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Comment 19 Jan 2020

Im really not following you.  tOSU immediately and indefinitely suspended Chase Young for 2 games.  LSU done nothing to date for hundred $ bills handed out in public.   

Please be specific on what you are referring to.  Give the example.   Plus sounds like you are on the onside looking in, are you a TTUN or tOSU actual graduate?

Comment 19 Jan 2020

We are not playing on a level field..... A popular CBS analyst on OBJ paying players on TV.

"My takeaway is that they were celebrating and having fun," said Tim Nevius, a former NCAA enforcement official. "This is overly scrutinized despite the fact it could potentially be a rules violation. But it is unlikely to impact anyone's eligibility because the guys who accepted the money are leaving.

"And any underclassmen who got money, there is a threshold that will require them to repay the money that would not likely result in a suspension."

So proud my degree has the name of THE Ohio state University across the top.  To think we immediately suspended Chase Young indefinitely until the matter was resolved teaches ownership and accountability and respect of rules.    Lifelong lessons.  But we know SEC schools arent about that.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

JF and Micah Parsons named in the Federal Suit filed against an alleged former PSU football player that claims he was hazed by players incl Micah Parsons, the player went to JF and JF retaliated against the kid.  Guess what, PA state AG found no wrongdoing, sound familiar?

PSU is still a sick place with an unacceptable culture.  Do not send your kids to PSU, especially since they let in all the low scoring Pa HS kids and try to offset that w high outa state SAT/ACT scores. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Federal hazing lawsuit at PSU names JF and players. Named incl Micah Parsons, Gross Matos named.  Players saying they are going to Sandusky the victim.  Nice PSU!!!!! When do you learn?