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Comment 14 Jan 2020

Heard Bauserman tried to congratulate Burrow after the game but inadvertently hit a street car in the French Quarter. Luckily no injuries reported. 

Comment 01 Jan 2020
This probably was related to Day telling Yurcich to go find a new job. If he really is difficult to deal with like reported and you can push him out to keep a rising star like Dennis on the staff that is a win-win to me.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
Have you watched football before? I'm the biggest Buckeye fan around but that was absolutely targeting. I'm not at all saying this and the OU targeting were the same thing. That was a cheap shot by the OU player on a defenseless LSU player. This was a hit on a QB but he still lead with his head and made contact with the QB's head. That will be called targeting 10 times out of 10. Had Clemson hit Fields that same way and there not been a penalty you would be on here ranting and raving about how the refs missed a targeting call and we got screwed.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
Refs weren't the best but we had plenty of opportunities to win the game. The targeting call was the correct call whether we like it or not. The catch/fumble replay was a bad call as I feel there was not indisputable evidence to overturn the call on the field. The side judge is right on that play and called it a catch and fumble immediately. The biggest key to the game that no one is really talking about is Dobbins injury. That completely changed the Buckeyes play calling. Teague couldn't do the same things Dobbins was doing and without the threat of Dobbins, the Clemson D started blitzing like crazy confusing Fields a lot and getting stops. You can see it again on the last drive when Dobbins grits it out he made several plays out of the backfield to drive the Buckeyes right down the field. If Dobbins doesn't get injured the Buckeyes win
Comment 02 Nov 2019
Cincy, I didn't say anything about ESPN slighting OSU. I pointed out how ridiculous it is that 10% of their list is from a 6-2 Auburn team. You are tripping over yourself to protect ESPN that you didn't even read the comment. I could care less if Chase Young isn't on their list. I actually enjoy ESPN most of the times and I watch their shows and read their articles. My comment had nothing to do with OSU