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Grew up in Ohio, life-long Buckeye fan now living in St. Augustine, Fl.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Pitching a 4-hit win on TV in high school state tournament. All Buckeye championships in my life time.
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Comment 02 Mar 2018

I was too busy watching Jackson take his time, but who was guarding him...Tony Carr.  Insult to injury.  Yes, OSU could use a good point guard, but also some length at guard period.  Too many times OSU could not get a perimeter shot over PSU guards and when OSU was defending on the perimeter, PSU shot over them.  

Comment 26 Nov 2017

Mullen will be a popular hire with the Forida fans, more importantly with the Bull Gators as well.  He'll have a fertile recruiting ground with which he is very familiar.  If he finds a great QB, fixes the offense and can clean up some of the nonsense from this year they'll be relevant again soon.  My bet is that he'll be good enough to get that done.  All of which is marginally relevant to me versus continued OSU wins and recruiting success.  Beat Wisconsin!

Comment 23 Nov 2017

Shalom on High Street.  Best Shwarma ever.  Thanks for the memory.  Go Bucks!  Crush TTUN and the Zags!

Comment 16 Nov 2017

Archie Griffin's 45 was "retired" until a kid by the name of Andy Katzenmoyer came on the scene and said he would play at Ohio State, but only if he could wear his #45.  Archie said give it to him and another great LB excelled.  #32 is playing well today, but Jack Tatum will always be #32.  #10 - Rex Kern, Art Schlichter (and yes, it only took 35 years to take his name out of the record books), Troy Smith.  Too much talent over the years to "retire" numbers.  OSU success will continue and there will be greats to come, but my bet it won't be long into next year before we miss JT's presence as a QB, a leader and a Buckeye great.  Win the next three and all will be well.  Win the next 5 and this site will blow up with all the people who will say JT was the greatest of all time!

Comment 07 Nov 2017

Home from work in the second half my wife said immediately "you're not wearing your Buckeye socks today?"  No defense, interceptions, penalties, poor effort...who knew it was a wardrobe malfunction?  We should all be more careful this Saturday.

Comment 27 Oct 2016

2 of the most successful running plays the last 2 weekends were with 2 backs in the backfield.  To the left side against Wisconsin when Weber crushed the backer, but got called for holding.  The second was Curtis' 70 yd TD last week when Baugh actually blocked his man to the outside and Weber threw a block that sealed the inside and Curtis was free in the secondary.  Lining one tailback up with 8 men in the box doesn't seem to be the answer.  Webber and Samuel with both be more effective if the defense at least had to think about who was going to get the ball on any given play and would help to open the middle for short routs by either back or the TE if the defense sells out to the run.  It might also slow the rush when we actually try to throw the ball to a wideout?