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Comment 20 Apr 2016

I thought I read that Nick will be playing on the interior of the line.  I know he has the versatility to play both inside and outside.  In addition, I believe quite a few of his high school highlights start with him playing DT.  It definitely would not hurt him to put on a few more pounds if he does indeed play the 3 technique.  As Buckslan mentioned, with the quality of DE's on the team, his fastest way to seeing the field would be on the interior of the line.

Comment 10 Apr 2016

I can't say I've heard of Mack dropping a lot of balls through the Spring.  Just curious, can you point out a few statements from the coach's supporting the view that Mack has been dropping the ball at a consistent clip?  Again, never heard that once while reading up on Mack's progress.

Comment 23 Mar 2016

I wasn't one of the down voters but have to question why he believes it is a "Bad Look" for OSU.  Maybe I missed a previous comment of Bucky B's explaining the "Why" in the bad look statement.  I know I was not the only one asking the question.  Clark was never promised he would be the only QB taken in his recruiting class.  In addition, they are completely two different style QB's which would allow OSU to hedge it's bet so to speak depending on how the offensive system evolves.  Yes the numbers are tight, recruiting class wise, but I can't see any Power 5 school ever not accepting a 5 * QB's commitment unless there were serious off the field concerns.

Comment 21 Mar 2016

Can't imagine Andre would come in as a preferred walk on when he has offers from Xavier and a few other respectable schools (around 10 current offers).  I agree that Andre is a combo 3/4 player, which currently the roster is loaded with.  So in turn, his versatility actually hurts him when looking at OSU's roster..

Comment 09 Feb 2016

STXBuck, I believe Brady Taylor is next in line to occupy the center position for us.  The incoming DB's playing time will depend heavily on the health of certain 2nd and 3rd year players.  Burrows and Lattimore have been injury prone but when healthy will be first in line for PT in the secondary.  Don't forget about EGW.  He has all the talent in the world and just needs to put it all together.  Damon Webb is another player the coaches will be relying heavily on.  I personally can't wait to see Erick Smith play and believe he will have first shot at one of the Safety positions.  Can't forget about Ward either, one of the few freshman to not red-shirt last year.  All in all, that is quite a few players that I have listed that the incoming DB recruiting class would have to leapfrog to see meaningful minutes.  Either way, the competition for minutes in the secondary will be insane and extremely fun to watch.  It will be interesting to see how Meyer handles the development of all these young players while striving for another Big Ten title and CFB playoff berth.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

I don't think the 2016 class can be considered small concerning the number of recruits.  We are looking at a probable class size of 25 with the slight possibility of an additional recruit.  Taking into consideration classes 2010 through 2016, which includes Tressel recruiting years, OSU's average class size is 25.  Compared to the SEC average recruiting class size, maybe OSU's class can be considered "small".  I do agree a critical component when comparing and evaluating a recruiting class is average star rating.  The average star rating would allow us to ignore the actual class size when comparing one class to another regardless of the year.

Comment 03 Dec 2015

On one hand, I agree and believe we end up ranked in between 2 to 4.  However I have to completely disagree with the settling notion.  Can you please list several examples?  It's difficult to say we have been settling on certain players when you have the number one recruiting class this year and even next year.  Consider our most recent commitments: Bosa, Mack, and Farrell.  That includes the 6th best overall recruit in the country in Nick Bosa, a top 100 recruit and 12th best WR in Mack and lastly Farrell who is a top 5 TE in the country.  When we SETTLED on those players who were you hoping we would receive a commitment from?  I took those ratings from 247's composite ranking system.

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Thad would definitely make him prove himself on the defensive end of the court first before seeing playing time.  Mitchell is unique in the fact that he can play basically all five positions ( I know, center is stretching it a bit) with his size and skill set.  At 6 foot 7-8 inches tall and the passing skills of a point guard, I don't think he would have much trouble getting into the lineup.  With our inexperienced point guards and lack of depth, Mitchell had a great opportunity to see the court earlier and often this season.  Of course that all depended on how his game translated to the next level - high school vs. college. 

Comment 31 Oct 2015

ZenShade is correct, Derrick Green was never coming to OSU.  I remember when Green was 100% crystal-balled to the Good Guys.  I'm glad Urban and the staff did their due diligence and offered Zeke.  I also remember watching Zeke go from a low 4 Star widely unknown High School RB to a top 5 RB by the end of his senior year.  It took awhile for the recruiting services to see what OSU's staff saw.  Passing on the # 1 rated RB took some balls.  Urban constantly preaches "Fit" when it comes to getting offered by the National Champs.  As for Harris, completely different story.  We wanted him and missed.  Simple as that.  He definitely would of given our offense a change of pace back to Zeke.  I agree with ZenShade, we will soon be hearing the name "Damien Harris" in the college football landscape.

Comment 31 Oct 2015

It would be even worse if J.T. took the blame for someone else.  Say someone that has 2 strikes or has been in Urban's dog house in the past.  I wholeheartedly doubt this is the case.  I just find it hard to believe J.T. out of all the players on the team would make a bone-headed decision that would cost himself and his team.  If he was slightly above the legal limit, he may be able to plead down to a Reckless Op and avoid having a OVI on his record.  Not sure how Columbus handles OVI's but usually your first offense is a slap on the wrist.  Add in the fact he was under age and the consequences may be a little more severe in this case.  I would say 6 month license suspension, probation for a year, some type of treatment and evaluation program and if I haven't mentioned before fines and lots of them.  Now the team and Urban's penalties will be a completely different story.  Hopefully this is a bump in the road and a learning experience for J.T.

