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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Going to my first OSU vs. TTUN game in 1992... The game ended in a tie but the smell of Ohio Stadium in November will stay with me for a lifetime!
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
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Comment 9 hours ago
This. There is no way we have enough footballs to spread around. If we are utilizing our talented wide receivers there wont be enough carries to justify two top flight rb's.
Comment 20 Apr 2019
He said philosophy not policy. I remember reading that urban didnt want players using their official visit in the spring if they weren't making a decision until after summer.
Comment 17 Apr 2019
I cant tell if you're being snarky or complimenting me. The replay clearly showed white between the puck and blue line. There was no way they could uphold the goal. In the end it didnt matter but you were right about it taking wind out of the sail temporarily. Bring on Toronto/Boston!!
Comment 06 Feb 2019
A lot of companies have moved to e fax. My wife works for an insurance company and deals with faxes all day every day and gets them in via email. Seems to be a much more 21st century way of doing it.
Comment 06 Feb 2019
Being in the telecom field I can say with 100% certainty they are very much still in use. More so than you would think.
Comment 02 Feb 2019
You'll learn soon enough that if your opinion differs from the masses you'll get downvoted. But like defiance said earlier, perhaps in response to someone else, they're just clicks on the internet. They dont hold any significance. My suggestion is to be a bit more optimistic.
Comment 01 Feb 2019
I feel like I remember hearing they had a falling out before coming to ohio state. Some people speculated that was why he decommitted in the first place. I could be wrong... it's happened a time or two before.
Comment 30 Jan 2019
Katz graduated h.s the same year as me... thanks for making me feel old. On a serious note though, I was gonna say the same thing. Katz doesnt play the same position as a MLB nowadays. Completely different game now.
Comment 27 Jan 2019
Sometimes personality means more than physical ability. Not saying William's has personality question Mark's just saying it's something the staff looks at and if they wont fit with the program or come with baggage sometimes it's better to just pass.