So I’ll be sober all day. But I can’t sleep I’m so excited, nervous, anxious about this game. I described how I feel about this game to my father in law as “exactly how I felt last year when we played TTUN. That worked out in our favor.

Comment 27 Dec 2019

Right about now tomorrow I want nothing more than to be watching a ohio state team do this to Clemson. I want to see a video of Meyer on the sideline swinging his punches as we go up 45-24 in the fourth. Go bucks.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Agreed that’s why I don’t like to hear stuff like “well in 2017 ou did this to ohio state so our defense actually isn’t bad” or “ohio state did this against clemson in 2016 so that means they cant play offense” I know you’ll agree that with both of those occasions that the staff and player change from then to now is different and you cant compare them. Two different teams.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Stats back it up man. How is that hard for all Ou fans to understand? Cam newton and Auburn in 2010 is the only team to win a title in this century with a defense outside the top 25. It’s a fact. Look man we could sit hear all day and talk about your score comparisons for defense and offense for Ou. Like Venables holds Lincoln Riley to 17 in the Orange bowl in 2015, Tennessee takes Ou to double overtime in 2015, a 5-7 Texas team holds Ou to 17 points, Ohio State holds Lincoln Riley to 24 in 2016, 31 in 2017, Bama shouts Ou out in the first quarter and they have 0 total yards through 14 min of play and goes up 28-0. So i can pick and choose games to help make it look anyway i can. Bottom line is Ou doesn’t have an elite arm at QB, they don’t have a great defense, it’s improved. It has to get better for them to win a championship and it starts with recruiting. 

Comment 25 Dec 2019

I know this debate will go on and on and on but JT Barrett couldn’t throw the ball what so ever. Completely different teams for both squads. I would say this, your defense is improved not great. Losing DTY for the peach bowl is bad, I don’t care if your Clemson, Ohio state, or LSU. I get the next man up mentality that you have, but when you lose your best member of the secondary. Even tho Ohio State is DBU. I’m not saying we too deep. Because losing Jeff Okudah is a death wish.