Comment 22 Oct 2015

Joe B I'd have to disagree with the RB depth.  After Zeke there is Dunn and Ball, who are both going to be Seniors.  Dunn is currently Zeke's backup and has started to see some playing time.  Samuel could always move back from WR/HB.  He did start his OSU career there.  Then there is Freshman Mike Weber, who I believe would of seen the field and already contributed this year if not for injuries.    Add in the 2016 recruiting class currently consisting of Kareem Walker, DeMario McCall and now Antonio Andrews.  Finally add in Todd Sibley and at least one other RB in the 2017 class.  That's quite a bit of talent and depth sprinkled in with a wide variety of skill sets per player.  A 2016 or 2017 recruit would definitely have to take this into consideration.  Also the amount of starting NFL talent at the offensive skill positions in general predictably limit the number of touches a player receives.  

I would agree we do have a certain segment of the fan base that reiterates the sheer amount of competition on the roster as a popular reason for decommitting  or not choosing OSU as their school.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

I have to correct you, Swayze, on this spelling error.  "Brim" =/ "Birm".  Can't let that slide.  Might have been that lovely auto-correct feature on your phone.  If not, just wanted to point out the mistake and give BIRM the respect he deserves.  Swayze, I'm not picking on you at all and certainly didn't mean for this to come off like being a dick.  I also completely agree with your comment and appreciated all the hard work Alex put in to provide us the most up to date recruiting news.  I couldn't think of a better person than Birm to replace Alex.  I believe it worked out for the best concerning all parties.

Comment 09 Aug 2015

If we're thinking of the same Chris "Beanie" Wells, he grew up in Ohio and played at Akron Garfield if I'm not mistaken.

Comment 05 Aug 2015

I would have to disagree between the Hall and Cupp situations.  Cupp was not campaigning for MSU to other recruits while at FNL.  He did not deceive the MSU coaches and string them along (According to Birm there where several instances that rubbed the OSU staff the wrong way with Hall before his decommitment).  I'm sure Cupp was not all decked out in MSU gear while participating in the activities at FNL.  One of the biggest differences was the location in which some of this stuff went down.  I'll repeat, Cupp was not at MSU sporting OSU gear or talking up recruits about OSU.  Cupp certainly didn't skip out and not attend an academic meeting specifically designed for himself - that was Hall.  Cupp attended FNL to better himself while competing against some of the best players around.  His ultimate goal was to earn a Buckeye offer and not spit in the face of MSU by any means.  This may be the homer glasses I'm looking through, but I feel the two situations were completely different in almost all aspects.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

The reason Cupp had his offer pulled was b/c he did not inform the MSU staff that he was visiting for FNL's.  The other committed players from MSU that attended FNL's that you mentioned, all communicated to the MSU staff they were going to camp/attend FNL at OSU.  Therefore their offers were not rescinded.  This is what I have heard and read about the Cupp situation.  I still agree with you in regards to Dantonio, I have lost respect for a coach that I admired for quite some time.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

This was in response to Buckeye3m"s post.

Without looking it up, I think Corey Smith is over 21.  He would be the only player out of that group that would be old enough to drink.  The only reason I think Smith is over the legal age is b/c he transferred from a Juco college and basically red-shirted a year before playing.  This should be his third year in the system if I'm not mistaken.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

No one said Dino needs to understand what we think or take into account our opinions.  But the key word is "opinions".  As Silk stated this is a message board, hence the free thought and opinions of our 11 Warriors community.  By no means, did I think Dino was going to apologize or re-affirm Cupp's offer simply b/c the prevailing opinion on an OSU message board shines a negative light on his "Old School" recruiting practices.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

I would say the OSU staff has determined he is lower on the pecking order, therefore not the best fit or a take right now compared to other WR's on our board.  It's been stated in numerous articles that while he does have an offer, it is of the non-commitable type.  With the current interested WR targets in the 17 class, we can be extremely picky and possibly focus that "ship" on another position of need in 16.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

JEH, where did you hear Cupp tried to contact MSU's coaching staff about the visit but was unable to get a hold of anyone.  I've read numerous articles but never came across this tidbit of info.  If that is the case, I feel even worse for Cupp.  I really hope he lands on his feet and accepts an offer he feels comfortable with that allows him to grow athletically and academically at a school that appreciates him.  Dantonio really lost a lot of my respect due to this unfortunate situation.  On the bright side, I heard Cupp performed admirably during FNL which he can hang his hat on and continue to camp and get more positive exposure in the future.

Comment 05 Jun 2015

This was directed towards TTUN@SS@SIN,

I do agree with your post, however, Washington was actually a bad example to use in your scenario.  He gained almost 50 lbs over his senior year and arrived at tOSU around 295 lbs.  The OSU staff was extremely surprised but knew he still had the versatility to move around on the line.  On a side note, that was one of the meanest DL class of recruits that have rolled through OSU.  Just imagine if Noah Spence, Washington, Se'Von Pittman and Tommy Schutt all had several years playing together getting after the QB.