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Comment 19 Sep 2019

Honestly this whole thing is hilarious to watch. Every time someone says anything negative about espn, everyone’s reaction is “where’s Cincy?” That I think is hilarious. I’m not against you or for you in this deal. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

I can’t see bama losing two games in the regular season.. probably because it’s been a longgg time but if bama has one loss to LSU and they LSU goes on to win the sec, I think we will have to wait and see how good Georgia is because what if their one loss is to LSU as well... I think the main goal for Ohio State is to stay focused and be undefeated and not let there be a discussion about whether or not we deserve to be in. 

Comment 14 Sep 2019

I’m not sure how the rest of you guys feel.. but I’ll gladly play Oklahoma this year. I don’t think that offense is what it is. The offensive line is weak and I think chase and the rest of the black belts would disrupt Hurts. And their defense... lol I wouldn’t lose sleep.

Comment 14 Sep 2019

UCLA making a drive against Oklahoma. Grinch’s defensive looks top notch. Lol

Comment 14 Sep 2019

I missed the OSU game. Overall how did we look? Offense and defensively. I know the stats for Dobbins and Fields, I just want to know how the team looked.

Comment 14 Sep 2019

Congrats AZNCHIPMUNK! I got married in December last year. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Also I got married on the day of the playoffs last year. My father in law got the Clemson/ND game on his phone. I’m sure you will find someone to keep you updated.

Comment 13 Sep 2019

Being 5’9 on a good day.. I’ve always been fascinated with what life would be like if I was Chase Youngs size or one of the Bosa brothers size. Like, What does the world look like? What’s it like being the tallest of your friends? How is driving a car? Can you actually drive a car or does it have to be a Escalade?