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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Attending the 2015 Sugar Bowl and watching Zeke run 85 yards through the heart of the south.
  • NFL TEAM: Detroit Lions
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Comment 10 hours ago

This makes a lot of sense for both parties.  High profile backup at your home school, Bucks get a QB that is halfway decent and experienced.  Very least he should be able to manage the offense.  

Comment 21 Apr 2019

Still think Harris joins the rotation before Wilson does.  Harris was a big reason why Hartline said he was comfortable moving Mack to Z.  Hartline's actions and words seems to back that up.  

Personally, I think Olave is our best outside receiver so I would like to see him on the field the majority of the time.  Keep the X rotation with Mack & Victor.  

Comment 13 Apr 2019

He is already a long-term project.  If he pushes that time horizon out any further then I think his other options should be encouraged.

The one thing he can control right now is his body, very discouraging he isn't even maintaining it let alone improving.

Comment 06 Apr 2019

Agreed.  I'd take the (likely) three years of Milton for the marginal drop-off going from a senior Dobbins to a one year more mature Teague, Crowley, McCall, and Chambers.  

Comment 31 Mar 2019

I wouldn't be so dismissive of what he could do in the slot.  Think he is a perfect piece to bring in, see how the rest of the class develops, and insert him where the need is at.  If he starts on D it would be at safety which is interesting given his stature: https://lettermenrow.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/ohio-state-buckeyes-recruiting-jaheim-thomas-offer/

But wow can he accelerate quickly, would be a lot to handle in the slot.  

Comment 07 Mar 2019

It was a 4.66 if I remember correctly at only 173 pounds.  Hafley’s the pro, but I don’t understand how a CB that slow can be so high on the board.  

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Hafley has done everything right since he’s been hired, but all I’m saying is CBs with 40s time like that don’t pan out a lot more often than they do. 

Comment 25 Feb 2019

Myers seems penciled in at Center.  Day said he was going to play there even if Jordan came back and coaches have been on record about his improvement.

Not to diminish the commitment because worst case this is very capable depth, but I don't think it's a foregone conclusion Jackson starts.  It basically comes down to Bowen and Jackson at LG and its worth considering that Bowen beat out Knox originally, granted before he had two leg surgeries.  Alabi looked very capable in the Rose Bowl and NPF is a former 5-Star who just needed to get bigger, so not worried much at at all about RT. 

Think the battles end up being Jackson/Bowen at LG and Alabi/NFP at RT.

Comment 04 Feb 2019

Audi- when the officer worker chockes on a peanut and dreams of owning an Audi, only to be disappointed when he is brought back to life.  

Comment 26 Jan 2019

 Netflix: You, Ted Bundy Tapes, Mindhunter (a must), Stranger Things, Masters of None, Peaky Blinders

HBO: Game of Thrones (obvious), the Wire (obvious 2.0), Entourage, True Detective (season 1 is best season of any tv show, ever), the Newsroom. 

Showtime: Billions 

Amazon Prime: Goliath, Mr. Robot, the Americans 

Comment 21 Jan 2019

Move Landers to 3 technique- fits his size and quickness better than the 1.  He’s disruptive, use him like it.

Plus, it opens to door for Tommy T and Hamilton.  Related, Hamilton is going to be this team’s best DT, he was great last year and more snaps will allow that to become more visible. 

Comment 18 Jan 2019

No disagreements to your rational, all definitely contributing factors.  

The biggest reason to me was Schiano’s scheme, which basically relies on NFL talent to win matchups. First year in a while didn’t have anyone elite in the secondary and we saw the results.  

Another reason is talent identification. I have a hard time believing Okudah and Wade were or 3rd and 4th best corners last year.  Also, the White situation speaks for itself.  Makes you wonder about the linebackers waiting in the wings.  

Lastly, partially related to scheme, was refusal to adapt.  Linebackers close to the line, slanting the defensive line, overloading the field allowing us to get gashed to the boundary, blitzing Werner off the edge, etc...

I’m interested to see how the more matchup zone concept coming in will fair.  Leaves a lot on the linebackers, which could be an tremulous recipe, especially early on.  

Comment 17 Jan 2019

I wonder how the new scheme is going to impact DT responsibilities?  Apparently Mattsion relies a lot on LBs to clean up the mess with the DL absorbing blocks. This could be a benefit to have a bigger 3-tech to accomplish said goal.  

Landers, Hamilton (greatly underrated), Vincent, Garrett, and Tommy T is going to be a fantastic rotation.  

Comment 13 Jan 2019

These seem true, but Carton is in a better tier athletically while not being as skilled, especially shooting the ball.  

Comment 10 Jan 2019

The recruiting criticism is warranted, he hasn’t been good but I wouldn’t call him useless either.  Nester willing to sign if Stud stays says something at least.  

Biggest thing though, I think his coaching is a little under appreciated.  The most overlooked positive about the team last year was our pass blocking- it allowed Haskins to be great because he wasn’t when under pressure.  

Point being is, I’m sure upgrades are out there but I wouldn’t be upset to see him retained either.