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From Ohio, I live in Georgia. Big Buckeye fan, but I don't wear scarlet & gray glasses. Sometimes I can even be reasonable when it comes to the team.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Superbowl VII
  • NFL TEAM: No real favorite, I follow Buckeyes
  • NHL TEAM: Red Wings
  • MLB TEAM: Indians

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Comment 17 Jan 2019
Earl is arguably one of the worst coaches to wear the block O.
Comment 17 Jan 2019
Cooper did so little with so much!
Comment 06 Jan 2019
I'm not convinced Straw is the guy. I see the star power but still dont see the production. I understand that O lineman take time, but I'm still not seeing the development. Toss in a guy like Gavin who was a 3 star but had seemed to tear it up at the camps yet doesn't look like the diamond in the rough that some thought he could be. Looking at this years online and the back ups and they just didnt strike me as over welmingly dominate. Maybe I'm missing something or not seeing the talent being displayed play in play out. Or maybe it's just a gutt feeling.
Comment 01 Dec 2018
I find it laughable when I read a few people telling us what a despicable man Chris is because their most likely brief encounter with him once upon a time didn't go their way. I have never met Chris and he may in fact be a terrible person, which I highly doubt and for his reason. His track record. Everything you hear or read about Chris is positive and up lifting to someone. He seems to be selfless as it pertains to his own being. People think they are entitled upon meeting someone who has celebrity status to a gracious and pleasant meeting. If they dont receive just that then they hate on the person. Come on people how many of you would in your non celebrity state give a stranger the time of day, day in day out. Now multiply that by 100s of strangers a day.
Comment 01 Dec 2018
Nice list but raging on their mascot as being pussified when the only thing masculine about Burtus is his name? I get it it's hard to come up with 10 , maybe 9 1/2.
Comment 25 Nov 2018
Love what the bucks did yesterday. Hats off to the defense and offensive line. But still can not rap my head around the way this team plays against inferior teams. It's great to get a big win against your hated rival but it's still hard to swallow the short comings of this coaching staff. Yes I understand the down votes will flow, but that's just my interpretation.
Comment 23 Nov 2018
Live the article. Especially the Woodford. Hate that this is going to be the year TSUN's fans will get to gloat.