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Just a small town boy, born and raised in southwestern Columbus.

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Comment 16 Dec 2019

That step back jumper Kaleb tried last night sums up why he wont be going to the NBA. I think the scouts were just being nice to him, and told him to lose weight, and he took it literally. Good for him, but he still cant do much outside of posting up....god that shot was EMBARASSING! He looked like your local out of shape guy trying moves he obviously doesnt know how to do..

Its a long season, this loss will be a lesson that they should learn from and bounce back. Hopefully were ready to go Saturday  against UK....but the officiating was ABISMAL last night...

Comment 26 Nov 2019

1.) Itll never happen, but they belong in that building.

2.) DJ Carton is a STUD in the making. He should be starting hes way too good to be on the bench, and the team responds to him better than Walker.

3.) Was at the game last night, and it was just a fun time being back in that building again. Havent been in there since 1997 when I was like 10 lol..I believe the lineup was something like Carlos Davis, John Singleton, Michael Redd, and maybe Scoonie lol cant remember

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Just not a smart hire, and frankly I dont understand what made them hire him in the first place...why didnt they throw some money at someone more reputable?? Jimbo left the cupboards bare for sure....going to take some time to get back on track for FSU..in just 7 years FSU went from and Natty contender to a bottom dweller..shows how fast a ship can sink when you open all the doors