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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State National Championship game in 2002. Beating down thugs is always fun.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 15 Mar 2020
Cannot imagine taking the presidency and your 1st major decision is to drop a bomb that is going to kill thousands, yet save potentially millions. And then was forced to do it again due to stubbornness on the Japanese part. This was meant as a reply to the post above.
Comment 02 Mar 2020
Great player from Clyde, where he was a state HW wrestling champ IIRC. He was always eating up double teams to let his teammates go to work. Really have to respect a guy who does all the work in the trenches and gets no publicity. Thanks and continue the series, it is appreciated.
Comment 09 Dec 2019
I would really like to see Urban stay on the B1G show when it comes to issues like this. He has called for a 9 game conference schedule for all conferences and taking the "look test" out of the playoff equation. Although he doesn't try to be he's like E.F Hutton; he talks and people listen. Numerous analysts are starting to repeat his points and call for change also. He is so influential and as the B1G show continues to grow, I feel the tide could start to shift to a more level playing field between all conferences.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
I would say after watching the Bucks come out flat last night, it is definitely a blessing. Wisconsin had a good game plan, but that doesn't explain the control on the line of scrimmage. IMO the team heard all week about a blowout and how good they are and they lost their edge a little. Things changed at halftime, but we cant afford to come out flat against Clemson. With that motivation, we will be national champs.