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Comment 18 May 2019

Tom Brady. Since I was young my dad kept preaching on how much he hated Tom... so I hated him too and still do. But Sergio Garcia, Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and I always had a hatred for Manny Ramirez

Comment 14 May 2019

Every Oklahoma fan will tell you that they are the best since the “modern era” which I guess is when WW2 ended. Every Bama fan will tell you that the 15 national titles matter more and they are the best. Every Ohio State fan like myself will tell you that being consistent and not having low valleys and winning just as much as the two above matters. Draft picks, heismans, Championships. All matter and I still think Ohio State overall is the Greatest of all time. Bama at 2 and Oklahoma at 3

Comment 07 May 2019

I love Nick Saban. If we are saying favorite to watch coach or favorite coach overall in all aspects of the game, Nick Saban. He doesnt care what anyone thinks, it is his way or the highway, I enjoy the fact that everyone knows how good Bama always is and he always is putting together HIGH quality teams year in year out. 

Comment 03 May 2019

Can’t stand Dabo.. for reasons mentioned above. I can’t stand James Franklin.. for reasons mentioned above. But the guy that’s just annoying me to no end lately and I have no idea why is Lincoln Riley. I think it’s maybe because of the luck he’s had by getting transfers and turning them into heismans and that somehow means he’s a world class coach and should be an NFL head coach, is annoying to me. 

Comment 15 Mar 2019

1. I’m tired of the OH-IO chant. It’s obnoxious. 

2. Away games are better than home games fans who travel to away games I’ve found to be more passionate.

3. JT Barrett is not overrated. 

4. I think we still win against bama in 2014 if JT is the starter.

Comment 06 Mar 2019

I live in Oklahoma, about 2 hours south of Norman. I have a buddy that’s on the staff as a grad assistant and he’s told me multiple time how much he hates Kyler. He said “ He’s arrogant, he’s a baby and acts like the world revolves around him. He also said that Kyler acts like he has been doing Oklahoma a favor by playing and sitting behind Baker. All those things bother me and I can’t pick him at 1 if I’m Arizona. But that’s why I’m here and they are GMs in the NFL.

Comment 19 Jan 2019

I see your point.. but on the other hand he did go to Georgia trying to beat out Jake Fromm.. who is better than Tate IMO. I think Fields has a ton of confidence and knows the difference between confidence and cocky. I wish Tate the best but I hope he loses every game at Miami. 

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Maryland Dribbles the ball. Foul on OSU. Maryland looks at OSU. Foul on OSU. Bad pass by Maryland.. foul on OSU.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

I honestly liked how he acted in season 2. Seemed like a good family and a good overall dude for being the number 2 overall player in the country. Came away from watching season 2 much more excited to talk about Fields than I was to talk about Tate after season 1.