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One day I changed my icon, and the entire internet almost collapsed in on itself and destroyed the known universe. Good news is that we're all still here and can laugh about it. Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My friends and I getting our picture taken with Brutus Buckeye on the field after beating Michigan 14-9 in 2002 to finish 13-0 with the scoreboard in the background.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Strip/sacks
  • NHL TEAM: ?
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: No way. No how.

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Comment 31 Jan 2020

Despite being on the west coast, Seattle has a hugely Scandinavian immigrant heritage (https://special.seattletimes.com/o/news/local/seattle_history/articles/scandinavians.html).

A Kraken would be an all timer of a mascot - and even though I'm partial to the Sockeyes...it sounds too much like Suckeyes.  Hell, we should know - that's pretty much the go-to barb for any slackjaw mouthbreathing Ohio State hater.

Comment 19 Jan 2020

The 2010 season is wildly underrated here.  Nearly everyone who paid attention to any of the details of the tattoo scandal will appreciate how unfairly Ohio State was treated, and how screwed Jim Tressel was by the circumstances of how he found out about the information.

Nothing illustrates the point more than this:  The 2010 Buckeyes were the first squad in program history to beat an SEC team in a bowl game, after which Kirk Herbstreit,former Buckeye, DROPPED them in his final AP poll...which led to a backlash that sent him relocating his entire family to south of the Mason-Dixon line.  His kid now plays at Clemson.

On the field, the 2010 Buckeyes slaughtered everyone they played.  The Wisconsin upset was a highly energized buzzsaw that outplayed the Buckeyes all night long...just another big time night game where Jim Tressel was beat in the planning meetings before they ever boarded the plane for Madison.  Sure, let's just keep trying to run Dave at JJ Watt with a 6'3" Terrelle Pryor as your QB.  Still, it wasn't a blow-out to an unranked, barely bowl eligible squad from corn country like we'd see repeatedly under Meyer's tenure.

I would rate the 2010 season higher in my top 5 of the decade, and certainly higher than the 2018 season, which was largely unwatchable.  Purdue is still scoring points in that game.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

I'm convinced the fall in student attendance this year was simply a result of having lost the Urban Meyer bump.  They still sold some 20,000 student season tickets, which is more than half of the undergraduate population, and about average for what they historically sell.

I don't know why this bothers people so much.  What bothers me as a alumni is that season tickets to Ohio State are so far out of reach for the average alumn.  I don't have a single acquantance from college that lives in Columbus who gets season tickets.  Yet, when I log in to get early access general admission seats to the games when they go on sale to AA members only, hardly any tickets are available.  So, I can only conclude that most of the seats are being bought up as season ticket packages.  Who's buying them?

Comment 07 Jan 2020

Won't necessarily be better, but the restocked talent in very key positions is going to make it very, very good.  Just having Fields, 3 O-linemen, and Olave back alone would make it scary good.  Add in Teague, who got a ton of good reps this year, and a WR recruiting class where any of them could potentially start.

The offense is going to be nasty.  Maybe take a step back on the RB side, but with a healthy Fields optioning to run, I don't think the running game will struggle much.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I've largely moved on.  It helps to remind yourself that the Buckeyes are going to come up just short in the vast majority of years.  It's been happening for decades and decades and decades.  As I said on a previous thread, national championship run heartbreak is as long-standing a tradition for Ohio State as dotting the i.  Top to bottom, the 2019 Bucks were probably the best I've ever seen...it will always be a shame that they didn't win it all, but many of their names are going to be remembered forever (can't say the same for every 1-loss Ohio State team).

If anything is predictable for the future of Ohio State football is that we're going to experience heartbreak far more often than we are national championships.  But to feel heartbreak, it means we're in the hunt, and that means a LOT more wins.

We can only hope that we get it done sometime in the next 4 years, rather than the next 34.  2020 is going to be another tough schedule, and the offense is going to be scary.  Should debut in the top-5.  Rack 'em.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Next year looks tougher than this year, if that's even possible.  I think some of the folks here are underestimating the schedule.

At Oregon, then an October that goes Iowa, at Sparty, at Penn State, Nebraska.  Even Indiana to follow that slate could be a November trap game against a new secondary.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

I have to keep reminding myself that heartbreak is about as longstanding a tradition at Ohio State as dotting the i.  Watching other Big Ten teams shit the bed on New Years Day was like, "oh yeah, this crap happens almost every year.  Why am I so upset? I should have expected it."

It sucks, because this had the makings of a team that should have rattled off many dozens of wins in a row with multiple national championships - something Ohio State hasn't experienced since maybe the 50's.  This was the first time I expected not only this year's championship, but next year's too.  Maybe that's my mistake.

"The important thing is not always to win.  The important thing is always to hope." - Woody Hayes

We've seen other programs enjoy dynasty runs - Miami, USC, Alabama, Clemson.  The Buckeyes win a ton of games, but always fall just short.  National titles at OSU come from teams you don't expect...1968, 2002, 2014.  But they far more often blow it by losing the wrong game...1969, 1972-1974, 1979, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2006, and most years from 2010 thru today.

On to 2020.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

 OSU does not exactly have a reputation for being the most sportsman-like fan base.

That's certainly putting it mildly, lol.  I'm willing to bet we're the 2nd-most hated fanbase in the country behind Notre Dame.