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Comment 2 hours ago

July 2007:

Holbrook told officials at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers last month that she confronted a "culture of rioting" when she arrived at Ohio State in 2002, and witnessed people doing "disgusting things, unbelievable things" on a videotape she ordered made after the Michigan-Ohio State football game that year.

"They think it's fun to flip cars, to really have absolute drunken orgies. ... I don't want to be at a place that has this kind of culture as a norm," she said in the exchange, first reported in The News-Press of Fort Myers and later in The Columbus Dispatch.

Comment 15 hours ago

Sawyer is an outstanding basketball player but not DI level. At 6-5,6-6 he doesn’t have the outside game skills. He’s Kyle Young but shorter. 

Comment 15 hours ago

With the injury, we really don’t know. That’s why he’s on a second tier right now. 
He’s not really a sleeper. His talent is known. He’s a bit raw but injury has knocked him down a bit. 
Taco Charleton without the injury anyone? That one hurt!! Loved the guy in HS. We whiffed on him big time. 

Comment 06 Apr 2020

We have no idea what a kid and his families want so why we think we know is beyond me. There is nothing wrong with staying close to home and being THE guy.