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Comment 30 Jun 2019
I didnt think that's what you were trying to say I just wanted to be sure I was reading it correctly. Thanks for all the info you provide AE. This is pretty much the only place I get recruiting updates so I'm not really in the know with any of this stuff.
Comment 30 Jun 2019
For my work, my team and I are mounting almost 200 75" TV's in a school. I strained a muscle in my middle back. Believe it was the rhomboid muscle. I can say without a doubt it was one of the most painful injuries I've had. It hurt to do anything including breathe. The fact he was out there competing says a lot about his character.
Comment 19 Jun 2019
We can agree to disagree about the meaning of his post but at the end of the day it's a post on an internet forum and I'm not gonna get all bent out of shape about it. Who cares what the hidden meaning was. If you dont agree carry on to the next post.
Comment 18 Jun 2019
Dude, I love the information you share. I'm not sure how you come up with all this but you're a wealth of information. I appreciate you.
Comment 18 Jun 2019
I didnt read his post as if he were saying he would be a problem or a cancer. I read it as him saying we would end up with a better player in the long run, kind of like get NPF after we lost Carmen. I think some people need to step away from the keyboard sometimes.
Comment 05 Jun 2019
Just a word of advise... italic font indicates sarcasm. Also... it's better to just admit you made a mistake rather than taking the route you took. You'll just continue to get downvoted.
Comment 25 May 2019
This. There is no way we have enough footballs to spread around. If we are utilizing our talented wide receivers there wont be enough carries to justify two top flight rb's.
Comment 20 Apr 2019
He said philosophy not policy. I remember reading that urban didnt want players using their official visit in the spring if they weren't making a decision until after summer.