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Comment 27 Nov 2016

I've looked at every angle out there that is available.... and I truthfully can't say definitely yes or no if he reached the line...way to close to argue that it was a bad call though. But I can 100% say that he was not a half a yard short like Crybaby Jim said in his press conference. That's a joke! As is his comment of the UM pass interference call  that he said was not catchable and already by Samuel when the contact was made. Couldn't have been more wrong. Hell he should ask his DB who was pleading guilty as soon as the contact happened...

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I think I can help you with your answer.... you and your fan base would have been crying rape...as me and my fan base would have also if JT had been marked short.... Just trying to say that it was so close of a call that either way it's called one of the teams is going to believe it was the wrong call and one is going to believe it is the right call...

Comment 27 Nov 2016

No. I was asking what if the same thing happened to your QB/RB but the Ref "MARKED HIM SHORT". Would you then have been so sure that he didn't reach the line to gain...like you are now?

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Hello Heisman  quick question for you... you talk about putting the shoe on the other foot...how bout you put the shoe on the other foot... your QB/RB makes that same run and tries to reach the line to gain and ends in the exact spot that JT does...but in this instance the Ref marks him short of the line to gain thus ending the game... in all honesty are you still sure that the line to gain wasted reached...or are you still crying rape? Fair question...right?

Comment 02 Mar 2016

Played Fantasy forever... Posey, Stanton, Abreu, Betts,  Cruz, Scherzer, Rosenthal, Cespedes, for sure....and then I'd say Wainy and KRod.... Just my humble opinion

Comment 09 Mar 2014

Whether or not Nebraska wins is kind of irrelevant.... we just need to win...... 4th or 5th seeding doesn't mean much.... 5th seeding just means we play an extra game against Northwestern and then play the 5th seed (Nebraska). But if we lose I believe we lose tie-breakers with Iowa (based on 2nd tie-breaker rule....record against Big Ten winner Michigan.....OSU 0-1 and Iowa 1-1)....thus making us 6 seed..... 1st game against Penn St. or Purdue (not sure which one) and 2nd game against a Michigan State team who's getting healthier..... Much tougher draw in my opinion..... Does anyone know for sure if my interpretations of the tie-breaker system is correct? Thanks in advance...