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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State National Championship game in 2002. Beating down thugs is always fun.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 06 Dec 2019
As a father of a daughter who plays basketball, I wanted to respond. Women's is fine, but to me, I prefer lady and equality had nothing to do with it. In fact, my daughters basketball team is often referred to as the Lady Generals. To me, a lady is not a derogatory term, but one that signifies class, character, maturity, politeness and good behavior. All ladies are women, but not all women are ladies. Go Bucks!
Comment 05 Dec 2019
He poured a new foundation for beating TTUN, Meyer framed the walls, and Day is putting on the roof. Saturday does not happen without him. Happy Birthday and thanks Cisvh Tress. Now come back as President.
Comment 05 Dec 2019
Nice to see a fellow General on the board. Always cheer for the team that beats us, even Ironton back in the day.
Comment 03 Dec 2019
I'm in 228. Last 3 years we have parked SW of the stadium for $10. Roughly 1/2 mile walk, but the price is good. Also easy to get out. Cant remember road name. It's on McCarty St. right before Lexington Ave.
Comment 23 Nov 2019
Mac, I live in the country with no access to home internet through hard lines. Never heard of starlink. Is this satellite sourced internet and how is it different than Hughes or other current satellite providers? Asking for a friend who is technologically challenged.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
That was ugly. Kitchens has NO control over his team. Garrett should be done for the year and possibly longer. The NFL needs to send a strong message. One hit in the right spot and Rudolph is paralyzed or worse.