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Born n raised in Columbus and I BLEED SCARLET AND GREY!.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Getting Paul O'Neil's autograph at a clippers Yankees games when I was 9. Amazing experience!
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Comment 01 Apr 2020
guys like Kaleb usually become specialist type players in the NBA. You would normally use a guy like Kaleb for rebounding, or defense...his ability to shoot the three will help him, but that's all he has to offer. I could see a contending team drafting him, but not a team in rebuilding mode. Kaleb reminds me alot of Dejuan Blair from Pitt. Solid low post game, but not much else in the way of a mid range game, or atheltism. Blair hasn't been in the league in years. Maybe Kalebs career could be different. Good luck, and I wish you the best! Go Bucks!!
Comment 09 Feb 2020
The OSU Basketball program needs to think about what it wants to be..does it want to be a middle tier big ten team that finishes middle of the road, maybe wins a conference tourney here and there, or a couple NCAA tourney wins...or does it want to become a top tier basketball program that can compete with the higher ups of cbb. They have the resources to be able to do it, they just need to make a decision on which route they want to take...I'd like to see them compete for a title..maybe not "every" year...but be what they were like during Mattas first 5-7 years...competing for big ten titles, and making deep tourney runs...so far, I'm not sure Holtmann is the guy that is going to get them to that level..recruiting has been so so..big ten play seems to get the better of his offensive style, and he doesn't seem to have the answers..getting blown out by a bottom feeder like this today was embarrassing..
Comment 26 Jan 2020
He was a Role Model to many kids growing up with basketball aspirations..I'm not devastated by it although I did shed a little tear...i did the same when Robin William's died...idk man it's kind of like they were a part of your life in a weird way..I loved Robin's movies, and loved watching Kobe play..death in general isn't pleasant...your immediate reaction is to feel some kind of remorse for the fallen..that's my two cents on it anyways