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Comment 01 Apr 2019

It’s hard to compare basketball and football programs based on national titles. Leaving that part out of it, I would say Kentucky Basketball and Ohio State Football are the best comparison. Obviously both are rich in history. Both have 8 National Titles (again this is kind of irrelevant, but a fun fact nonetheless.) But even more so it’s because of the coaches. Obviously Urban is no longer the HC, but for the sake of this discussion I’m using Urban. Both Urban and Calipari are both universally disliked everywhere besides their own fanbases. Urban because some people don’t like the way he left Florida and now the Zach Smith debacle. Calipari because most people think he cheated his way to success in recruiting. Either way both are universally disliked. But even more so both coaches came into their positions at a time where the conferences they joined were struggling in their respective sports. The Big 10 was really down when Urban got to Ohio State. Ohio State coming off a 6-6 year, Michigan had just won the Sugar Bowl but had been a joke for a decade, Penn State had the Sandusky case just happen. The Big 10 was a mess. Same with SEC basketball. UK hired a drunk in Billy Gillespie and failed to make the tournament the year prior to Calipari. Florida had those 2 fantastic teams, but those players were gone. Occasionally a team would sneak in to the final 4 like LSU, but top to bottom the league stunk. But once Urban and Calipari came into the league and started plowing through the rest of the conference in recruiting and on the scoreboard it forced the hands of other schools to make tough decisions and start taking their programs more seriously. Look where the Big 10 is now. Ohio State, Michigan, Sparty, Penn State, Wisconsin these are all legitimate top 10 teams almost year in and year out now. Take a look at the SEC in basketball. Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, Florida these schools and more have invested heavily into their basketball programs since Calipari has arrived at UK. But as great as Calipari and Urban are both fanbases internally get insanely frustrated with them at times, but get super defensive any time someone from outside the fanbase wants to criticize them. I live between Columbus and Lexington. It’s scary how identical the programs, coaches, and fanbases are. I would definitely make the comparison of Ohio State and Kentucky instead of Ohio State and Duke. 

Comment 20 Mar 2019

I’m really starting to believe the Giants were bluffing about Haskins similar to what the Browns did with Baker last year. They definitely have a lot of interest in Haskins whether they want to admit it or not. It really is the perfect scenario for both parties. 

Comment 08 Mar 2019

Because they cornered the market with the the number 1 demographic all sports media companies are trying to target. This gives them insane leverage with advertisers because they have reached a point where the advertisers need them more than they need the advertisers. They have given consumers an outlet to talk about sports the way we have been talking about sports amongst ourselves for decades. 

Comment 08 Mar 2019

So the people bashing on Barstool because of this tweet clearly have no understanding of what barstool is and specifically what Barstool PSU/ OSU/ any other university is. Barstool and Barstool PSU are only afflicted in name only. Barstool PSU is a viceroy of Barstool sports. Meaning the people that run that account aren’t employees of Barstool nor are they representatives barstool sports. They simply get to use the Barstool name to help grow their brand and barstools brand communally. Speaking on Barstool in general, obviously Dave is a TTUN guy. Fuck TTUN. But Barstool has done more for the sports media landscape in the past 5 years than any other company out there. The people at Barstool work insanely hard and produce more creative and unique content than any other sports site in existence right now. 

Comment 28 Dec 2018

I mean it’s only a matter of time before the Lebron logo is on the Ohio State jerseys. They already wear his shoes on their feet with cleats on the bottom. OSU may not have the Air Jordan on their jerseys but they are very much sponsored by a basketball brand. The team issued apparel a lot of times has the lebron logo, the team gets special issued lebron shoes and cleats. 

Comment 22 Dec 2018

Ever since the press conference, I’ve believed Urban and Gene are setting up for him to become AD one day. I think it makes sense. It allows Urban to maintain one of his favorites parts of coaching which is building relationships but doesn’t have the stress and health consequences of being a head coach. 

Comment 20 Dec 2018

I’m not sure why everyone is so worried about the idea of pissing Tate off? Every single player that has graced the halls of the WHAC since Urban Meyer took over has been told that the coaches job is to recruit someone better then them. The players job is to raise their level of play to match. Ryan Day would not be doing his job if he didn’t do everything he could to bring Justin Fields in here. If Tate can’t handle that, then it’s on him. Something tells me Tate will rise to the occasion and be that much more motivated by to beat out Fields. 

Comment 19 Dec 2018

I’m not sure what Tate’s graduation schedule is, but I think the likely scenario is he’s on track to graduate in 3 years. Even if Fields comes in and wins the job, Tate isn’t going to be gaining anything by transferring right away. He’ll have to sit out a year as opposed to staying at OSU and being the back up all while being 1 play away from the starter. Then he can transfer at the end of the year, have 2 years of eligibility, and not have to sit out.