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Comment 17 Aug 2017

It's a shame OSU and Maryland only play once, as the winner of that one game is likely going to be the B1G champ.  I didn't realize they only played a 16 game conference schedule, I assumed they went back to 18 when the men did.

Should be a fun year for the Lady Buckeyes, hopefully ending with a title game win right here in good old Columbus town!

Comment 17 Aug 2017

Literally the only reason I stayed in the Boy Scouts was to get a chance to usher an OSU game.  Once I got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore, the season was almost over, and it seemed like we weren't going to get called for a game, I quit.  the next fucking week my troop got called to usher the 1984 Illinois game.  Needless to say I avoided talking to any of those guys the Monday after the game.  I still remember watching that game on TV thinking "I should be there!!!" Ugh, it makes me mad still today more than 30 years later.  One fucking week! You couldn't hang on one more week?  Dumb kid...

Comment 17 Aug 2017

Hayden Fry's degree was in psychology so he was constantly looking for ways to gain a psychological edge.  His most famous tactic was the pink locker rooms, because pink is the most calming color.  It's more of a gimmick/tradition at Iowa now, but it did net them one win last year- Harbaugh had his staff paper over the walls, and considering he is a relic of the '80s it's not surprising he fell for the trick.  But back to the '85 game- I would imagine that Fry figured "hey all my players are worried about playing here, so let's deal with it upfront."  I suppose the term most would use for it is reverse psychology, and it may or may not have backfired.  From what I remember leading up to that game his QB Jeff Long was pretty mouthy about how he was going to come down here and throw 5 TDs on us and win the game, so maybe he also sensed a need to humble his star player a bit as well.

Comment 16 Aug 2017

So I guess they ditched the "no more 3 consecutive road games" policy that has been in place for about 10 years.  That's not good.  Thankfully none of those 3 roadies is terribly difficult, but still I don't like 3 road games in a row.  I see we get 4 home games in a row- which should all be wins, but still I don't like 3 road trips back to back to back like that.

I also thought we were going to schedule one of our OOC games after the B1G tournament, which was stupidly moved up a week to have in the most unimportant arena in America.  I guess when Thad was shown the door that plan died.

And in looking at this schedule, if this team falls short of 20 wins that will be very disappointing.  We have the easiest B1G schedule possible, and I assume we can pick up 1 win in Portland. 

Comment 16 Aug 2017

Years ago I remember reading that the most dangerous clothing to wear on an airplane, in the event of an emergency, is dress clothes.  Men should never wear ties (they can get caught and strangle you), women should never wear hose (they can melt to your skin), and the recommendation of this article was loose fitting cotton clothing that will either burn and not melt, or can easily be discarded if needed. 

Personally I don't see what purpose dress clothes serve, It's been years since I have worn either a suit or a tie, and I can't think of any event that I will ever wear either of them again. Doesn't mean I think we should dress sloppy, there are certainly places where certain kinds of dress are more appropriate / less appropriate, but I don't bemoan the decline of society because people don't dress up anymore.

And every time I see a photo of those poor slobs wearing suits at ballgames I thank my lucky starts I was born when I was.  My God, what kind of hell that must have been to be dressed like that in a stadium on a hot day, or a rainy day, or a party cloudy 72 degree day for that matter :) 

Comment 15 Aug 2017

This is probably the most over the top thing espn has done.  This game is going to be a beatdown and the only people left watching by mid 3Q will be in Columbus and the scattered OSU fans around the country.  I suppose they want to try out all their fancy equipment before an important game?

And it will be funny to listen to Dakich's "homer" broadcast viewpoint, because as others have mentioned, he is the biggest Urban Meyer fan on that network.  

Comment 15 Aug 2017

I was going to comment on that game as well.  It was a true road game, not a neutral site game.  Even though OSU fans outnumbered Navy fans, it was a Navy home game that was moved from their on campus stadium to the one in Baltimore to accommodate the expected crowd (which interestingly didn't come close to a sell out).

Comment 12 Aug 2017

I really hope this project comes to fruition.  That parcel is one area that I thought might remain a "dead zone" due to the proximity of the railways and not knowing who owned what land, etc.  Now if the city could close up shop on whatever they are doing in the parcel of land just north of Vine/Goodale and open that up for development that would be the icing on the cake.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

Can't spell Citrus without UT!

I have always enjoyed Spurrier's shit-talking.  He was able to back it up in his heyday and he's earned the right to keep on going.  Plus he has been known to take jabs at himself (rarely) and he says what everyone is thinking.  I am glad he didn't go off quietly after retirement, not that I thought he would, but it's fun to still have him around talking smack about everyone and everything.

Comment 09 Aug 2017

I don't fault Rosen for telling it like it is from his position, but he certainly doesn't get any sympathy from me (or anyone else so it appears).  I had the same view as he did.  I was working 40-60 hours per week and taking 10-20 credit hours per quarter.  I only went to school so I could get that piece of paper that said I could get on with my life.  The reality is that unless you are going into some kind of profession like law or medicine, or others, college really doesn't serve any useful educational purpose.  However, a college degree opens doors for you, and today is basically the equivalent of a high school diploma in 1970, you need one to get most jobs.  

Having said that, one lesson I did learn throughout my time at OSU, and I suspect young Mr Rosen is learning it now, college does prepare you for "real life" in that you learn how to deal with red tape, bureaucracy, and general mundane things that are a matter of life in the business world.  I always tell people I got my B.A. in BS from OSU because they only thing I really learned while I was there was how to manipulate the system to my advantage. 

Comment 01 Aug 2017

Yep, I know the outcome and I am kicking myself for wasting 2 hours already. I thought this would be fun, instead it's bush league in its fullest form.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

So they knock our guy down and no foul?

Fuck this shit.  I'm not wasting my time watching OT.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

No it wasn't the right call, a defender is allowed to go straight up, which is exactly what he did. The offensive player is not allowed to kick his legs forward either.  Everything about that call was bogus.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

Yeah I am 100% certain this thing is fixed to get the "charity" team the title.  OSU will probably say "yeah no thanks" next year, if this thing still exists.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

I'm watching, but it is clear that this tournament itself isn't serious.

LOL a foul on a straight up defensive play.  What absolute bullshit.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

WOW how do you not call that moving screen on 33?  At least there was some justice that he missed that shot.

Gotta knock down FTs