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Comment 18 Mar 2019

Think about what you said in your second sentence and we finished #3 in the country last year w that horrible Buckeye defense. 

Fields will be way better than just good.  The talent gap for tOSU is there and continues to grow.   Seriously, only MD got better w tOSU in the B10 East. All others have major drop off. 


Comment 18 Mar 2019

Interesting, I actually feel better about this team than last years.  And believe this team would beat last years team H2H, and last years team finished #3.   All while the rest of the B10East (except MD) has gotten worse year over year. 

Thats how I judge a team.  Can this years team beat last years (and where did last years finish)?

Comment 18 Mar 2019

In know way do I discount Haskins performance.  Truly amazing, I agree.  

Fields brings diversity to an offense, plus helps bigtime in redzone.  So lets say this years team scores 7 pts less per game.  I strongly believe this years defense and defensivev staff is that much better over last years, that it gives us at least 10 pts less per game given up. 

Comment 18 Mar 2019

Tom fornelli’s article is baseless.  So Urban and Haskins are gone, B10E is always viewed as the tightest Divisuon in college football, blah, blah blah.  

But again, Buckeyes are the only team in the B10E that have improved year over year, except Maryland too.   

Out chances and odds are way better this year than last year to win the division, B10 and NC.

Comment 17 Mar 2019

HS coaches say that Fields is the real deal. Many claim Fields is better than Trevor Lawrence and Lawrence only got a rating near fields because Lawrence had better talent around him on his HS team, whereas Fields talent around him wasnt close. 

Correct, Fields rating is higher than the prior highest rated Buckeye recruit in TP.   If you doubt it, just watch Fields' footage.  He is Terrelle Pryor running and size with a stronger arm.